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EscortDirectory! Hiring a girl to come have sex with you is the easiest way to get pussy and other related services. However, some of the sites that arrange escort connections might rip you off, and you might end up losing two of your most precious things; time and money. Luckily, you are here reading this, and I want to assure you that if you keep it here, I’ll show you how easy it is to get laid. Not sure where to get that erotic massage and the hottest escort girls from anywhere in the world? Relax and let Escort Directory do the dirty work for you.Finding someone to jump into the sheets with has never been this easy. Think I’m bullshitting? Join me on a tour of Escort Directory and discover how to find all kinds of girls, guys, and shemales for massages and dates, BDSM sessions and more.Beware; you are on your ownI’ll start this review by being brutally honest with you. First, the terms and conditions of escortdirectory.com are as simple as they get. Too simple if you ask me. But then something immediately stands out; they make it clear that that they won’t be held responsible for anything that may happen to you from the individuals or websites that you access on the site. They only sell advertisement space, which is another way of telling you not to be a dumbass. Be fucking careful and use your common sense. Remember if shit hits the fan, you are on your own. I know you love sex, but I hope not enough to throw caution to the wind.Simplicity is key Escortdirectory.com has a simple layout which works well for me, especially since the site has many sections and lots of information so the simplicity will serve you just fine. Could it be better? Definitely but trust me, that will be the least of your worries. That said, where can you get the newest escorts in town? Or are you looking for massage parlors where there are possibilities of a happy ending? Or maybe you are the kind of freak looking to indulge in some kinky BDSM and don’t know where to start? At escortdirectory.com, you will find all this and then some. It might be overwhelming at first, but I know you are smart and will get the hang of it pretty quickly. Eyes on the prize.Right from the homepage, the site offers you hot escorts from your local city offering all manner of adult services. From the welcoming pics, I can tell all these sluts are fucking hot, and if I wasn’t contented with my current girl, I’d have been tempted. Found an escort you are interested in? Click on her profile and get a detailed look. The most important detail aka her telephone number is right at the top, so there is no way you are gonna miss it. Some of them even have WhatsApp and Viber and other instant messaging app details. All you gotta do is call and arrange a date. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Other details in these ladies’ profiles include age, weight, languages spoken, and of course, rates. You didn’t think you were gonna get pussy for free, did you? Be warned that some of these sluts’ rates are quite pricey.Not satisfied with the lineup of escorts from your city? Use the two drop-down menus. Of course, not every city/country will have escorts, but the ones on the list either have a couple of hundreds. It all depends on your location or where you are planning to visit. For instance, Armenia has just a single escort listed while Canada has over 2,000. They sure do love their escorts up there, don’t they?An awesome advanced searchEscort Directory have given you every possible tool you need to land your perfect companion. The advanced search feature will definitely prove a gem as it allows you to search for escorts using a few criteria including real pics, verified contact details, with video, porn stars (yes, there are professional fuckers who do escort services as a side hustle), natural photos, online, and available for travel among many other details. You will be able to ‘zoom’ in your ideal kind of escort to a tee. Other filters include ethnicity, language, looks, services offered, looks, and availability. Also, there's a section for new escorts, latest actions (profile update, new photos, new reviews, etc.), tour info, reviews, comments, and a photo feed.Had a great date? Don’t keep it to yourselfThe reviews section of the site is by far the most intriguing where clients give feedback on their experience with the escorts. Do these fine-looking girls know the right sex buttons to push? Apparently, they do judging from the mostly positive reviews. Most of these dames easily get above 7 out of 10. The worst rating I saw was a 4.5/10 because apparently the girl who showed up at the date was 30lbs heavier than the one in the photos and she was also covered in tattoos which her profile pictures hadn’t reflected. There is every possibility she was using a fake photo. The review finished on a rather ominous note; don’t waste your money on her. Anyway, the reviews will help you make an informed choice. You hate nasty surprises, don’t you?Plenty of services to choose fromLike you would expect, the kind of erotic services you receive depends on the particular escort. Some are offering massages and judging by the photos, you will be struggling to hide your erection as their soft hands explore every inch of your body. There are also BDSM specialized escorts who will help explore your kinky fetishes the moment you make that call. The bottom line? All the women lined up are fucking stunners, and I couldn’t have picked better women suited for the job. Also, it’s not all about the women as there is a solid line up of male and shemale escorts for those whose orientations lie elsewhere.Look out for fake profilesThere comes a point where common sense prevails over love for pussy. There is every possibility of coming across fake profiles judging by the number of unverified photos. This means they are either fake girls, other girls, or even worse, guys trying to rob you or put your ass in jail. Nothing sucks like wanting to fuck a girl and finding out that it’s not happening. The possibility of being robbed, arrested, or even killed is very real lads. Better be on the lookout.Additionally, the site offers private messaging services. However, I would strongly advise against sending messages while still logged on to the site. Why do you ask? Because it shows the intent of committing a crime to solicit a prostitute, something that may land you in jail in some countries. Don’t be that foolish or you might come to regret it when you are being ass raped in jail. Unless of course, you are trying to get your ass in the coolers.Positive FeaturesLots of escorts; thousands of male, female, and tranny escorts are advertising all manner of erotic services on the site, and it would be impossible not to find your ideal fuck partner.Well organized; the site has a simple outlook with that ‘straight to the point’ attitude making it easy to navigate.Advanced search; what better way to narrow down your searches for a particular kind of escort than using the different criteria provided by the wonderful advanced search option? I’ll wait.Detailed profiles; the escort profiles feature plenty of useful info that will surely come in handy.Negative FeaturesSome ads; any page you turn to will have a ton of banner ads and links directing to some shady sites. The worst part? There is no avoiding this.Potentially fake profiles; the high number of unverified photos means the possibility of hitting a fake profile is very much alive with the dangers that come with that well known to anyone with the semblance of a working brain.RecommendationsI know the site absolved itself of blame regarding the ads. But ensuring that all the profiles are verified would go a long way towards instilling user confidence. Also, can they go slow on the ads for fuck’s sake?Final wordIf you are looking to get laid without too many hassles, Escort Directory with its lineup of hot escorts that are down for whatever should prove a perfect destination. There are hundreds of sexy escorts looking for someone to have sex with. No strings attached, no issues. The escort profiles are well detailed, and you will know what you are getting yourself into. As far as I’m concerned, you should give it a try if you are serious about finding some pussy.