Tgirlguru Reddit, aka r/Tgirlguru! Well, I’m personally addicted to Reddit porn, and I know most of you are too, especially those MILF GIFs! It is a perfect place to get that quick porn fix with loads of subreddits covering practically all sexual fantasies your dirty mind can conjure. However, there is no bestiality or child porn, so you can get your pedophile ass off the site. But if you are looking for any other ‘legit’ type of porn, trust the huge fucking community at Reddit to supply you with a chock load of tasty GIFs and images for that quick fap. It’s precisely what you want, especially if you are the pussy starved motherfucker I think you are.Anyway, today I’m here to tell you about a subreddit that takes care of your thirst for some shemale porn. If you are here expecting to find out about some hot shemales on Reddit, then you are in the right fucking place because today‘s review looks at /r/Tgirlguru. Gorgeous and alluring tgirl short clips are what you are going to find on this sub, and I can’t wait to get down and dirty, so you know all about the content that’s available here. The thing is, I have recently started to enjoy trans porn more than I used to, although I’m not yet ready to suck a babe's dick. I’d probably screw their ass if I had the chance, though.Anyway, I know you can’t wait to know the ins and outs of /r/Tgirlguru, and if you sit your ass tight, the king of porn should inform you if it’s an excellent place for some hot shemale fun. Read on.The first impression on TgirlguruWell, the first thing you should know from the onset is that you can expect nothing but an objective fucking analysis from me. And what better way to start the review than taking a good look at the numbers? The first thing that stands out is the fact that the site was created on Oct 30, 2019, which makes it one of the youngest subreddits out there in the NSFW space. In such a short time, it has managed to hit 6,700 members, and inevitably, more shemale loving freaks will be trooping to the site in no time. Expect the numbers to be much higher by the time you get to read this review. Perhaps understandably, the materials are not flying as fast as in other more established subreddits. Still, you can also expect that to change very soon.Tgirls are a bunch of sexy specimensWell, I’m guessing you knew this already, but these shemales can be fucking hot! I mean, most of them are curvaceous and boast of killer bodies, something that many straight girls can only dream of. They have round bums, small waists, perky tits, and all that shit you love in a woman. Their cute faces make cumming on their face a tantalizing prospect. The only notable difference between tgirls and other girls is the dangling thing between their legs and the fact that they only have one hole. On the flip side, it means there are loads of anal to look forward to.I’m also reliably informed that their female dicks are super fucking sensitive, just like the female clit. I’ve always thought of those dicks like oversized clits anyway. In terms of what these tgirls can do, the possibilities are practically endless. They can get a dicking from two dudes at a time; they can plow some nubile girls up the ass, screw dudes that don’t mind having a sore ass, and more. As you can see, there are no limits to what these chicks with dicks can do.Some have said that the term shemale is offensive and derogatory, but I’m personally not here to be politically correct. You can refer to them as traps, t-girls, shemales, transgender female individuals, or whatever the fuck you want for all I care. Ultimately, they’ll make y’all whip your dicks out.The tgirl porn at TgirlguruLet’s go back to the content on this subreddit for a minute. The sub may not have been around for long, but you can bet your ass there’s a ton of variety in here. Anything that has a t-girl in the mix, these fucks have it. Whether being dominated by dudes in hardcore anal, dominating cis-girls in lesbian scenes, or having their cocks sucked by dudes and girls. It’s all about the t-girl love at Tgirlguru.The first thing I saw was a pair of tgirls romping away, another playing with her massive schlong, two hot transsexuals having a 69 together, and another shemale teen with one of the hottest bodies I have ever seen playing with her dildo. Of course, there is so much more to look forward to. I even saw two tgirls sucking each other’s cocks to ear-shattering orgasms, blowing huge loads all over their bodies.Now, if you are familiar with how Reddit works, then you know damn well they don’t have full-length clips. They only deal with short clips here, most of which run for 20 seconds and below. However, you might be lucky to come across clips that last longer than you do, some running for 2 minutes. However, they are the minority. The good thing is they take the most fapworthy part, and you won’t have to keep moving the clip forward for the best action. You can whip your dick out straight away.As usual, the clips are on auto-repeat just in case you didn’t manage to bust a nut in the first instance. Additionally, you can adjust the quality between SD and HD depending on how you want your tgirl porn served. Trust me, you’ll have an absolute blast looking at all of the porn on /r/Tgirlguru. I certainly did, and I’m nowhere near a shemale porn connoisseur. Chicks with pussies are more my preference, thank you very much.Constantly growing/r/Tgirlguru may be a newbie. Still, it is super active, which is impressive, considering it doesn’t have the largest following. The numbers keep on growing, and new content is continually flooding the sub. However, the clips are not linked externally, so there is no way of checking out the entire video. But then again, if you wanted full clips, there are loads of porn tubes for that, so quit whining like a little bitch.The sub has a dedicated team of moderators who ensure the user-submitted content isn’t violating the site’s policy. Still, there is an option for you to report a video if you are feeling like a fucking snitch. I’m guessing you won’t have to do that because for the 3 or so hours I spent on this site, I didn’t find a single inappropriate video. You can save your snitching tendencies for another day. Remember the rules of the game, though; snitches get stitches.Just like other subreddits, /r/Tgirlguru has those familiar options where you can sort the content by hot, new, controversial, top, and rising. Overall, Reddit keeps it friendly and straightforward, and you don’t need too many options to enjoy your fap here.Things to love about /r/TgirlguruHot tgirl content; there is a mouthwatering collection of clips showing super sexy tgirls showing their raunchy side. They can be seen sucking cocks, having their sucked, screwing dudes and other shemales in the ass, and much more.Regular updates; this subreddit is relatively new, but it has followed in the footsteps of its sister subs, and new content is flowing in thick and fast.Ads free; the experience is devoid of annoying ads and popups, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the task at hand (pun intended).Possible concernsStill small; well, this is hardly the sub’s fault, and you’d have to be a really bitter fuck to hate the sub for being new in the scene. They don’t have the most significant following as of now. Therefore, the content is relatively modest. However, there is every sign that that’s going to change in the near future.How the site can improveC’mon guys, it’s fucking Reddit we are going on about here. The only thing they can do is wait and see their followers, and the number of videos swells over time.ConclusionSo, what does ThePornDude think about this sub? Well, if you’re someone that likes genuine amateur shemale entertainment, then you are absolutely going to love it here. There is a robust collection of mouthwatering clips featuring sexy shemales getting nasty. I can’t think of too many downsides here other than the fact that the sub is still new. Be sure to visit /r/Tgirlguru and have a stellar fapping time.