Reddit Handjobs, aka r/Handjobs! I know many of you guys like blowjobs way more than you enjoy handjobs, but if we were to just give handjobs a shot at fascinating us, I think that most of us would feel more than grateful that handjobs exist. I don’t believe that these wonderful things get enough attention from people. So to compensate for that and perhaps give handjobs a little bit of love, I’m going to introduce you guys to a subreddit that is all about handjobs. It’s called, well, /r/handjobs. Pretty straight forward with the name there, so let’s just get right down to it and see exactly what it is that attracts many guys to come here for porn videos.Hot girls giving some of the best handjobs you’ve ever seenNow, I did say porn videos, but this place also has gifs, and even pictures, though these are a bit rarer. You’ll notice that most people who come here are looking for videos. This makes sense since handjobs are a lot about the motion of the hand and how it glides across the dick shaft. It’s an art form, and you can immediately tell if a girl knows what she is doing with a dick in this domain when you watch her jerk some dude off. On /r/handjobs, you will find the most experienced girls who know exactly how to stroke a cock and make the dude feel like he’s on cloud nine. There’s a lot of skill to handjobs, no doubt.Why would people waste their time with handjobs when blowjobs are a thing? Well, there is no specific reason other than that handjobs can include a lot more skill. When you look at the girls on /r/handjobs and how they handle a dick, you will definitely notice that they have been practicing their handjob skills. They really have a sense of stroking cocks. It seems to me that there is a high skill ceiling to this kind of stuff. That’s why I like seeing girls who are obviously incredibly skilled with all this stuff. I sometimes go to /r/handjobs when I’m with a girl to show her how the pros do it in all the gifs there. So yeah, if you want to explore the world of handjobs, then you should definitely peep this place out.Fall in love with handjobs with just a few videosMoreover, if you are a bit sick and tired of all the same content that the internet has to offer in terms of porn, it might be time for you to switch things up with /r/handjobs. Trust me, after you’ve enjoyed a few of these videos, you’ll feel like handjobs are the best thing in sex. I know, it sounds crazy to think that handjobs could be so good, but if you know a girl who really has that gift where they can take your dick and stroke it right, then you’re golden. You never have to fuck another woman again since you can enjoy yourself with nothing but handjobs. It sounds insane, but it is how it is. You’ll see.The proper way to experience a good handjob would be to first notice what all the good handjobs look like. In my opinion, these handjobs are essential to creating something unique that will completely change your mind about the entire handjob process. For most guys, a handjob is just a thing that happens before a blowjob, followed by sex. Well, for me, I like to kick back from time to time and enjoy a nice handjob just like the ones you can see on /r/handjobs. These can be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable, but if you can’t get one from a woman right now, then just watching the content here is as good as getting one. Of course, don’t forget to include a handjob that you perform on yourself too.Every bit of content uploaded to this sub is completely freeThe great thing about /r/handjobs is the fact that the place is completely free. It’s a well-known fact that Reddit.com was imagined as a platform where people would create communities that you can join for free and be a part of them and all that. Still, at the same time, I feel that we shouldn’t lose sight of how great that is and we should be grateful that there are subs like /r/handjobs out there that are always going to provide us with a bunch of free videos that we can jerk off to. And the fact that it’s a NSFW sub also means that many people will be uploading stuff here in hopes of getting a bunch of karma very fast.It’s not a guarantee that you can get a lot of upvotes here just by posting handjob content. If you really want to make it on /r/handjobs, your video must be exceptional. And even then, you won’t really get that much interaction. The top upvoted posts of all time on /r/handjobs haven’t even managed to surpass a thousand upvotes, which is quite sad if you think about it. But whatever the case may be in that domain, you should still realize that this subreddit is completely free for you to explore and enjoy. You can come back every day for more content, even without a Reddit account, if you don’t want one.Not that many subscribers for the decade this sub has been activeHowever, a Reddit account is completely free to create and it will allow you to use more community features. This will really make you feel like you’re a part of the community as you go around the posts on /r/handjobs and upvote them when you notice excellent handjob prowess. At the same time, I know that NSFW subs aren’t really that good at creating very tight bonds in the community. Most people are just spectators for the content here, so there’s a problem with that. The community doesn’t engage that much with the posts on this subreddit, which can be a bit of an issue for people who want a community.For me personally, it’s not a huge issue. That being said, seeing as how /r/handjobs has existed for over a decade at this point. I’m surprised that they haven’t managed to budge away from 106,000 subscribers. Listen, I’m the first one that says no community should be shamed simply because of how many members it has, but if you have existed for more than 10 years and you still have numbers like that, then there is a huge problem that you need to address ASAP! In my opinion, one of the main issues that is making people go away from /r/handjobs after a while is the design and the quality of the posts.Almost nothing has been done about the subreddit designI’m not going to lie to you; the quality of the uploads could be better on /r/handjobs. If you look at the videos that get posted here, you will notice that many of them don’t really have a good resolution, and worse yet, many of them don’t really seem to care about what kind of quality they are uploading in terms of the angle of the filming and so on. The top posts of all time are the only good ones when it comes to filming, and I think you’ll agree with that when you see them. You can do that by going to the top section of /r/handjobs, and yes, you can do that even if you are a guest without a Reddit account.But as far as the design goes, they really need to start thinking about adding some new things to the place to spice things up. Right now, the place is completely barren. I don’t think that they have added anything apart from the short description in the top-right. And even that is as basic as it gets. They need to change the color scheme, add an avatar, add a cover photo, add rules, and add flairs to make this a complete experience, in my opinion. All the options are already there, the sub just needs to decide to use all the options and that’s the main thing I’m concerned with when it comes to this subreddit right here.