r/BDSMGW aka Reddit BDSMGW! If you haven’t come from under some fucking rock, then you know how the (in)famous 50 Shades Of Grey sparked an interest in BDSM when it was released a few years ago. Fun fact for y’all slow fucking knobs; BDSM stands for “bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism” and is perfect for anyone looking to spice their bedroom with a bit of kink that includes but not limited to being choked, bound, spanked, and bitten among other lists of weird stuff some of you knuckleheads try behind curtains. I seriously don’t know how you get aroused by some of the shit in this genre, but luckily for you, I’m not here to judge your filthy tastes. If anything, I’m here to help you find more of that twisted fap content that sends fire into your fucking balls. Yeah, I’m that generous, although you bunch of thankless toads have no clue how much work it is to consistently bring you these sources of smut.Anyway, I challenge you to name a more dynamic duo than Reddit.com and porn. I’ll wait. You see, Reddit is a sprawling fucking community of freaks, porn-addicted losers, weirdos, and pretty much anyone who loves porn. This community-based approach to smut brings together people from all walks of life in a platform where they can share all manner of porn and probably feel good about themselves for showing the world how perverted they really are. Reddit has loads of subreddits, most of which are loaded with all manner of adult content. Luckily for y’all sick fucks, today I’m taking a closer look at /r/BDSMGW (it’s a mouthful, I know), which is yet another source of porn where images covering the BDSM niche are posted by registered Reddit users for the fapping pleasure of those who prefer a little kink in their fap routines. Let’s see what they’ve got.Don’t knock it till you try itThe BDSM genre is vast and includes a wide array of activities including tying up your lover, spanking, telling your lover what to do (domination), holding your lover down, whipping or caning, biting, sensual humiliation, a vast array of different kinds of pain play, discipline, chastity and denial, a large number of different sorts of role play, and so much more. Some freaks like ropes and restraints and find pleasure in being tied or cuffed. I met a random bitch that confessed that she considers it satisfactory when her partner restrains her and then proceeds to fuck her silly. Needless to say, people are attracted to BDSM for various reasons, most of them psychological. Whatever the fucking reasons for your attraction to this kink, if you are looking for a platform where the entire fucking community is full of bondage loving fucks, you will struggle to find better options than /r/BDSMGW.BDSM gone wildAs is the case with Reddit.com, all the adult materials are posted by users, and I quickly figured out that lengthy /r/BDSMGW actually stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism gone wrong. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what kind of content you can expect here. If you have the semblance of a functioning brain, then you know BDSM is simply not something is you can just have a couple of beers and fumble your way through. This shit is for the seasoned porn connoisseurs, and while it’s not nearly as gross as scat porn, it sure comes close.A quick look at the numbersYou know I like injecting my reviews with a dose of objectivity, and its time to see what story the numbers tell at /r/BDSMGW. First things first, this kinky subreddit was established in October 2010, which means it's approaching a decade of providing hardcore entertainment. It’s a significantly old platform, but not so dated to make you lose your hair. Moving on swiftly. For the period this subreddit has existed, it has managed to amass a crowd of 187,000 members who call this freaky den their home of porn.Judging by the numbers on other subreddits, it’s clear that people are not falling over themselves to join this platform. Maybe the content is a tad too brutal for them. Or perhaps they are but a bunch of pussies that can’t see past boring missionary sex. The 187k active community won’t give a flying fuck, though. Oh, and they keep this place alive with posts, and after some digging, I can report that there are at least 10 posts per hour. That’s fucking acceptable in my books.Keep the order!The first thing you see the moment you land on /r/BDSMGW is a list of ‘a few of the things you need to pay attention to,’ which is an excellent way of introducing a set of fucking rules. That’s how they play the game over at Reddit, and you either shape up or step out. They make it clear from the start that this is a vanilla free zone. They actually demand that any of the posts must be fetish-themed, which should make for a colorful combination of kinky fap content. Be sure to read the rules first.Reddit promises, Reddit deliversWell, well, well! They promised there would be no vanilla content, and boy have they delivered! Everything here has a kinky feel about it and whether it’s red asses from spankings, bitches with sharpies all over their bodies, clipped nipples, sluts tied up and having their asses brutalized, brutal anal with all assortment of weird-ass dildos, sluts deep throating cocks with blindfolds on and such shit, it’s all here.Most of the content has an amateurish feel, and I can assume they are indeed real-life experiences. While the moderators at /r/BDSMGW don’t verify content, if they know, the images posted are not yours, it will be yanked, and that’s goodbye for you as well. It means that at least 95% of the posts here have real, raw amateur smut. I can’t help but think just how famous fetish content has become since 50 Shades Of Grey. You know what, upvote all this fucking shit.No GIFsThe materials are kinky and shit (with no scat), but one disappointing thing about /r/BDSMGW is the lack of GFYCat posts. It means everything here is straight fucking photos. I dearly miss my short videos. I don’t know what is going on because I didn’t see a rule explicitly banning GIFs. Whatever it is, it’s fucking miserable. I know this is barely consolation, but at least the images are hot, and I actually loved the smut.Needless to say, this place is quite active, and if you want to see the hottest posts as per the most upvotes, browse the content by Hot. That’s one thing I love about Reddit. It allows the community to decide which shit is hot and what’s not. Trust me, the sick fucks here sure look like they know what hot BDSM is about. You will see things you’ve probably never seen before.Things to love about /r/BDSMGWPlenty of BDSM content; there is an abundance of kinky BDSM content to get off if that’s what you need to get the perverted juices flowing.Amateur content; the best thing about the material here is that it’s not the only user-submitted, but authentic amateur as well. Enjoy seeing how kinky and twisted people really are.Updates; with roughly 10 posts per hour and sometimes more, this place is not lacking in fresh new content.Possible concernsZero clips; disappointingly, this subreddit is only filled with still images with no sign of GIFs.No tags; the BDSM niche is quite vast, and a cloud of tags for each specific fetish is severely lacking. You will have to browse randomly with the hope that something pops up.How the site can improveWell gang, just get us some fucking GIFs, is that too much to ask? Staring at motionless photos can get a little monotonous, you know.FinallyI won’t lie, the lack of short clips is a major fucking issue. There is every chance they don’t allow them here which but whichever the case, that’s lame as fuck. Still, this place is worth a visit if you prefer your porn pictures served with a bit of fetish. There is plenty of authentic amateur photos doing round, and with regular updates, it’s never short of action. Be sure to check my reviews of other subreddits if this one doesn’t cut it for you.