Celebrity Candids

Alright, I have to say, guys, that I’m not that crazy about celebrity nudes, but I know many of you are, so I searched far and wide to find the ideal place for you to go to whenever you have the urge to look at some nice celeb tits and a coochie if you’re lucky. What did I find? /r/CelebrityCandids. This place is one of the best subs to go to if you are looking for a good time with some of the hottest celebrity babes not being careful and having their nips slips, their tits slide, their pussies show, and so on. Asses, tits, pussies, pretty much everything is possible with /r/CelebrityCandids, so let’s start digging and enjoying.Completely real and amazing celeb nudes to enjoyThe first thing many of you will notice is just how this place has managed to pull together so many people around the same topic and allow them to finally enjoy themselves with all the hot pics of these cute celebrity babes. Now, if you don’t think that this place has genuine celeb photos, then you’re mistaken. While there are a few fakes here and there, most of the stuff that gets posted here is obviously real. How do you know it’s real? Well, for the most part, because it’s never a perfect shot of the tits and so on. Basically, you just have to trust your gut feeling with most of these posts here.Anyway, while it might be the case that there are some fakes here, most of the celeb nudes that get posted to /r/CelebrityCandids are completely real. You don’t have to worry about that at all, as the people who post here manage to do an excellent job at showing off some of the best candid photos of these hot celebrities without you having to move a muscle. It’s that easy, you just go to the sub /r/CelebrityCandids and you start enjoying plenty of celeb nudes. And you are looking for more than that in the celebrity nude genre; then I don’t know what to tell you. Try to enjoy yourself and not overthink how genuine each photo here is, will you? Not every single one is perfect.Go for the Top section for optimal contentI know it might be a downer for many of you, but I don’t think that the Emma Watson pic that is in the All-time Top posts on the /r/CelebrityCandids subreddit is actually real. If it were then I think that there would be news outlets worldwide talking about it. But since it probably seems like it’s not Emma Watson, it’s just some nudist bitch that looks like her. And I never knew that these celeb babes are not that attractive at all. Who knew that they don’t have a lot to offer when it comes to their looks that they are actually more popular because of their skillsets like acting or singing or such.But yeah, if you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to hot celeb pics and you don’t want to wait for the next best thing, then you better go to the Top section of /r/CelebrityCandids. This place has pretty much everything you need for a phenomenal time with these hot babes. Trust me, the nudes you get out of these hoes have to be some of the greatest shit on the planet. You won’t believe how many nudes you can expect from this place just by checking out the Top section and nothing else. It truly is a one-of-a-kind experience that they have going on with /r/CelebrityCandids. It’s just great.You get all candid photos for freeAs far as candid photos are concerned, many people who take them ask for a certain cash exchange for them. That being said, when you go to /r/CelebrityCandids, you’ll be able to enjoy everything that this place has to offer without having to pay a single cent. Now I don’t know about you, but actually getting all the content you could ever want out of this sub in terms of candid celebrity nudes for basically free is probably the best deal you have been offered in a long time. And if I were in your shoes, I would take that deal, no questions asked. You’re basically being offered free content at no cost whatsoever. It’s not every day that you come across candid nude celeb content without having to pay for any of it at all!So yeah, you get all the candid celeb nudes for free. But do you know what’s even better than that? The fact that you don’t even need to create an account on Reddit.com to enjoy all this content. You basically get access to everything, even as a guest. I don’t know what more you can expect out of this subreddit and out of the Reddit platform in general. What, do you also want this subreddit to convince these beautiful celebrities to come and blow you? Sorry buddy, I don’t think that’s going to happen, so just be happy with the free pics that you’re getting here and jerk off to them all you want 100% free of charge.Well over 100,000 members since 2016There’s also the community aspect that I always like to mention with all of these subreddits. You see, this place has been growing surely and steadily since it was first created back in 2016 and it has managed to reach a milestone quite recently. They even have a flair that signifies the milestone of 99k subscribers, but it has become even more populated after that. So yeah, you can expect many people to be here, but one thing is for sure, not a lot of people seem to be engaging with the content. I mean, they’re commenting, but the upvotes can be scarce at times. This is because people are always debating about whether some picture is real or not and whether that means you can jerk off to it and so on.There are over 100,000 members on /r/CelebrityCandids, and that’s great news since the sub was created back on November 6th, 2016. So yeah, with 4 years under its belt, that would be 25,000 members netted every year. However, this has actually been a gradual and exponential growth, sort of, not a linear one by any means. Anyway, with that being said, it’s great to see this many people being able to enjoy themselves on /r/CelebrityCandids. I’m sure you’re going to be able to find every bit of the community aspect here as exciting as I did when you start exploring everything that this place has to offer you.Pretty great design with room for improvementFinally, we should talk about the design. You see, /r/CelebrityCandids has had a lot of time to change up the things around the subreddit, and they have certainly done that. They have added custom flairs to categorize the content, which is always huge in my book. Those categories are things like Butts, Bikini, Sexy, Upskirt, Cleavage, Topless Pokies, Celebritycandids, and 99k. So plenty of genres to choose from and enjoy. I would also like to see a few more added, such as Nipslips and Wet shirts, for example. But still, it’s plenty of good stuff to go through and enjoy on this subreddit—so many great genres to see.The rules are also great, though I have to say that the rule about quality is often broken here. The quality of the photos isn’t always the best, which is what you would expect when you are working with candid pictures of celebrities. Just keep in mind that all these photos can also be photoshopped if the person doing it is good enough to cover their tracks and so the rules talking about photoshopped content also doesn’t seem to hold any real ground here. But one thing that does hold ground are the colors, and the customized design in terms of the colors, the avatar, cover photo, and over stuff that /r/CelebrityCandids has to offer. They have definitely put in the time and effort for that kind of stuff.