Fuck, I love Reddit List! Twitter and Tumblr are probably the only social media platforms that allow explicit adult content to thrive if you look hard enough. But nothing quite compares to Reddit when it comes to content of the NSFW variety. I’ve always loved this network because it has many subreddits devoted to showcasing practically any porn niche and is one of those places you can interact with other sick fucks and grab yourself a heap of X-rated content with absolutely zero issues. So yeah, Reddit is fucking cool.Today I’ll be taking you on a tour of, which is more or less a launching pad to some of the most active, coolest, and ultimately depraved subreddits on the Internet. Think of the site as an aggregator for the best porn (and non-porn) subreddits with these fucks tracking the top 5000 subreddits so you know they are not fucking around. If you enjoy seeing horny babes taking huge shafts all day long or just flashing their goodies, this is the place for you. The subreddits have been ranked based on recent activity, most subscribers, or growth in the last 24 hours. You may hop from SFW to NSFW at your convenience, but who the fuck are we kidding? You are looking for smut so let‘s not hit around the bush. The only bush you will be beating around is your own because I’m about to take you straight to where the adult shit is going down.Shit design for startersI know I said that is your gateway to some of the most active subreddits, but they certainly could have done more with their design which in all honesty looks crappy as fuck. It is nothing more than a fucking list of subreddits against a boring ass white background. With no option to turn off the lights, good luck browsing the site at night. Clearly, no effort was made to make the outlook visually attractive; no mixture of colors, no top banners, no photos, nothing to let you know where the fuck you are. Talk about taking the concept of simplicity a bit too far.In terms of navigation, have not provided users with too many browsing features either. On the top left is a basic search function besides a drop-down option to flip from SFW and NSFW. On the right are the not so useful ‘subreddits’ and ‘categories’ sections since they direct you to a page with the same line up of subreddits as in the homepage. Your best option is to pick a random subreddit and test the waters in case you don’t have something specific in mind. That’s the only way to get the best of good NSFW porn RedditChill for a moment and think of the last time you looked for porn (which could be this morning for all I know). Think of yourself perusing page after page on Pornhub looking for the perfect antidote to your hard dick problems. What you probably saw were videos featuring perfectly manicured whores, some harsh lighting, more than a few fake boobs, angled close up shots and all the shit that comes with studio produced smut. Reddit porn on the other hand? It ticks all the right fucking boxes since its user submitted amateur content curated by ‘normal’, sexy, and absolutely depraved people. Shit, you could even come across a video/photo featuring your neighbors’ hot aggregates the best subreddits for every kink imaginable. It doesn’t matter what the fuck gives you a hard-on; GIFs, photos, videos, erotica, audios, or whatever, if it’s not listed on Reddit List, it’s probably not worth your time. But the great lineup of subreddits here will inspire you to join a community and probably contribute to the ever-expanding NSFW content. Would probably be a nice idea to show the world how small your prick is. It’s probably the reason your ex left you in search of heavier boners.Anyway, Reddit is well equipped when it comes to porn. Some of the names on the list can already be found in my directory and a good number is not. My advice? Take them one by one and find the one that best supports your perverted tastes. Some of the names include GoneWild, ImGoingToHellForThis, RealGirls, AsiansGoneWild, BustyPetite, MySecretsOut, BreedingMaterial, GirlsFinishingTheJob, LegalTeens, PornInFifteenSeconds, TittyDrop, CollegeSluts, Asstastic, Wifesharing and the list is endless. Below the main page is a numbered browsing menu that takes you to even more sources of user submitted porn.I’m naturally an ass dude and my first point was the Asstastic subreddit where pretty much every day is hump day. This subreddit is exclusively for redditors to send pictures of their sexy bums. Assholics like yours truly can have a field day admiring the saucy behinds looking to be spanked and others looking for a hard dick to sit on. Loads of sexy specimen all through.Another one that caught my eye is the GodPussy subreddit which is dedicated to showcasing gorgeous, top quality close-up photos of Vaginas. The site demands the submissions be of high and medium quality and primarily focusing on showing pussy. These fucks are serious about only availing God Pussies and any image with a dick is instantly removed. Fuck, so many beef curtains in one damn place! Like mentioned, there is an NSFW subreddit out there somewhere that specifically caters for your crazy ass needs. All you gotta do is look hard enough. There are subreddits for freaks looking for horny motherfuckers to fuck their wives, public flashing, large labia, tight dresses, BDSM, cumshots, and pretty much any kink you can think of.How these subreddits workFor y’all curios motherfuckers who want to know how shit works in these subreddits, this is how it goes down: each subreddit has an option to ‘CREATE POST’ (obviously after you’ve already joined). If you send whatever twisted ass material that’s in your possession, the moderators will either approve it or not depending with the house rules. Once approved, the post goes to the ‘NEW’ page where redditors have chance to upvote/ downvote the content. Enough votes take your post to the ‘RISING’ page from where more votes will take it to the ‘HOT’ page. Use the sort option in any of the subreddits and browse the materials by hot, new, controversial, top and rising.If you wish to post your own NSFW content, that’s entirely up to you although this is highly encouraged. However, it’d be good to know that the shit you post will be online forever once it has found its way to Reddit. Act accordingly if you have a reputation to protect.The site had it for me in terms of:Loads of smut; it’s raining porn wherever you look with hundreds of subreddits taking care of pretty much every taste. Even better, everything is user submitted and ultimately authentic since it features ‘normal’ people. Don’t expect to come across loads of professional smut.Plenty of options; like mentioned, it’s practically impossible not to find a subreddit catering to your tastes from such a lengthy line-up. You’ll be rubbing your hands in anticipation to the marathon fap fest that lies ahead with so many options on the table.Easy to use; Reddit List is plain and straightforward. All you get here is a list of the subreddits where you are likely to connect with other pervs and grab loads of smut. No complications, no unnecessary sophistication.Possible concernsIt’s hard to find something to hate about However, nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement.The design could be better; granted, Reddit is not known for its aestheticism, but it still pays to have a well-designed site that leaves a positive impression. has been tested and found severely lacking in that department.What I think should be done; There is not a lot of things I would tell the site to do that it is not doing already. All I would ask is for more pervs to join up the subreddits and continue giving y’all horny freaks something to beat meat to.Final thoughtsPay a visit to, a fantastic Reddit resource lining up hundreds of NSFW subreddits bursting their seams with incredible user submitted porn covering all niches. There is something for everyone from this treasure trove of free NSFW content and if you know where to look, you can look forward to an erotic treat for the ages. It’s the perfect place to get your clits and sausages worked and the least you could do is pay the site a visit.