Twitch Gone Wild

Twitch Gone Wild Reddit, aka r/ TwitchGoneWild! Any time a new smut site comes out, you know I’ll be on it like cum stains on a shower curtain. Reddit’s been my go-to when it comes to smut for a very long time, in between all the tons of live-action porn from porn tubes that I drown in on a daily basis. Now I’m a top-notch quality porn kind of guy, so some subreddits are a bit dry for me, but I’ll be damned if the most popular ones don’t make porn tubes look bad.No shade – I’m just really impressed with what a tiny community of perverts can manage to put together in a fortnight of jacking off. Some subreddits feature content that was brought together by wannabe homemade porn connoisseurs, others encourage people to post porn of themselves. I personally prefer the latter, because there’s nothing hotter than a girl posting porn of herself that she made herself. They’re basically begging you to jack off to pictures of them. Hell, some of them even request cum tributes, and I’m more than willing to oblige.Then you’ve got the other subreddits where people come together to lovingly catalog tons of smut, as it appears on the internet. They’ve got faster and more frequent upload schedules than some news stations. It’s absolutely insane how far people will go to find more of the same type of smut if it’s their go-to passion.Twitch Streamers Are Really Hot ShitI’ve been saying it for years – Twitch streamers should cut out the middle man and just do porn instead. We already know that most female Twitch streamers have more people jacking off to them than pornstars these days, because they’re so goddamn popular. But they want to maintain some kind of illusion of purity or some shit, which is exactly why most of them wear their cleavage down to their bellybutton and push their tits so far up you can’t see their eyebrows. But I don’t like jacking off to Twitch streams. I wanna see the real low-down, else I’m gonna hop off and go to an actual porn site.It seems that TwitchGoneWild was the holy land of Twitch smut that I’ve been looking for. This subreddit is all about finding images and videos of Twitch streamers that people can fap to, and I am damn grateful for all of their hard work. I also discovered, thanks to this sub, that tons of Twitch streamers actually go fully nude and even masturbate on camera, elsewhere. They can’t do that shit on stream or they’d get banned, but it seems there’s no rule against getting popular on Twitch, getting the boys blue-balled and then sending them off to a cam-site or your own personal website where they can get the real full-blown pussy penetration action.I’ve gone through a bunch of the posts on TwitchGoneWild and I gotta say, it holds up very well. This ain’t no half-baked excuse for a smut pit, it’s a proper and loving community that works hard around the clock to bring you and your cock the latest in Twitch whores gone wild. And boy do they get wild. Right off the bat, you’re going to see more tits than you can count and a ton of pussies getting toyed with. There’s not a lot of cock action, which might be a problem for you if you’re the kind of guy who needs to see man-meat in order to feel immersed. Me, I can play pretend that I am the dragon dildo and just go from there. I don’t need to see a dude in order to feel like I’m part of the action. The way I see it, if the girl is coming, so am I.The Kinds of Smut on TwitchGoneWildStarting from the top I’m seeing some hot large-breasted bitch taking a nude selfie in front of her mirror. It’s nothing I haven’t seen before, but I guess the excitement of knowing that she’s a Twitch streamer is supposed to bolster my erection. – Like it’s some sort of reward for going through all of her non-nude half-sexual gaming streams, pretending that I care about her 360 no-scopes, before I get to see her strip. It’s kind of like the experience of dating a gamer girl – it’s nice that you can game and all, but can you please take your hands off the gamepad, put them on my joystick and strip? I don’t need to hear about your KDA in League of Legends. The only legend in this room is in my pants, so let’s get to the good stuff.There’s a very boring amount of posts that don’t have tits in them, usually notifications or screencaps of stuff that’s happened in the lives of the Twitch streamers that get naked the most often. You’ll find out what’s been happening in their lives or on their social media, and then the perverts in the comments’ section will try to guess how this will affect the amount of smut we can expect to see from said girl. These guys do more speculation on these girls’ vagina flashing efforts than the S&P does on the stock exchange. Even if it’s not exactly my cup of tea, I’m always damn impressed when I see a community of people working tirelessly to find and catalog smut. I’m so proud of them. I guess this is what it feels like to have children and watch them grow up right and proper.Nudes, Implied Nudes and SlipsYou could say that 95% of all the posts on TwitchGoneWild are fapworthy, especially if you’re a desperate Twitch-thot lover. I’m not throwing shade; Twitch thots are my third favorite flavor of smut candy. Among that fappable smut you’re going to see three different kinds of posts, namely:Twitch clips and nip snipsThese are taken directly from the streamers’ actual live streams on Twitch, where nudity is absolutely not allowed. This doesn’t dissuade these girls from dressing down, so far down that you can just barely see their nipples. If a Twitch thot’s stream broadcast isn’t at least 20% breast, she can’t really call herself a Twitch thot, can she?Among these clips, there will either be sexy portions of the stream, say when a girl gets out of her chair and walks off to the kitchen to get more Mountain Dew and during that time you can get a nice view of her tight ass through her yoga pants. Or, you’ll see clips in which the girl manages to bend in such a way that her literal vagina becomes visible on the side of her super tight shorts. There’s also a ton of nip-slips, as these girls can’t help but bend over. Must be some kind of thot-racial-passive or something. They can’t help themselves.There’s also the odd workout video here and there, and of course, most of these streamers work out in clothing that can just barely contain the massive power of their Double-D breasts as they flop around carelessly in the wind. Naturally, the only exercise they ever do is the squat, because how else will they make their asses look bigger than they are?Modelling JobsFor some reason that I do not understand, but I am definitely grateful for, a ton of Twitch streamers do modelling on the side and share their art with their followers. Most of these modeling jobs are lingerie shots. How? Why? I have absolutely no idea, but good on them. They’re hot as shit and very well produced. So if you’re in the mood for quality Twitch thot porn, this is where you go. That is, if the illusion of nudity is enough to get you a full chub.All Holes Filled CompletelyFinally, the good stuff. In the nudes department, you’re going to see the odd titty flash or pussy shot, but generally, there’s penetration here. Unfortunately, this is the rarest of the rare on TwitchGoneWild, but you won’t have to scroll too far to find it. For some reason, these girls love shoving dildos into their snatches on camera. They also love selling their worn underwear, so there’s that. If you’re that kind of pervert, you might find a great deal on TwitchGoneWild.A Small but Vibrant CommunityThe dudes and dudettes on TwitchGoneWild seem like a really friendly bunch. They’ll help you find a source and answer your questions if you have any. You can also rest assured that they will definitely comment on your post, if you feel like making one. More Twitch thot smut is always welcome on the sub and there doesn’t seem to be any controversy centered around it.Sure, they’ll discuss the controversy in the Twitch thot community, but they don’t get particularly rowdy themselves. They’re just a bunch of really nice guys with a very simple mission in life. To find as much fappable Twitch thot smut as they possibly can and share it with the world.