<p>NoFap Reddit, aka r/NoFap! Alright, what the fuck is this shit? There’s a subreddit called /r/NoFap on Reddit, and they’re all about making people abstain from fapping? What the fuck? I thought we were all on the same page here. I mean, my entire website is about fapping and jerking off! Listen, if you’re addicted, then you won’t be able to overcome it with a shitty subreddit. That’s on you. But the thing is that I don’t think most people out there are even addicted. Watching porn a few times a week or something won’t cause you to be a porn addict. I watch porn pretty much every day, and then when I go on vacation, I just forget about porn and start fucking some bitches IRL, you feel me? But hey, let me give /r/NoFap a fair shake here.Not fapping is actually a fucking optionThere’s no harm in seeing what this place is about, right? So, first things first, we need to look at the main reason that /r/NoFap even exists. So, reading the description, they say that they’re a community that hosts challenges for people who they call “Fapstronauts”, and that involves them abstaining from porn. Sheesh, that sounds like torture, not gonna lie. Who would want to abstain from porn if it’s not really having any impact on their lives? Alright, alright, maybe some people feel like it has an effect on their life and so they want to get rid of porn or at least tone it down a notch instead. That’s all fair.And hey, it even says it in the description of this subreddit that you can participate if you just want a challenge as a test of self-control as well! You don’t need to have a crippling addiction to porn that destroys all of the relationships in your life to be a part of /r/NoFap! I like to see that as a challenge. I mean, it would sure as hell be difficult for me not to jerk off for a month, seeing as how my entire job is centered around reviewing all of these baller porn sites for you! You gotta hand it to me, I’m really sticking my neck out for you guys here, and for me, this would be quite the challenge indeed.It can be a pretty interesting challengeBut hey, what’s life without a challenge, right? The thing is, /r/NoFap can be really great for people who are suffering from porn addiction. Now, if you get addicted to porn, then I don’t know what to say to you. I mean, I get it. Porn is fucking amazing! It just makes you feel so damn good! And I read this one study that equated cumming to receiving a shot of cocaine or something. It’s like the same receptors in your brain get lit up and all that. So, I can see how it can be an addiction just looking at the brain chemistry of all things. I think that you do need to have a limit so that you don’t waste your day on porn.The last thing you want to do is become someone like Porn Geek. That guy just never stops watching porn. Holy shit, now that I thought about what porn did to him, I guess you should definitely be careful. Though, it could also be the fact that if you’re a geek who is perverted, you’re going to end up addicted anyway. I mean, I watch porn a lot, but I never succumb to any addiction. I guess that’s because I have a good social life. You really need to grab some beers with your friends from time to time just so that you’re still around in the real world and not completely taken over by the digital stuff. Basically, if you want to watch porn and stay safe, then make sure that you have friends around you who wanna hang.Huge and very supportive communityBut yeah, let’s talk some more about the subreddit itself. When you take a look at the membership numbers of /r/NoFap, you’ll notice that many people seem to be having the same problem with porn. It’s not a small number of subscribers that they have here. There are over 570,000 members as of the writing of this review. Can you imagine a horde of that many people all suffering from the same problem when it comes to watching porn? And I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty amazed that a subreddit like /r/NoFap can even have this many users subscribed to it. These numbers are higher than some NSFW subs.I love looking at all the ways in which /r/NoFap manages to attract people. There are those who really seem to be struggling with some kind of porn addiction, however silly that may seem to me, and then there are those casual dudes who just want to take up a fun challenge. There are plenty of spiritual gurus who are talking wisdom and magic about the benefits of not fapping for an extended period of time, and then there are realists who are telling you the cold hard facts that not fapping isn’t the cure to all the problems in your life. I think I’m gonna go with the latter dudes who are pretty much right on the money when it comes to watching porn and even getting rid of porn from your life. It’s no big deal.Porn addiction can be a pretty serious thingAnd when you take a look at some of these posts, you’re really going to notice the back and forth between these two groups of people. Some people feel like porn ruins their lives, and obviously, I don’t agree with that bullshit. Then there are the more sensible people on here who see this as a fun little challenge of self-control, and I think I can get behind that. But you definitely shouldn’t get rid of porn from your life forever. Let’s be real; that’s just a dumb choice. That’s like getting rid of burgers and stuff like that. Can you imagine a blander existence than that? I can’t think of anything blander than that shit.But there is some pretty good content here too. It usually all boils down to written text, and I actually didn’t see any photos here. The main reason for that is that explicit content is banned from this subreddit, and the mods are always hard at work to eliminate any porn posted here the moment people upload it. You see, the reason for that is that some men are so fucking weak, that just seeing a porn pic or video will trigger something inside them, and they will relapse (as they say on /r/NoFap). That being said, it’s pretty silly to hear shit like this coming from grown adults, but what can you do about it.The design is pretty uninspiredAre there any problems with /r/NoFap? Well, I think that the design is something they can change. Right now, it looks like a bland subreddit that doesn’t have a custom banner, a custom avatar, or a custom anything else for that matter. The only thing I like that they have right now are the flairs that you can use to show how many days you have been doing the no fap challenge successfully. You’ll notice a lot of people who relapsed who are at 0 days, but there are also people who are over 50 days in the weeds with this shit, and I just want to congratulate them for actually managing to make that kind of shit work.All in all, /r/NoFap is a place where you can go when you’re feeling like porn is taking over your life for the worse. If you want to get rid of porn from your life, then you can count on this place to give you the support you need to get through it all. If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with watching so much porn that your eyes fall out. Just make sure sure that you don’t become fat and miserable like Porn Geek. You always want to be a badass like me, so make sure you that you do everything in moderation, even porn. Then again, a strong willpower goes a long way when trying to get your life in order in every way possible, not just when it comes to porn.</p>