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TSescorts! Looking for tranny or shemale escorts? No beating around the bush on this one. You like yourself some cock, but, hey, you like perky tits and plump booties too. You’re always jackin’ it to hung shemales fucking each other in the ass, giving themselves prostate orgasms, and sucking dick. Ain’t no shame in it. Well, unless you like being shamed. Then, fuck yeah, there’s some shame in it you degenerate fuck.And I can’t blame you for loving these thick-dicked bitches. I get fooled by them on the daily. You get some babe with a 10/10 bod only to find out that they have a dick the size of their own forearm. My mind just can’t process that shit sometimes. It makes me question my usually unwavering sexuality. I’m not surprised that a lot of you out there lust after these babes.But I’m not here to tell you about yet another tranny porn site. I’ll do you one better. This site is for all of you daring dudes and chicks out there who want to finally take the leap and fuck a sexy shemale. Tsescorts.com is a tranny escort site that pairs you up with local trans sluts who want to fuck. Well, the site says “tranny dating,” which is only true if your definition of dating is paying someone fuck you. Keep in mind your local laws and all of that shit though. The only thing you want to be busting is a nut.Discreet and Safe Platform for Clients and Escorts AlikeYou can trust TS Escorts to be pretty discreet. They’ve been doing this shit since 2005 and are still around, so that’s definitely saying something. This site may sound pretty niche, but man people have been really on the tranny fuck wagon as of lately. 3 million horny fucks come to this site for hookups every month. With that kind of audience, you can expect a great selection of bodacious babes to check out in your area.The bright background isn’t a huge deal since you won’t be doing a ton of reading or anything here. Up top there’s a header that allows you to log in, change the site language, and change your location. The very first thing you’re going to want to do is set-up your location. Unlike other escort sites, you can be pretty much anywhere in the world. Pick your country, then go below and find what cities are on there. Pick the closest city to you and you are good to go.Logging in is only useful if you’re a tranny who wants to advertise their services. You can fill out a pretty extensive bio and describe what sort of services you offer. And, if you’re in an area that doesn’t support the sex worker industry, you can fill it out like dating profile with some added benefits for “donations” in kisses. I’m not a sex worker myself, so I can’t say how safe this platform is for certain, but it gave me a good impression. They don’t allow ads or spam accounts and they won’t take your profile down unless you do. I know other sites will take your shit down if you haven’t met your dick sucking quota or haven’t had enough connections.Simple Layout with No Ads or Spam ProfilesThe site has one of the simplest layouts that I’ve seen, which I really fucking like. Up top, you’ll see some tranny babes who have earned themselves some VIP advertising in the location of your choice. Below those VIP sluts, you’ll see a list of every tranny babe in your area. This may vary from a handful to over a hundred depending on where you’re from. Big cities like New York City, Atlanta, and LA have many more options than whatever podunk area you might be in. So, it’s worth searching by the biggest city near you and making the drive if you can’t find a nice, hung shemale in your immediate area.You can filter all of the shemales in your area by ethnicity, hair color, eye color, role in bed, how hung they are, what services they offer, and whether or not they have videos on their profile page. The previews give you whatever name they decide to go by, what role they prefer in bed, and where they are located. Pretty much everything you need to decide if you want to learn more about a particular slut.Every Bit of Information you Need to Make a DecisionThe profiles are pretty damn comprehensive. No shitty pages with one or two lines of text and a number to call. Depending on the escort, you’ll get a pretty large selection of photos and maybe a video or two. You know exactly who you’re talking to. No blurred or misleading photos. Though usually, you don’t get any good pictures of the goods. No quality dick pics, but I get wanting to have some mystery left. Plus, most of these bitches love to brag about how hung they are in the profile description anyway.Other than the photos and videos, you get a description written by the escort as well as a full list of important information like contact details, pre or post-op, age, weight, height, incall and outcall rates, languages, tattoos, piercings, drug and alcohol preferences, and a bunch of other minor details. Also, on a more serious note. There’s an option on the site to report any sex trafficking that you suspect may be taking place. That button directs you to the right authorities if you think some shady shit is going on.Get Fucked by Tranny Sluts While Traveling with an Excellent Mobile SiteAwesome fucking mobile site. I can’t stand these bullshit sites that can’t even be bothered to let you browse escorts on the go. How am I supposed to get some one-on-one tranny action during my “business trip” when I can’t even use the damn site on mobile? All of the previews in your area are blown up and take up most of your screen as you scroll. Easily readable and nice to look at. View profiles, change your location and book a kinky night with your favorite tranny escort while on the go. Hell, just move your location somewhere before you fly out and have yourself a good fucking time when you land. That’s how I’d do it.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI like a lot of things that this site had going on. You don’t have to deal with any bullshit ads on this site. That already makes this site a win in my book. But there’s even more. The design is simple and doesn’t try and cram more into it than it needs to. The previews and profiles have all of the information you need to make a decision on who you are going to hook up with. The platform as a whole seems pretty safe and secure for the escorts. You shouldn’t get scammed by shady people or any bullshit like that. But don’t be a fucking idiot. Always ask for a verification photo before going to meet anyone. It’s just common sense.I also like how you can actually view photos and videos without having to pay for some stupid membership. Hell, you don’t even need to login to use this site. Most escort/dating sites that I’ve been to have some sort of catch that doesn’t let you see the good shit unless you pay. Fuck that. Here you can just jack it to some sexy tranny pics and videos if that’s what you want.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI don’t really have any big suggestions for Tsescorts.com. It’s a solid platform for escorts and clients alike. You’ve read everything else so far. You know I like this site. It’s good. I suggest you check it out if you love thick chicks with thick dicks.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, there really isn’t a better place to get hooked up with tranny babes than Tsescorts.com. It’s one of the few sites I’ve seen that has bitches to fuck all around the world. You’ve read all of my praise above this, so I won’t bore you by going into it again. But if you love trans girls or have ever thought about having a night with one, then this site is the best place to get started. No scam profiles or ads make this a safe place for you first timers out there. Give it a shot. Trust me. You haven’t truly had your dick sucked until you have a big-lipped trans chick go down on you.