Naughty Wives

Here’s the thing guys. I’ve seen all kinds of subreddits, and the thing they all boil down to is user-generated content. I’ve always had the most fun on subreddits that are made for chicks to come and post real pictures to. I’m talking about amateur babes who have nothing better to do than to go on the internet in search of strangers’ validations. Anyway, imagine if those chicks aren’t even that young but are, in fact, married women in their 30s or so. Well, that’s the kind of content you get on the Naughty Wives subreddit, so if you’re into MILF chicks, then you might want to stick around and find out more.Hot married MILF photos to masturbate toI know is made for free content, but when I see free stuff like the photos offered up on /r/NaughtyWives, I keep wondering why these girls choose to give us all this crap for free. Some of it really is crap, by the way, but there is plenty of hot stuff too. And while I’m not particularly interested in fat bitches begging for attention on the internet, it has just become a regular occurrence on Reddit and especially on subs like /r/NaughtyWives. Why is that you might ask? Well, I think they’re getting into their mid-life crisis and they have no idea how to deal with it except to ask for attention online. Sad.Ah, well, still can’t complain. I always like seeing a hot wife in the nude. It tells me that there are plenty of them out there right now for me to bang! What can I say, sometimes I like to dive balls deep into some veteran pussy rather than into some inexperienced teen tight stuff. I have to say; there’s something special about MILF babes that I can’t put into words. Maybe it’s the way their tits get bigger with age. It’s almost like they’re getting better as they’re older, like fine wine or something. But there’s much more than that to /r/NaughtyWives. I’m telling ya, you should stick around and see what this sub is all about. I don’t really say that all that often, so when I’m saying this, I’m not fucking around! Check it.So many features to consider and enjoyThe first thing you’re going to notice about the Naughty Wives sub is the fact that it’s such a good system. I’ve never seen mods use something that just works so well. I guess that they saw the potential that they had and decided to make it all work extremely well. I don’t really expect this from subreddits on a free website such as, but when I see it, it just tells me that the people who made this place were making it out of passion and nothing else. You don’t put this much time and effort into a sub without wanting to see all the content yourself as well. It’s something that just doesn’t happen at all.What usually happens is that someone makes a subreddit just so that they can reap through all the karma points. And I don’t get that either because this karma shit is just another way to say “fancy and meaningless internet points!” I’m not here to play games; I’m here to jerk off and cum! And that’s why /r/NaughtyWives works so damn well. I feel like they do a really good job at making a phenomenal sub that has so many functions to work with. Seriously though, they’ve got so many systems in place, and they’re not even a multi-million subscriber/follower sub on Reddit! I have to conclude that they are doing all this stuff to simply get ahead of the competition and make something that works really well.Weekly contests for the hottest naughtiest wivesOne of the systems they have in place is the weekly Naughtiest Wife contest. As you may be able to tell just from the title of the contest, it’s just a weekly contest for the most upvoted post. As long as it’s an OC photo, and it has enough upvotes, it can be the top-rated picture and the contest winner. What happens to the contest winner every week? Well, first of all, they get Reddit Gold, which means they get access to premium Reddit features for a month. They also get 100 gold coins to spend on whatever they want on Reddit. This is all pretty great so far. But the best part is that they get their photo pinned to the top of the sub for the following week. But that’s not all; the runner up also gets a pin of their own too!The runner up photo will be just one post underneath the winner and sometimes these photos are even better than the winner for some reason. Sometimes the winner just seems to edge it out because of pity votes. I saw this one wife who’s had 4 kids already or something crazy like that and she got the win, but the runner up was this hot-ass wife with pale smooth skin, tight pussy, perfect tits, and in a position on the bed with her legs spread waiting for our cocks. She also had knee socks on which made the thing that hotter. I guess it all comes down to subjective taste of which naughty wife should be the winner.Verified amateur wives to enjoy for freeOther than the contest, one thing that /r/NaughtyWives offers is the optional feature of verification. When accounts get verified, they get multiple benefits from that. First of all, they get a custom Verified OC flair. This flair will allow them to stand out from the crowd and get way more upvotes for that sweet, sweet dopamine hit. And then there’s the fact that they can’t be attacked by any bogus claims to take down their content from the sub. They can also request to have their own photos taken down from this sub if they don’t want them up or they want to post them themselves as a verified user. It works well.However, the verification process is a bit convoluted. The babe first has to get a piece of paper and write her Reddit username on it, then she needs to add the subreddit handle /r/NaughtyWives to the paper, and then she also needs to add the exact date, including the year mind-you, and she needs to post it all the same day as the date for it to count! Can you make that shit anymore complicated? I don’t think so. But whatever, I guess they take verification seriously here since you get so many benefits (but I don’t think that those benefits warrant that kind of commitment). It’s good that they have verification tho.Nice design with great flairs and graphicsFinally, we reach the final frontier, which is the design of the subreddit. With all its faults, I have to say that they definitely managed to change up the place so that it looks a bit different from the default look that most other subreddits sport. And you have to give it to them, 224,000 members since late 2019? Those numbers don’t lie. These guys definitely managed to make something pretty unique that we can all get behind and enjoy. If you like seeing naughty wives who are married and even have children in some cases show off their nude bodies to you so you can jerk off to them, you’ve come to the right place.They have flairs for verified users, unverified users, contest winners, runner-ups, and these flairs are great because you can get so much hot stuff out of them. It’s unreal. Other than photos, there are even videos on /r/NaughtyWives that you can watch, also for free, and on top of all this, you’ve even got scenes where these wives are sucking dick and even getting fucked. These things are pretty phenomenal if you ask me, so I have to give credit where credit is due. The only thing I would change is the cover photo. It doesn’t work all that well on the new subreddit design. The avatar and colors are great, though. I think you’ll get a really good kick out of this sub, so you should check out /r/NaughtyWives right now!