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r/CuckoldStories, aka Reddit Cuckold Stories! Alright, let’s to a raise of hands for who knows what a cuckold is. I think we all know it, and some of us have probably even used it as a slur at some point in time. I know I’ve called more liberals cucks than I’m comfortable with admitting, but hey they had it coming. Anyway, /r/CuckoldStories is an amazing place on where you can read all kinds of cuckold stories. These are real stories from real people and some of them can be pretty interesting. I have to admit that I even had fun reading these stories despite the fact that I’m not a cuckold. I think it had to do with the fact that these stories were just so damn interesting.A place for the best cuckold storiesLet’s start from the beginning and really dig deep when it comes to /r/CuckoldStories and what this place is all about. If you thought that I wasn’t going to cover this subreddit just because I’m not a cuckold, then you’re sorely mistaken. I’m going to get into the nitty and gritty and really bring forward /r/CuckoldStories for what it really is. It’s one of the best places to read interesting and genuine stories and I have to admit that these stories can make for a much more interesting read than some of the straight sex stories that I’ve read over the years. If I am to be completely honest with you, sex stories are kind of a female thing, but I gave it a shot anyway.I think it’s more because use men are the visual type and we would much rather just watch some porn instead of reading it. Whatever that means, I think that I’m really putting my neck out for you guys when I went through all of these websites which require reading and all that. Sex stories are just something that you can never get enough of in my opinion, especially when you get addicted to them. It’s just something about the freedom of the writing medium that allows people to open up and we get to see what real people are up to and not just pornstars in these fucking studio porn videos. Honestly, if you’ve seen one porno then you’ve seen them all. /r/CuckoldStories tries to get around that problem.Genuine and authentic content from real peopleYou see, the reason /r/CuckoldStories is so damn interesting is because these are true stories from real people. People just like you and me experiencing some kind of cuckolding fun on the other side of the screen. Anyway, I think that you’ll enjoy reading these even if you aren’t into cuckolding yourself. For example, there’s this one story where a dude gets this cuckolding fantasy and then gradually gets his wife to open up to the idea of her getting fucked by other men. Eventually, she gets so accustomed to fucking other men and she gets one dude who is just a lot better at fucking than the husband and in the end, she runs off with him leaving the guy stranded with a child.I mean, what the fuck am I right? These dudes are real risk-takers as they allow their wives to get fucked by other dudes. If I am to be completely honest, these guys probably have raisins for balls to allow this to happen. Either than or they don’t care about the consequences and so they have balls of steel. It’s contradictory, but who knows? Perhaps these dudes just found out a perfect way to get rid of a chick that they’re no longer interested in. Whatever these methods are, I hope that you are ready to read through them because these cuckold stories just keep getting better and better the longer you stay on /r/CuckoldStories and read the content.Pretty small subreddit with 30k subscribersThis isn’t exactly a huge subreddit though. At around 30k subscribers, there just aren’t that many people on /r/CuckoldStories who are ready to post their stories. I mean, don’t get me wrong, thirty thousand people is still a huge amount and all, but I think that there are just so many other subreddits which have many more people and have much more to offer than /r/CuckoldStories. Then again, it’s for people themselves to decide whether this niche is exactly something that they want to see or whether it’s not exactly what they want. If it’s something that you’ve been looking for all over the internet then rest assured that your search is over and you can enjoy /r/CuckoldStories as much as you want.There are a few hundred people online at all times and they’re on /r/CuckoldStories to read sex stories and even post their own. Sometimes they post true stories, other times they make something up to make the scenario even sexier so that you can really get into it and blow a huge load in the end. No matter which of these stories you end up checking out, whether they feel real or not to you, you’ll have one heck of a time with /r/CuckoldStories. It’s a real blast to read through all of these and having be the source of it all makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable. This is mostly because of the fact that they have made the interface so damn good.Great and polished user interfaceSo when you get on Reddit and you start browsing through /r/CuckoldStories you’ll notice a few things. First of all, they have a custom image, which some even bigger NSFW subreddits don’t have. Then you’ll notice the fact that they’ve also customized the colors of their subreddit as well. However, they haven’t done much other than that so you can only hope for so much customization. If you wanted more than that, then you should definitely go to a bigger NSFW subreddit. Either that or check out the cuckold porn tube that keeps getting advertised by the mods on /r/CuckoldStories. I don’t know whether it’s okay to advertise external links as a mod but who cares.And when it comes to the design of Reddit itself, I can only say the best things about it. The user interface on /r/CuckoldStories is superb mostly because has undergone so many changes through the years in order to offer a better experience with the additions of new features such as changing the layout of the posts and allowing them all to show all the time or have them show up as a list and then check out the ones which have the most interesting titles to you. At the end of the day, this is something that you’ll have to figure out for yourself. Also, you’ll get to choose between the Hot, Trending, Rising, New, and Top stories to read on /r/CuckoldStories as well.Every category has what you need hereThe Hot section has some of the best stories that have emerged recently while the Top category is a kind of hall of fame for stories which are the ones which have received the most upvotes over the course of /r/CuckoldStories’s existence. Then there’s the Rising category which is more filtered than Trending, and Trending is more filtered than New. Finally, the New category is completely unfiltered and you can find all kinds of junk on here to read. Some of these stories don’t even fit into the boundaries of what /r/CuckoldStories is supposed to be and there are also some people who just post troll posts calling all of the cuckolds… well, cucks! Anyway, you should stay away from this category.Of course, if you want to be part of the community and post your own stories or upvote and downvote other stories, then you should definitely check out the New section because this is where you can have the most impact. /r/CuckoldStories is a really great subreddit in the fact that the mods seem to be on their feet when it comes to showing up and getting rid of all the troll posts so that it’s only the best posts left on the plate with /r/CuckoldStories. So yeah, check this place out if you want an amazing time with some of the best cuckold stories, and if you want all of that for free.