Reddit JAV, r/JAV! Do you enjoy watching naughty Japanese porn videos? If so, you have probably already heard about r/jav/ subreddit, and if you have not, I am here to make your world so much brighter. JAV is the best thing that could ever be made because Japanese hotties are not only beautiful; they are very creative and ready to basically do it all.I am sure that my peeps who enjoy watching Japanese porn movies already know what the fuck I am talking about, right? Well, you are welcome to stay and explore all r/jav/ has to offer, but you can also continue reading, and I shall tell you the gist of it all. I mean, the browsing is straightforward, so whatever you choose, it does not really matter.On the other hand, Reddit is a free website with thousands of other NSFW subreddits you could check out. Lucky for you, I am a huge Reddit fan; thus, I have reviewed plenty of these NSFW subreddits. So, you will know what to expect from them without actually checking the website out. You are fucking welcome; it is all I have to say.Lots of Japanese adult videos.For the ultimate virgins, in case you did not already guess, JAV stands for Japanese adult videos, aka Japanese porn. That is exactly what the fuck you can expect from r/jav/. Here you will mostly have videos, and maybe you can find some pictures which are usually covers from real Japanese movies, where you get to see the actresses and what the fuck is happening.There is a combination of everything on r/jav/, and that is also because Japanese love to make weird and kinky porn… and you never really know what the fuck to expect. With that said, you should know that on r/jav/, you get a combination of both uncensored and censored pornography. If you are not that familiar with Japanese porn, this might be a bit odd.Personally, I am already used to censored porn, since I love to watch Japanese adult videos, but obviously, we all prefer to watch the uncensored versions. Who the fuck wants to watch porn for the pixelated pussies and dicks? Fucking no one. But, oh well, it is what it is. There ain’t much to be done about the censorship of porn in Japan; it is the law.So what the fuck can you expect from r/jav/? Well, you can expect to see a lot of JAV suggestions… and I say suggestions because you do not have full movies here. Reddit does have a lot of subreddits dedicated to porn; however, the majority of the videos are pretty short. So, if you decided to visit r/jav/, thinking that you will wank one-off, you might have some difficulties.I mean, you are more than welcome to try, but there is a high chance that you will not really have luck when trying to play with yourself if the video is under a minute long, which is the case for the majority of shits that I have found on r/jav/. Of course, you can explore on your own as much as you want, and you can give it a go.There were all kinds of videos suggested, from cute girls getting bent over and fucked hard in the classroom, to dirty wives cheating on their husband. We all know that Japanese porn is filled with a lot of random crap, since they really enjoy getting creative, and I think that r/jav/ pretty much proves my point.Usually, you get to see what other people found interesting and hot, and from time to time, you can find posts where people are basically asking if anyone can help them find the scene. In simple terms, I’d say that r/jav/ is a community filled with JAV lovers, who are here to check out new videos and help other fuckers find the appropriate masturbation clips.The subreddit is free, and the browsing is effortless, so as long as you are into dirty Japanese girls getting rammed every which way, I am pretty sure that you will love what r/jav/ is all about. Then again, even if you do not, you can always just browse through all the other shit that this or any other subreddit has to offer. Don’t forget, Reddit.com is a huge website with a shit ton of naughty aspects.Great user-privileges for registered members.If you would truly like to enjoy what r/jav/ has to offer, you should consider registering. The registration on Reddit is free, and you will get all the usual privileges. You will be able to like, dislike, and comment on any of the posts. This can be helpful, especially if you are searching for a certain porn video or name of an actress.From what I have seen, the community is pretty active. They love to help each other out, and they enjoy posting their naughtiest favorites. This also brings me to my next topic, as you are allowed to post your own favorite content on r/jav/ and any other subreddit actually. So, if you have any favorites when it comes to Japanese porn, you are welcome to share them right here.However, if you do plan to post your favorites, you should follow the rules. Each subreddit will have rules listed on the side of the website, and the same applies to r/jav/. You will have a couple of rules listed, and you should follow them; otherwise, you can be banned from Reddit as a whole, not just r/jav/… which is a very stupid thing to do, if I may say so myself.Other than the rules, you will have some additional information listed on the side as well. You will get to see a short description of what r/jav/ is all about, and each subreddit will have that. Every subreddit has a small description to tell you the gist, since some subreddits are very confusing to know what the fuck they are about, mostly because there are a lot of acronyms and zoomer talk.Other than that, you get to see that r/jav/ was created in 2009 and that it has over 59.9k members. The community is very active, which also means that you will get to enjoy frequent updates, but I do not really know the schedule of updates because everything on Reddit.com is uploaded by the users. So, it is safe to say that everything is very fucking random.On the other hand, you do not have to register if you do not want to. The beauty of Reddit.com is the fact that you can register for added privileges, or you can browse through Reddit.com or r/jav/ without registering, just as a voyeur. But, this does mean that you will not have any of the privileges I have just fucking talked about.Chat with the community.If you enjoy what this subreddit is all about, the chances are that you will have a lot in common with these folks. Well, as a member of Reddit.com, you can chat with all the members of this website and not just the ones in r/jav/. Of course, you should know that there are subreddits dedicated to content and those that are dedicated to chatting.There is a chance that people who are a part of r/jav/ or other subreddits dedicate dot content are here to just enjoy the content, and not chat with random strangers. I mean, you can still shoot your shot and send them a private message. But, if chatting is all you are looking for, some subreddits are actually meant for chatting, such as hookups, dating, swingers, fetishes, and all kinds of other shit.Lots of hot JAV.The whole point of this subreddit is that you have a shit ton of Japanese porn videos posted, and of course, none of them will be full length. If you did not know, Japanese porn movies tend to last for hours, but anyway… that is beside the point. This subreddit is dedicated to users who want to share their favorite JAV or are looking to find a certain JAV or a pornstar.You can do the same if you register or just browse through as a voyeur. On the other hand, if you get bored of what r/jav/ is all about, let’s not forget that you can also just browse through other subreddits until you find one that just perfectly suits your taste.