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Reddit.com Hentai Captions, aka r/HentaiCaptions, is an active subreddit with loads of kinky content. I have met very few communities with as much passion and fervor as the cucks out there who are addicted to spurting their goo to 2d waifus. You betas love that shit. There are thousands of niche communities dedicated to specific hentai fetishes that even I had to fucking educate myself on. Take r/GameOverGirls, for example. That entire subreddit is dedicated to showcasing taboo art of hot sluts getting “brutally used for pleasure and breeding abilities until they’re rendered useless.”Your single brain cell probably has enough juice left in it to guess that I’m going to be talking about niche hentai content. You’d be right. I’m diving into another wild subreddit for you hentai addicted weebs. Don’t worry; this one isn’t too wild. You won’t have to wade through much extreme or dark fetish content on this one. So, kick back, relax, and rub yourself raw to the lewd subreddit r/hentaicaptions.Fap to Fan-Made Captions on Lewd Hentai Images, GIFs, and VideosThis subreddit is exactly what it sounds like. You get sexy images of hot waifus getting dicked down with custom captions added. These usually aren’t lines that appear in actual doujins or hentai mangas. This content is more along the lines of a single image with user-made text on it. It’s a pretty popular trend on regular porn image boards, so it only makes sense that you weeaboos would hop on that trend as well.You can find the exact page I’m on by plugging “Hentai Captions” into the search bar on your main Reddit page or by going to Reddit.com/r/hentaicaptions/. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have NSFW content enabled in your settings to be able to see this kinky shit. You will have to go in on the desktop version of the site to make that change.It’s also always a good idea to have separate accounts for your NSFW subs and all of the other ones. I mean, unless you like living on the edge. If one cuck forgets the NSFW tag, then you might end up outing yourself as a degenerate to everyone else around you when a GIF of some busty slut getting raped by goblins autoplays on your phone.For you cucks who have been living under a rock and somehow don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, Reddit.com is a platform with many different individual communities called “subreddits.” Each subreddit has its own unique topic and rules that you’ll need to follow. There are tens of thousands of these subreddits for all sorts of topics, but the best ones are full of sluts getting fucked.Enjoy a Very Active & Engaged Community of UsersThe r/hentaicaptions subreddit launched in 2014 and is one of the better porn subs that I’ve seen. First off, it has a solid active user base. There are around 51 thousand total Redditors that follow the sub and have the content pop up in their feed, but the most impressive figure is that there are usually 2ish thousand fucks online at any given time. That’s a very good ratio. Some subs are barely trickling along with viewers, posts, and engagement.If I were a betting man, I’d place my money on the solid moderation and decent ruleset being responsible for this subreddit’s success. There are only three mods, but they have done a fair bit of work. You get a custom logo and banner for the page that makes the sub look finished. You can read through a loose ruleset over on the right-hand sidebar. I know that sounds like basic shit, but the vast majority of niche NSFW subs don’t have any rules or active moderators.Well Put Together Subreddit With Useful User Features & Concrete RulesetBut the good stuff doesn’t end there. You can find a list of related subreddits, links to guides for making captions, and tags for searching by different flairs. That’s what I like to see. Features like these make it, so fappers want to come back and contribute to the page. A little bit goes a long way.You can expect very frequent posts. There will usually be upwards of a dozen posts to the subreddit every day. I imagine there would be more if the realm of hentai captions wasn’t so niche. But, regardless, you can expect a fair bit of engagement. You also have to consider that it takes some work to craft these original captions. It’s not like this shit comes pre-captioned. There are some masters of the craft toiling away in their grungy fap den to get this shit out to you.Most posts have quite a few comments and upvotes. If you make good shit, then you’ll get a good response. Hell, the top posts on this sub have over 2 thousand upvotes and over 30 comments. That may not sound like a ton, but those are some solid numbers for an NSFW sub. Goes to show that an active community makes or breaks a kinky porn sub.Kinky, Consistent, Fap-Worthy Hentai ContentThe content is pretty fucking hot. And it’s consistent. Every post will have a title that includes a list of fetish tags in brackets. Everyone has their own style. Some posts have a simple sidebar of captions. Others are stylized and use a bit of typography to bring the lewd content to the next level. A rare few will even have animated captions over videos. Those ones are hot as fuck. Especially if they have a hot babe voice the lines. I wish there were more of those ones on this sub.Posts vary wildly in how much work was put into them. Some of these fucking posts will be like full-length novels of text. It’s insane. Others will throw a couple of words on an image and call it a day. It’s hard to make general comments on writing quality since so many different weebs upload to this subreddit, but the majority of the uploads by regular posters are pretty top-notch. They really know how to speak to you betas out there who dream of getting to fuck your favorite waifu.Take Your Captioned Hentai on the Go With the Reddit Mobile App!It’s easy to take r/hentaicaptions with you. All that you need to do is download the official Reddit mobile app on whatever device suits your fancy. It’s free. Just login to your profile and get fapping to these hot hentai bitches. Some of you cucks are snobs who can’t seem to stand the official app. Thankfully, there are a ton of third-party apps with all of the features that you could possibly want.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesThis subreddit has got a lot going for it. The moderation was good. The rules were plain as day and easy to follow. The content was consistent and actually worth jerking off to. They even went above and beyond with flair specific search terms, guides for making your own original content, and links to other similar subreddits. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a porn subreddit even do half of that shit. Other than that minor suggestions, this subreddit is knocking it out of the fucking park. I don’t have any major gripes about how the sub is being run or anything like that.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI mean, it’s a bummer that you need to make an account and deal with Reddit to experience this kinky content. I swear this place is a hub for beta males to sit around and circle-jerk about anything and everything. At least here everyone is too busy wanking off to talk too much. But, as for an actual suggestion, I think having a searchable flair button for “animated captions” would be great. The mods could easily add that to the list of other quick search terms without an issue.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, reddit.com/r/hentaicaptions is easily the best subreddit I have been to for hentai captions. Oh, I guess that’s kind of obvious. There probably isn’t another one of those. Well, it’s still a damn good subreddit. If you like hentai, then you’ll probably like r/hentaicaptions. It’s got great content, an active user base, and some decent moderation. There aren’t many subreddits out there that can say the same, let alone NSFW subs. I highly recommend you horny weebs go give hentai captions a visit!