With undercover cops, increased sting operations, scammers, catfish, and sites like Backpage.com getting shut down left and right, finding quality private adult entertainment on the internet can be fucking terrifying. I, personally, have never mustered up the courage to actually go through with it. It just doesn’t seem worth the risk to me.Call me paranoid, but I’m not trying to lead an undercover cop right to my front door, ready to bust me on solicitation of prostitution. I’m also not trying to get directions to walk right into their trap. Ain’t no pussy in the world worth getting locked up over.Luckily, though, there are reputable sites out there to help you feel better about the whole process—sites with verified profiles and pics of girls to provide a little more confidence that you won’t be risking your freedom for a BJ. Slixa is one of those sites. They take pains to ensure that every girl featured on their site is for real, of the highest caliber, and perfect for the discerning gentleman seeking pleasurable company.Class and High-Quality AssFrom the moment you land on Slixa’s home page, you can tell immediately that they mean business. The site’s design is elegant and minimalist. A white background supports the classic black text. It looks exactly as professional as you’d want the site on which you’re finding an escort to look. You can tell, right off the bat, that Slixa is not going to be for the guy who would’ve been looking on Backpage for an $80 an hour glorified streetwalker. Slixa is for the man of means who can afford an $8,000 night with a porn star (and who, frankly, would accept nothing less).First of all, all the girls I have seen on Slixa reflect this image. I mean, these girls are top-tier, cream of the crop classy ladies. You know, the kind of escorts a senator would get busted with. Supermodel hot with legs for days and tits and ass to boot. Just choose your city and get to browsing. Can’t find the girl you’re looking for in your city? No worries, many will fly to you. Hey, you’re on Slixa.com, you can afford it. Why not splurge a little? (And then splooge a lot).Confidence and CredibilityOne feature that really sets Slixa apart is that all of the photos of the girls on their site are verified. This will ensure that you are not being catfished (by cops or anyone else). They verify photos by requesting a picture of the girl in question in which she is holding something with the date written on it and her name, then they check that picture against the others on her profile to ensure that every image is actually of her.Also adding to the credibility of the providers on Slixa is the fact that they have been cosigned by some pretty reputable entities. XBIZ and Forbes are among the list of companies and individuals who have given the site their stamp of approval. And Business Insider claims, “If you’re seeking discreet paid-for companionship, you need to know about Slixa.” If you still weren’t feeling confident in this site, this should definitely help further ease your anxieties.Some girls’ profiles on Slixa will also feature badges that indicate whether or not they are true professionals. As they put it on the site, “BDSM and Tantra professionals are highly skilled and highly experienced. Ensure you’re in good hands by checking the upper right corner of a city thumbnail ad image for the ‘Pro’ badge. The badge means that the advertiser has been vetted by other members of the professional BDSM or Tantra community and is given a date stamp at the time of verification.”This feature also allows you to browse by badge in your city, so if you’re looking only for tantra professionals in San Francisco, easily filter it so only those ladies appear in your search. Not only does this add to the site’s credibility (and the girls), but it makes the process of finding the perfect lady for you streamlined and simple.The search feature on Slixa also allows you to conveniently find girls who are currently available for booking on short notice. All you have to do is click the “Available Now” button. This is especially helpful seeing as finding an escort can often be a spontaneous decision and many of the higher-end girls on Slixa book months in advance. So, if you’re short on time and need to find a girl in the next few hours, see who’s online and accepting bookings in your city at the same time you’re looking.Tailormade Services, Insider Information, and Interesting IntelSlixa also offers some great user features that can be tailored to your tastes and lifestyle. Easily favorite the girls you like, even if you don’t end up booking them. They will then be saved to your private dashboard for later. This means that you won’t have to go back and conduct your search all over again, as is often the case with other similar sites. Paired with updates sent directly to your inbox, you may only have to perform one search in your city ever.When a new girl shows up in your city, Slixa will send you an email to let you know. They will also email you if an entertainer is visiting your city from elsewhere and if a girl is willing to travel to your city. Or if discretion is important to you, simply do not opt into the email digest and you won’t receive any communication from Slixa. But, then again, if you are worried about discretion, you should probably have an alternate email address that your wife can’t conceivably access anyway. Just saying.Slixa is more than just a database of escorts and private entertainers to be searched by the city. They also keep users up to date with the latest in the world of adult private entertainment by running and maintaining three of their own blogs: Slixa Late Night, Slixa Under Cover, and Slixa News. Late Night, according to the site, “…written by providers for clients, is packed with informative and educational articles designed to make the whole process of hiring an escort easier and more enjoyable. Los of fun, historical and sex industry news are thrown into the mix.”Their Under Cover blog, on the other hand, is written by providers primarily for providers. The posts on this section of the site will give you an interesting first-hand glimpse into a side of the world of escorting that you might otherwise never get to see. Here you will be able to enjoy tons of interesting stories about sessions gone wrong, sessions gone all too right, troubling clients, what gets on providers’ nerves, etc. Lots of wild stories to check out over there, that’s for sure.Going Above and BeyondAnother thing that I appreciate about Slixa is that they go out of their way to take a stand against human trafficking. At the bottom of the page, they link to trafficking.help. Human trafficking, not to blow your buzz or anything, is, unfortunately, a sad reality and all too common occurrence, particularly in the world of escorts and the like. So, for a site like Slixa to go out of their way to spread awareness and resources on that is great. I applaud you, Slixa, thanks for not just sitting idly by while providing the services you provide.As with every site I review, I am obligated to report on whether or not Slixa uses advertising, since you already know damn well that way too many porn sites rely heavily on ad revenue. And, the verdict is … No, they do not! Slixa is a completely ad-free site. But, hey, would you expect anything less from such a classy place?My Only Complaint…I only have one complaint with this site, and it concerns the range of use. If you do not live in a major metropolitan area, you can forget about finding companionship on Slixa.com. The list of cities from which you can choose is pretty limited. You have all the biggies, sure—New York City, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburg, St. Louis, etc.—but you are kind of shit out of luck if you live in a mid-sized or smaller city that isn’t near one of the bigger ones.But, then again, if you have the money to be looking at Slixa, to begin with, you can just fly your lady of choice out to whatever small town you live in. Actually, what am I thinking, if you have the money to fly an escort across the country to you, you most likely live in one of these big cities anyway.All in all, if you’re looking for a top-tier private entertainer and you have the money to pay for it, Slixa is the place for you. Get in touch with some of the sexiest escorts in the world, keep up to date with news and insider industry tales, and only choose from girls who have been verified. Slixa.com is the safest, classiest way to find paid companionship. Enjoy!