Petite Girls

Reddit Petite Girls, aka r/PetiteGirls! If you know anything about me, you know I love fucking all kinds of women. And I’ve had them all, too: Asian sluts, athletic bitches, blacks, whites, Indians, I may have even fucked a space alien somewhere between getting rimmed from a Spanish chick to having a three-way with two midgets. But as many bitches of all sizes and shapes that I’ve fucked – and the few people you’ve fucked (aww, you’re still a virgin? Sucks to be you!) – let’s be real here: there’s nothing finer than porking a petite slutbag.How fucking hot is it to pick up a petite girl and fuck her brains out from any angle you can imagine? You can spin them like a fucking top if you’re big enough (and they all know ThePornDude isn’t a slouch in the dick size department); they’ll be begging for more! That’s why I fucking love visiting The bitches I found here reminded me of all the times my cock almost chopped chicks like these in half – my dick immediately becomes erect every time I visit.Even if you haven’t experienced the thrill of going balls deep inside of a petite chick, you’re still going to want to pull that penis out and jack it until you have third-degree burns on your pecker (why the fuck are you not using lube, bro??). It’s a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddit that’s just as compelling as the rest of them (more so depending on your kink) and worth a visit. So go forth; visit, and experience the tiny sluts you wish you could have.A thriving subredditThere’s nothing more depressing than a subreddit that lacks content and members. It’s like having proof that even among the countless subreddits that range from anything from crocheting to looking at pictures of Jeff Goldblum getting fucked by sea creatures, nobody gives a shit about what you are interested in. How depressing would that feel, that among the millions of Redditors, nobody can be bothered to give a fuck?Well, tons of people give a fuck about! No, the sub isn’t as populated as some NSFW subs, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. The subreddit features over 170,000 members with over a hundred or more online at any given moment. It is also more of a legacy subreddit, and while it hasn’t been around nearly as long as subs like /r/gonewild or even /r/feet, it’s been around the majority of Reddit’s existence.And besides, for nearly ten years, this sub has allowed amateurs and professional amateurs alike a place to post their petite bodies. While communities like these do exist around the Web, no other platform congregates people together and incentivizes engagement and activity more than Reddit. follows the same tradition, resulting in amazing petite content that you’re going to be cumming your pants to time and again.Content posted regularlyThe success of any subreddit is due to several things: moderation, the theme of the subreddit, and, most importantly, how often members engage and post content. It’s the most important attribute of any subreddit, and everything falls on people wanting to post content on the sub. Fortunately, has users posting content on the sub all the fucking time! As I was browsing the subreddit during this review, I kept hitting refresh when sorting by ‘New’ (more on that later) and was surprised when I noticed how many people were posting content regularly.Suffice to say; you’re going to be able to get off to new petite content every fucking day. Throughout the day, there were a few new posts every hour; other times, only a few were posted every couple of hours. It fluctuates, and although you’re not going to be bombarded with content every fucking minute like some other NSFW subreddits, you’re going to have plenty to look at.Besides, it isn’t like this subreddit is full of fake spam or shitposts that leave your dingus dangling and unfulfilled. The content posted here is done by real women – many of which look to be in their late teens to ’20s (although I did catch a few MILF pictures for those that like their petite bitches to be older). You won’t find any link to porn videos or pictures you could find on a million different free tube sites. It’s all original content that ordinary people post, and it’s going to make you cum!Hot amateur content that will make you cumSpeaking of cumming, I doubt you’ll fucking last a minute or past the second page before your hand is dripping with semen. Even I couldn’t last that long – and I fucking look at porn for a living! Between the perfect ass shots showing these sluts’ tiny little pussies to the perky, perfect breasts that make you want to bury your face into them, the quality of the content just never, ever stops.Now, doesn’t do anything much different than other NSFW subreddits. But like the best subreddits, has a theme surrounding the subreddit that makes people want to come back time and again. This, in turn, entices the lovely girls that make the success that it is want to post repeatedly. The cycle continues, and who do you know? Almost ten fucking years later, and people are doing the same damn thing they were doing at the start of the last decade: jizzing over themselves looking at the petite bitches members wish they could fuck.To the credit of the subreddit, it seems that a lot of petite posters are not strictly amateur, but more so ‘professional amateurish.’ You know the type: they’re not the girl next door that’s posting their pussy for the first time, but they’re not going to be found in some casting couch video on Bang Bros, either. They’re right in the middle: the petite girls that post masturbation videos of themselves on PornHub with a production quality that seems better-than-average.Look, bro, I’m not saying you’re going to find any of these bitches on PornHub (though it’s possible posters also have user-submitted videos of themselves on a free tube site), but what I am saying is that many of these petite girls are experienced with posting hot and sexy photos of themselves. You can always tell the sluts that regularly post nude photos of themselves and those that have no fucking idea what they are doing: much of the content falls into the former category.And that’s not a bad thing! Look, you’re getting tasteful fucking pictures and GIFs of petite ladies with their pussies on full display and bubbly asses that make you want to put a spell on them so they’ll fuck you till your dick breaks off. It’s the best of both worlds: amateur content that still feels amateurish, but from hot chicks that actually have talent.It's RedditNo shit! But what I mean by that is browses precisely like every other subreddit. If you know how to browse other subreddits and have used Reddit for at least five minutes in the past, you can browse And even if you have never used Reddit before, it’s so fucking simple that you’re going to figure it out faster than you can cum to the first page on the sub.As with all subreddits, you can sort content by new, hot, and top. When sorting by top, you can even filter the content by when content was posted: now, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. If you want to see how fast you can orgasm, I suggest sorting the sub by "top" and "all time". The images that these hot and sexy petite goddesses have posted over the years will make you wonder how the fuck can someone look so goddamn sexy. What kind of bet with life did these bitches win? Probably the same one that resulted in me having a massive dong, but I digress.Love petite women?Then you’re going to want to visit every day to get your fix of hot, petite girls that want to make you cum. With plenty of images and GIFs to consume, you’re not going to run out of content anytime soon. And if you do, well, I feel sorry for your cock and how often your balls had to drain: that sounds exhausting, even for me! features so much intoxicating content that it would be downright impossible to view everything. But that’s the appeal of the subreddit. If you want to see stunning petite girls showing off their naked bodies, go here immediately. The sub needs to continue doing exactly what’s it’s doing, which will undoubtedly allow it to continue growing naturally as time goes on.