Have you ever met an easy-going girl who seemed to be down to fuck the moment you start talking with her? Well, I think that I can one up you on that one since I found chicks who are so easy-going that you can fuck them whenever you want and they wouldn’t bat an eye. They could be cooking, playing a video game, reading the news, or even working hard at their job trying to make a living, and they would never say no to a dick penetrating them at any moment. So yeah, I had a few fuck buddies who were like that throughout my life. And then I found /r/easytofuck, and I found out that there’s an entire genre for this.Girls being fucked while doing other thingsWhat do I mean by all this? Well, if you want to see porn with girls who are busy doing something else while they’re being fucked, then this is the ideal place for you. 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That’s exactly the type of girl you’ll be seeing in these amateur and professional pornos that get posted to this amazing /r/easytofuck sub on Reddit.com.Amateur and professional porn videos availableSo, now that you have an idea of what kind of girls you can expect in the content on this platform, it might be time for you to start thinking about the actual content itself. What kind of quality can you expect? Well, as I already said, there’s a good mix of both amateur and professional porn to see here. You’ll find well-known studios such as BangBros and TeamSkeet alongside smaller amateur studios that are just trying to create some hot content for you guys. So, if you want to enjoy yourself and have fun with everything /r/easytofuck has to offer you in terms of girls who let you have sex with them at any time of day, then this is the place for you. If, however, you only want high-quality, then this ain’t it.I mean, I can’t lie to you; not every video that’s posted to this sub is going to be a banger. Some of them are and they’re great to look at and enjoy and all that jazz. But then you come to some videos that just don’t seem like they’re all that great and at that moment, you start to wonder whether this place is really what you needed. But then you remember that amateur porn has its own kind of charm, so you let it slide. I don’t know, guys, sometimes I like the amateur porn more than the professional studios, but at the end of the day, it really is a good mix of both kinds of content on this hot and seductive subreddit.So much content to enjoy and it’s all freeNow, while quality is debatable with certain videos, the quantity you’ll be getting with is undeniable. Whenever I feel like getting a bunch of content, then I always go to /r/easytofuck because there are just so many videos to choose from. It’s pretty amazing and it’s only a matter of time before you get fresh content uploaded to this sub. It’s like all you have to do is wait a couple of minutes, and more new content will pop up in the New section of the subreddit. Doesn’t that sound amazing? I don’t know; it sounds amazing to me. For all I care, it could even be a day between uploads and this sub would rock.But it’s much better than that, and you can expect a lot more content to enjoy on /r/easytofuck all the damn time. There are so many videos here, and the fact that they are all free is just a cherry on top at this point. Not to mention that the fact that videos are free is also a constant and undeniable feature of this sub. Let’s face it, the fact that you’re getting free content is a constant for most of the NSFW subs on the Reddit.com platform, but I still find it amazing that you can find so much porn on this community-based site that never seems to have been created for that purpose specifically. It’s just so amazing.Pretty active and quite young subredditNow, I also like to think about the community aspect when I find a new subreddit and I start exploring it. What can I say about /r/easytofuck as far as the community goes? Is it any good? Do you feel like you’re getting anything out of it? Well, I can tell you this much; for the most part, it seems that all the communication and commenting that goes on with all the posts on /r/easytofuck is really lighthearted and respectful. However, you guys know me and so I just have to go in there and fuck everything up by calling all the chicks I come across as massive sluts. Anyway, after I was done with that, I got banned.So yeah, the mods seem to take care of the community really well in order to keep things in balance and in check so that the sub doesn’t get run into the ground by Reddit. Anyway, I think that the number of users that you’ll find here isn’t anything spectacular. There are just around 102,000 users who are members of this sub, and I think that most of them are pretty active since the engagement here is excellent. I mean, the engagement with the posts is a lot better than on most other NSFW subs out there and that should tell you a lot about what you can expect out of this place. Overall, a great community.Overall nice design but missing some featuresFinally, there has to be something else for me to critique or else it wouldn’t be a genuine Porn Dude review. So, we have come to the design of the subreddit and this is where some of the things that I really liked about this place start to fall apart. For example, they didn’t add a cover photo, which should be one of the first things that you do as a mod on any subreddit. Then they also didn’t add any flairs so that the content could be categorized better because there are also some videos where the girls are using the guys for free while they are doing something else. So yeah, it does seem to go both ways.But I do like what they did with the colors, and the avatar is pretty okay too. I can’t really say anything about the subreddit in that regard. Also, the rules are nice and concise but detailed, and the only problem that I have with the ruleset is that it’s actually repeated in two places on the subreddit. First, there is the regular rules sections that every subreddit comes packed with that the mods have to fill out. Still, then there’s the other section which is right underneath that, which the mods put in so that the admins of Reddit don’t get spooked out by this subreddit since it has some implications towards rapey subjects and all that. But these aren’t concerns for me, so I really recommend /r/easytofuck.