Reddit Facials, aka r/Facials! When we talk about cum-hungry whores, there is one place that you can always count on to bring you some of the sexiest hoes on the planet. This place is a community on Reddit, and it goes by the name /r/Facials. Now, you might think that facials are a huge and booming, but it’s actually kind of niche and specific for some people. Most people see facials as just one part of the porn video that they get in the end. But some of us know that facials are some of the hottest things on the planet. I don’t know about you guys, but I love to give a good facial to a slut after I’ve been fucking her for hours on end, you know?Facials take the main stage hereSo, what is /r/Facials all about? Oh, I don’t know, how about you take a guess? It’s about facials, you dummy! You know… When the dude shoots out his cum all over the chicks’ face? Yeah, that kind of facial. I always love seeing a good facial as much as I like giving one, so for people like me who can’t get enough of facial action, /r/Facials seems like the ideal candidate for checking out some of the hottest content that has to do with this adult topic. Some people might say that facials are just something that you get with almost any porn video, but I beg to differ. Facials are the best part of most porn videos.Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like having 20 tabs open with different porn videos on porn tube sites just to skip over them and see the facial parts one by one. Instead, it’s much better if people would just edit out the juicy parts (and I mean that in a pretty literal sense with facials) and then just show me that instead. And guess what? That’s exactly what you are getting with /r/Facials. A bunch of edited videos with the facials taking the forefront of the action! If you like seeing cum on a girl’s face, then you’ll love everything that /r/Facials has to offer you, including the videos AND the pictures as well.All posts are completely free for youBut that’s not all; there are many other things that you can consider when you are thinking about checking out /r/Facials. How bout the fact that you are getting all of this content for free? That’s right; you aren’t paying a dime. Now, granted, you kind of expect that out of Reddit.com, but it doesn’t always have to be the case. There are some dumb subreddits out there that are “sex worker friendly” and they allow chicks to advertise themselves on the platform. /r/Facials isn’t like that, and instead, you get everything that gets posted here for free. I feel like you can’t get a better deal than that, so just do it!Check this place out and see if it can give you exactly what you need. Even if it doesn’t give you the exact kind of content you were hoping for every single time, at least it gives you all the content for free! And what could be better than getting a bunch of free content? I don’t know; there aren’t many things that can be better than getting porn for free, much less edited videos of your favorite parts of the porn videos. Those are always some of the things that I like to explore the most, and with subs like /r/Facials, they are always available for me. You have to admit that free edited facial shots are a great deal. I mean, think about it. You don’t have to pay for anything. You just kick back and watch all the videos!Huge monster facials and smaller dribblesNow, me personally, I like the videos more than the images. The videos are all about showing you the action happen and unfold. The photos just show the cum on the girls’ faces. I have to say, it’s nice to see a whore fully covered in cum, but what I like seeing even more is the actual part where she gets sprayed! That’s the reason I come to /r/Facials and that’s the reason I stay on the sub. Now, as it just so happens, the majority of the content here is in video format, even though you can also get pictures from time to time. I feel like it’s a good thing you don’t get too many features. I’m pretty sure most people just want videos anyway. At least that’s how I feel, so I will keep jerking off to the video material here.The posts I like the most are the ones where tiny chicks get covered in a huge amount of cum. Now, you’ll notice that another sub is being promoted on /r/Facials. That one is all about monster facials, which are massive, but at the same time, I feel like there is a lot of overlapping between /r/Facials and that other sub. Be it as it may, I still like checking out both of them from time to time. After all, since both subs are free, there is no reason not to see what both communities are up to when it comes to uploading hot content that you can jerk off to whenever you want. It’s always a good thing in my book.Small community with not much activityLet’s talk about the elephant in the room. Or maybe it would be a better idea to say the “mouse” in the room. This community is tiny. It’s one of the smallest NSFW subs that I’ve ever been to. And no matter how good the content is, when you have this few members, it also means that fewer people will be coming to /r/Facials in order to post and get karma. I hope that this changes in the future and that we get to see many more people coming into the site, but since it was made in 2010, I don’t know how realistic these wishes of mine really are. Still, it’s nice to have a subreddit dedicated to amazing facials.There are fewer than 100k subs in this NSFW community. That sounds big to you? Well, then, you probably didn’t see all the other places on Reddit that have NSFW content. Those can get quite massive. Some of them have millions of subscribers, so you have to admit that this number is nothing compared to all that. I’m not saying that this means the content is terrible, but you have to admit that with fewer people on the subreddit comes the fact that you are getting fewer posts as well as less activity and engagement with said posts! It’s not the end of the world, but it is something to take into consideration.Subreddit design could be betterIf you ask me, the number of people here is not a big of an issue as the design of the subreddit. The design is where /r/Facials really stunk up the place. With the new Reddit.com interface, /r/Facials didn’t even change the color scheme. This might be why the sub is still so damn small. I would also like to see something incorporated into the subreddit here such as rules, flairs and so on. Flairs could be categorized into the intensity of the facial. Sometimes you want to see cum dribbling onto a chick’s face for a long time, and then at other times, you want to see a stream of cum exploding on a chick’s face.An avatar and cover photo for /r/Facials would also be nice. This would give the place a bit more spirit and it would definitely make more people decide to make /r/Facials their stay. The way things are right now, I can’t imagine this place retaining many people who aren’t just here for the facials. Now, if someone is a die-hard fan of facial scenes, then I’m sure they’ll stay. For example, I always keep coming back to this sub since I’m in love with facial scenes. There’s just something about /r/Facials that I can’t resist and so every time that I want to jerk off to facials, I end up making my way back to this place.