Cum Inflation

Reddit Cumflation, aka r/Cumflation! There’s no shortage of weird subs on Reddit, especially when it comes to hardcore smut. And once you start digging into the more fantastical stuff, like say, animated porn, you’ll find literally thousands of subs that really stretch the imagination. /r/Cumflation is one of those subs that will stick with you for all the wrong reasons. Personally, I don’t shy away from risqué smut. I’m a real filthy kind of guy, particularly when it comes to the types of porn I consume on the daily.A Simple Smutty SubStill, there’s something about /r/Cumflation that always gets me a little on edge. I’d be lying if I said I don’t pop a boner when I’m on here, but I always feel a mix of confusion and shame when I’m done. Then again, most fap sessions end in shame anyways, so who cares. /r/Cumflation is the home of animated smut that features characters being pumped so full of cum that they blow up like balloons. It’s a simple enough concept and it seems to be more than enough inspiration for passionate smut artists to pump out tons of content in this niche.I’ve never seen a more active community in terms of how many users they have. I mean, there’s barely 40 thousand people subscribed to this sub, but there are at least three new posts every single day. Now I know what you’re thinking – that’s barely enough smut to cover a single lunch break’s worth of fapping. And you’re right, that’s not a lot of smut. But if you take into account that this sub has been around since 2013 and crunch the numbers, you’ll realize the backlog of posts on /r/Cumflation is big enough to last you for a very long time.Extreme Ejaculation AdventuresI might be an all-knowing porn god, but even I have to play catch up sometimes when it comes to unique porn genres and fetishes. I feel no shame admitting that I did not know about cumflation until very recently. I hope you don’t hold it against me – it’s a weird ass fetish that not a lot of people talk about. It’s not like you’re ever going to see cumflation videos on PornHub’s recommended section. And for good reason; this genre is way out there.It’s a lot less extreme than other genres that deal with animated girls that are more often than not drawn in hentai styles. When you dig into the world of underground hentai productions, you never know what kind of depraved shit you might find. Cumflation is one of the more innocent fetishes, even though it’s weird as hell. There’s seldom any violence and most of the time the characters doing the fucking and cum-inflating seem to enjoy it. Sometimes the girl who’s getting stuffed will look like she’s screaming in half-pain and half-ecstasy, but that’s about as far as I’ve seen the violent angle of this genre go.I never really understand the psychology of people who like a particular genre more than any other smut they can find, but it would appear that cumflation fetishists are really decent folk. Who would have thought?Anyways, the concept is simple enough. For the most part, these are static images that portray characters in sexual situations, almost always featuring a cock, balls deep inside a woman. It’s also mandatory that the cock is shooting out an oil tanker’s worth of semen. Sometimes the pictures will show this cum explosion happening, other times you’ll see the aftermath, with the girl’s stomach being inflated to a size that is quite frankly larger than the rest of her body. I don’t know if the dudes on this sub get off on the idea of large stomachs in the same way that the pervs over at /r/BreastExpansion like enlarged breasts. Maybe the stomach is like an erogenous zone for these people. If that ain’t it, then they’re probably just really excited over the idea of a woman swallowing their cum. I’m certainly a member of that club.Cum Has Protein in ItSee, I have it on good authority that cum is actually the second most disgusting substance on the planet. The first is, of course, pineapple on pizza. This is really ironic considering that they recommend that you eat pineapple to make your cum taste better. Then again, no-one’s recommending that you cum on your pizza, so we’ve come full circle. I have, however, seen videos of girls eating cum pizza and it’s pretty dang hot. I don’t know what they’re thinking. At the very least, they’re not eating cum covered pineapple pizza. That would just be overkill.So down the vein of enjoying stuffing girls’ throats with your hot loads and knowing that they’re really suffering in order to both please and worship your cock, these guys are taking it to the next level. These girls don’t swallow a spoonful; they swallow a year’s worth of semen that they could have easily rationed into smaller gulps. Still, it’s very satisfying to see them absolutely destroyed like this. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the kind of guy to stockpile gallons’ worth of cum in jars and force-feed them to the first girl that goes down on me. I’m a hopeless romantic. I think cum should be fed directly from the source.I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy the fantastical stuff these guys come up with, though. I mean they really go out of their way to be original. You don’t see the regular guy on girl action on this sub. I mean it’s in there, but it’s buried in between furries and monsters and 3D renders of Lara Croft getting fucked in the ass by a gigantic stallion. And yes, I mean a literal stallion. The 3D renders are so ridiculously popular on this sub that they make up the majority of the videos you can see on /r/cumflation. It’s not just Lara Croft, either, although she seems to be extremely popular.You’ll see other familiar faces like Witcher 3’s Ciri and for some reason, you’ll see a lot of horses. I kind of get the logic behind this. If you want to sell me on the idea of gallons of cum per single ejaculation, a horse would be the natural choice to supply that demand. It’s simple economics. If the average dude can supply 0.03 gallons of cum per orgasm and a large stallion can pull 2.3 gallons easy, then what the hell is wrong with this sub? Sorry, I kind of lost my train of thought. Back to the cum.Using Your ImaginationI don’t know how large the worldwide cumflation community is, but the few people that frequent /r/cumflation are making it seem like this is an extremely popular trend. I guess it’s true – for every sub-genre of smut, there’s a potentially infinite number of fans, because there’s an infinite amount of people on the internet, I think. But don’t quote me on that.The quality of the content they produce as well as share from external sources cannot be beaten. I’ve seen more mainstream genres will worse art, across the board. I mean, most of the shit posted on this sub looks perfect, by my standards. I’m not an expert on manga-style artistry, but it’s all finely shaded and colored in, with really satisfying genitalia all throughout the art. Naturally, those genitalia are inflated to no end and the average dude has a horse cock and bowling ball testicles, but everything still looks very serviceable.As for the 3D renders, they’re the kind of top-notch quality you might have seen on porn tubes, regardless of the cumflation fetish. The guys behind these productions usually take the in-game model of the character they want to slutify and animate them in something like Blender. I’m not quite sure how they manage to get the model out of the game, but they’ve figured it out and they do a damn fine job using this method to crank out tons of smut.Finally, I have to talk about the super innovative off-shoots, when an artist decides that men, women, and horses are not quite deranged enough. They need more set pieces for their bizarre cum-play. That’s when they crank out their Cintiq tablets and draw literal monsters, complete with classical horse cocks and they draw them in the same cum-inflation style you’re probably tired of hearing about by now.If you’re not bored to tears already, however, and you think that cumflation is the kind of fetish that you can really get behind, then you really ought to subscribe to /r/cumflation. Also, if for whatever reason you love the taste of cum, again, this is the sub for you. It’s a nice place to get your fill of weirdness at the end of a long hard day. The sub is very active and has been around for a long time, so it comes with a bit of a guarantee.