Breast Expansion

Breast Expansion Reddit, aka r/BreastExpansion! I remember back in the early days of the internet when dial-up was just becoming a thing, I went over to a buddy’s house and he introduced me to the world of smutty flash animations. There were no flash games back then, but people were still sweating hard to make some weird shit to jack their dicks off to. They enjoyed making the kind of shit you wouldn’t normally see on a porn DVD. So the very first thing I ever actually saw come out of the world of Flash smut was this weird-ass animation of Britney Spears where the more you clicked on her tits, the bigger they got until they exploded. Back then I was so busy being surprised that such a technology could even exist that I didn’t bother to notice how fucking weird this whole concept was.I was going to start off this review by saying that breast expansion is the newest perversion that people are raving about, but I remembered that little tidbit from my youth and realized that every weird fetish in the world has been around since forever. The internet is just playing catch up at this point. And because every fetish has tons of people who are either proud about it or in the closet, you’re going to see a subreddit for it crop up sooner rather than later.A Safe Space for Breast Expansion LoversI’ll get into how ridiculous this fetish is later, but right now let’s look at the facts of this sub. It’s an anything-goes style subreddit where everything related to breast expansion is welcome and cherished by the tens of thousands of fans that are super active in posting and commenting. Normally when you’ve got a sub that deals with a fetish it’ll be centered on a specific task. You might see a cuck sub that’s all about finding bulls to fuck your wife or a threesome sub where you can find a third party. You get the picture./r/BreastExpansion is an equal opportunity sub where literally anything that has to do with breast expansion belongs just fine. Whether you’ve drawn a picture of a hentai cow-babe with growing udders or you’ve taken pictures of your wife’s tits while she was sleeping and animated them to look like they’re exploding, your shit belongs on this sub.The only real rules they have is that they don’t allow illegal shit – duh, and they also don’t want you to promote anything commercial. You can’t post ads on here. This is all standard Reddit etiquette, though, so it’s not like they’re excluding anyone, they’re just covering their asses. But we’re not here to talk about asses, we’re here to talk about breasts.What The Hell is Breast Expansion?Now, I’m The Porn Dude so naturally, I know everything there is to know about every fetish, but I gotta admit, this one’s always been on the fringe for me because I never quite understood it. I mean, I love gigantic tits. I would love nothing more than to be smothered by a pair of milkers so massive that they eclipse the sun and I have been in that situation many a time. Large breasted chicks are also great at sucking dick. I don’t know if there’s any correlation there, that’s been my experience.I also love chicks with small breasts. I don’t discriminate. If she’s got a couple of pert little love knobs, then there’s more room for me between them. I am an equal opportunist. But it never dawned on me to combine the two with one woman. Small breasts and large breasts, at the exact same time. I don’t know if there’s some evolutionary concept behind this fetish explaining why it’s hot, or if it’s just so silly that people started fapping to it as a joke and then found they kind of liked it more than they should. Either way, breast expansion is here to stay.The basic idea behind this fetish is that these dudes enjoy seeing either live photography or drawn images of tits that are literally any size and then animate them so that they get bigger than they were before. You’re going to see a lot of difference in quality of animation here, since not every Tom, Dick and Larry has a digital art degree, but overall the results look pretty same-y.You’ll see a photograph of a chick’s tits, either naked or in a really low cut top, slowly expanding until they’re so big they no longer fit on the screen. These are not A to D enlargements, either. It’s more like double-Ds to triple-Z. A large part of the excitement here seems to come from seeing breasts become comically huge. I don’t know whether the final product is something these dudes consider bangable, but I sure don’t see how I’d fit from the front if I had to deal with any of these ladies. I mean, I’d try, I just don’t think it’s viable. After a certain point her cooch would be so far from the end of her breasts I’d have to overnight ship my dick her way. Or just stand behind her…On the other hand, there are some more subtle animations and I gotta say, if anything’s gonna convert me to the /r/BreastExpansion faith, it’d be these clips. They’re usually close-ups of breasts that grow very slowly by a very small amount, and here you’ll often see proper video clips. They’ll take some clip of a really hot chick just hanging around, talking and they’ll slightly increase her breast size over like 10 seconds. I like these videos because the girls are already perfectly fap-worthy and then you add the tiny flair of breast enlargement. It’s really something. I mean, I can’t see myself heading over to a porn tube and looking for this type of smut, but I certainly don’t mind it. Plus, some of the smut on this sub is original, so you can jack off to it for no reason other than to switch things up.Finally, you’re gonna see a ton of posts that have drawn smut and this is where the magic happens. Drawn smut doesn’t have to follow real-life rules. You don’t see a drawn furry girl with breasts the size of weather balloons and think about whether she has any back pain dragging them around. She exists for the sole purpose of being fodder for your pole polish. She doesn’t have back pain. She can handle her breasts becoming bigger and bigger until they burst. They’ll grow back anyway.Popular on /r/BreastExpansionI can’t go too far down the rabbit hole here because this sub has been around for a while and it’s fucking huge. 40 thousand people posting smut all the time tends to build up a hell of a library. But I scraped the surface and found a ton of preferences. I think I have a general idea of what these guys consider fap-worthy material.First of all, a lot of them like posting pictures of their own girlfriends, even non-lewd ones and photoshopping giant breasts onto them. I applaud their bravery, because if their girls found out what they’re doing with their selfies, they’re probably beat them into a coma.Then there’s the video games – tons of video game babes within cutscenes and gameplay either modded directly or edited after they were recorded. There’s a lot of room for experimentation here, especially in 3D games that are easy to hack into. You could, in theory, increase every girl’s breast size in any video game if you were tech savvy enough. The boys on /r/BreastExpansion try really hard to do just that.Then there are the techies that don’t know how to hack but are damn talented 3D modelers. I think these are arguably the best cases of breast enlargement because you can prepare your model in advance and plan for this type of shit properly. These guys make their own animations from scratch. That’s why these clips don’t look like post-production tit-stretches. They’re proper breast enlargements, as if the girls were suddenly struck with a bad case of bee-sting across both their milkers and they just started growing out in response.Weird Shit and my ConclusionThe weirdest fascination these guys have has got to be their love for actual milkers – like, on pregnant women. Women’s breasts get larger during and after pregnancy, so these guys have pretty much struck a gold vein with pregnancy porn. Whether it’s their own wives or some random shit they’ve found online, there are tons of images and videos of pregnancy tits on this sub, complete with before and after shots. It’s about the closest they’re going to get to photographing actual, real breast enlargement./r/BreastEnlargement is far from the weirdest sexual sub I’ve ever seen and the people that frequent it don’t seem nearly as pervy as you’d expect from a bunch of fetishists. If anything they’re really nice people that really care about tits. As a life-long tit appreciator, I can relate. Generally, if you’re into women, and you’re looking for original smut, you’ll enjoy this sub. As for the fetish itself, you’re going to have to try it for yourself and form your own opinions, because even though I’m hard, I’m still very confused.