<p>Welcome to City X Guide, where you can partake in the world’s oldest profession. No, I ain’t talking about hunting you idiot, unless you’re talking about hunting sweet fresh is a one-stop-shop to finding escorts all over the United States and even the world. You can browse by state or continent, and you’ll get pictures and stats for every bitch featured on Cityxguide.What kind of stats are we talking about? Plenty. These girls share their name, age, area, phone number, boob size, and a lot more. Do you only want to fuck Latina girls? Don’t worry, Cityxguide makes sure these girls post their race also.The best part of Cityxguide is that every babe comes with a nice photoset. You’d be surprised how many escort sites don’t even feature photos, or have a bunch of bullshit for the brothel they are hosting. At Cityxguide, you’ll get perfect pictures for these ladies on an individual basis.And some of these girls are stinking hot. I’m talking about Instagram model status. Personally, I don’t need much more than some pics and a phone number to start the action, but lucky for you, they give so much more info than that.The girls also share what area they are serving, so you won’t get disappointed to find out they are hundreds of miles away. You’ll also find plenty of girls where prostitution is illegal, so come get some action while it’s still available.You don’t want to be stuck holding your own dick on a Friday night, do you?In addition to the United States, you can also find babes from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America. Just about every major continent is represented except for Antarctica, since you won’t find anything to fuck but penguins and polar bears over there.No offense to you bestiality loving fucks. Only humans are at Cityxguide.These girls offer all kinds of services, such as shower, body rub, blowjobs, and even bareback. Look out for the “BBFS” tag in their description which stands for bareback full service. I’m talking condomless pussy fucking, which is my personal favorite.Unfortunately, Cityxguide can also be a whore when it comes to ads. As you’re browsing these babes you might run into some popunders that fuck up your search.Another issue is that Cityxguide is mostly good for the US only. Even though it features girls from all over the world, international babes are poorly categorized and you can’t deep-dive into smaller cities and states outside of the US.If you like Asians and Latinas, definitely check Cityxguide out. Unfortunately, I didn’t find too many white or black bitches on here. For under a couple of hundred dollars, you’ll be fucking Chinadolls until your dick is emptier than the beer cans on my desk.The yellow pages of pussyWhen you first enter Cityxguide, you’ll get a huge list of states and countries. The states and countries are also broken down into major cities so find your nearest metropolitan area and get that cell phone ready motherfucker.If you see tiny thumbnails for these lovely ladies, make sure you click on Gallery. You’ll get a picture of each bitch with their age on the top right of their photo. I wish there was a way to filter out the 30+-year-old hags, but hey, MILF-lovers need love too.Click on a girl to go to their main page. You’ll see a scrolling gallery of all their photos, with their description below. Normally you’ll see a list of their services like massage, blow job, sex, GFE (girlfriend experience) and more.A lot of bitches have things they won’t do, so read this part carefully. I’m shocked that so many bitches refuse to provide GFE. They’d really rather get a stranger’s load shot up their ass than pretend to like a dude for money. Hey, I ain’t complaining.Below the description is their stats. This is a huge fucking list, with things like the name (who cares), location, age, ethnicity, hair/eye color, height, etc. There are dozens of stats that they can fill out, although most girls only tell you a handful.Personally, I think the pics are enough. If I meet them in real person and they look nothing like the photos, I assume I’m entitled to get a good smack in just to teach them a lesson. I hate liars.It’s hard to find girls younger than 21 here. The youngest I found was 20, so don’t come here thinking you can be banging some teens. I suspect a lot of these bitches are lying about their age anyway.At the top of the page is a menu for Live Cams, Sugar Babies, and Games. These are all ads so just ignore it.There’s also a pulldown menu at the top right. Not much to talk about here except that there is a search function. The search didn’t work for me too well though, so you’re probably better off just browsing.That’s about it for the layout. It’s super simple and gives you everything you need to find your dicksucker for the night.Don’t forget to check the price! These bitches can run you hundreds of dollars for a good fuck, and you better believe they only want cash. You’ll typically find their rate in the summary, but it can also be found in the list of stats under “Rate”. There’s also a “Kitty” stat that tells you if their pussy is hairy or shaved.What I LikeCityxguide makes it easy to find your bitch for a night, and I love that they include all the places where police will throw you into Pound-The-Ass prison if you get caught. These sites tend to get shut down, so get in while you still can.I also like that every girl comes with photos. I don’t think the escorts are allowed to list without photos, which puts Cityxguide ahead of its competitors. I’ve seen too many escort directories where a lot of bitches don’t even show photos.The fuck even the point of that? I ain’t fucking some hobgoblin for my hard-earned cash.Cityxguide also tells you the last time an ad was updated. Always stick to the girls who recently updated their profiles, since there is a much higher chance they are still active and not full of shit. Luckily, most of the top profiles are updated regularly.Another hilarious feature is the “safe browsing” option. This throws out all the photos, so you can browse these bitches while laying next to your hag of a wife.Some of these bitches are fine as hell. I’m talking 9+/10. The abundance of photos lets you find these girls quickly and efficiently, and you can bet their pussy will be worth top dollar as you slide your cock in her pretty little mouth.What I HateThere are some major issues with Cityxguide.First, the site demands surprisingly little info from you to get started. This is great for browsing, but terrible for trustworthiness.I also didn’t see any way to filter these bitches based on race, size, or service. It’s terrible when you find a hot ass escort only to find out they don’t let you rawdog her until your dick is blood red. Where’s the fun in that?Cityxguide also has some annoying ads and pop-unders. When you open new windows you can suddenly see your old window go to some bullshit ad site. All the top links like Sex Cams and Porn Games is bullshit also. Remember that this place is for finding escorts only.One-night pussy is the best pussyOverall, Cityxguide is a sweet one-stop-shop for finding escorts, but only if you’re in the United States. The international postings smelled like bullshit to me and usually served as ads to an agency or brothel.I think Cityxguide is one of the more reliable escort sites on the internet. I love that they list all the ages next to the pictures, and the safe browsing function is useful when you’re trying to find a girl while on the train or walking in public.Are all the girls guaranteed to be legit? Of course not. The lack of reviews and the lack of needing to input your own information makes this place ripe for traps. But Cityxguide has been successful for quite a long time, and the direct phone numbers give you the assurance that a bitch is for real.Cityxguide works best when you’re in a major city like Los Angeles or New York. For LA, you’ll find literally hundreds of girls complete with pictures, sexual acts, and breast size.With bitches coming in all shapes and sizes, it doesn’t hurt to check Cityxguide out. We all need a break from fapping once in a while, so why not take that break feeling up a huge-tittied girl?Your mom always told you to get out and get some outdoor activity right? I say, you do your mom proud and go get yourself some real-life action. Just remember not to take these bitches home to meet your parents. That’s a level of fetish I don’t even want to get into.</p>