Who doesn’t love a pair of hot heels on a chick? I know I do. But when I look for girls in heels, what I really am looking for are some nice erotica images. If you ask me, hardcore porn just doesn’t fit high heels at all, and the subreddit we’re taking a look at today agrees with me on that point. The sub we’re looking at today is called /r/highheelsNSFW and it’s one of the best places to go to if you have a fetish that consists of you checking out the sexiest babes wearing high heels in the world. Trust me; you’re going to lose your mind at all the hot heel pics with these nude and erotic babes who are in these pics.Made for big fans of high heelsBut before we get into the content, let’s talk a little bit about why high heels are so damn hot. Okay, so while some guys are going to give you the answer that it makes the girls’ asses look bigger and their legs tighter, I am going to go down the route that it actually has a lot to do with our preconceived notions of what a girl who is wearing heels is looking for. If you really think about it, the chick who wears heels is usually out there looking to get some dick inside her as quickly as possible. I mean, why else would you put yourself through so much pain and torture as you wear those things since they aren’t comfy at all?I know exactly why girls wear heels and that’s the reason why I love seeing them. The chicks themselves can say whatever they want about the reasons they wear heels, but we all know that they are looking to get fucked at the end of the day. I can certainly assist them with that, and so whenever I see a chick wearing heels, I always approach her and chat her up for a little while. So it’s no wonder that so many other guys love heels to the point where they had to make a community around this idea. The sub in question is /r/highheelsNSFW, and it’s one of the best places to go to if you are a big fan of high heels.OC posts and professional content tooSo that’s great and all, but what about the content? Well, you’ll notice that many pictures here include amateur babes posting pictures to get upvotes. That’s great, and I really hope that we keep getting more and more OC as time goes on. While you do get plenty of OC and amateur content, you also get some perfect images that are outstanding quality. These things are basically premium content and you can’t take that away from this place. When it comes to high-quality content, it really seems that they have things running smoothly to provide you with a good mix of OC and high-quality posts as well.What’s it going to be then? Are you going to enjoy some hot OC posts made by real girls who are looking to get some attention, or are you more the type of guy to check out high-quality posts instead? Whatever you end up going for, I think that you’re going to enjoy what this place has to offer you. While it could use a bit more muscle when it comes to moderation power, I feel like most of the stuff that makes it to the Hot page is pretty good. Some of the things in Rising is also good, but New is just complete shit. Just stick to Hot and Top if you really want to enjoy yourself on the hot /r/highheelsNSFW sub.Free pictures, even without a Reddit accountBut that’s not all that you can expect from this place. You can also get all the stuff that the /r/highheelsNSFW sub releases for free! Yep, you heard that right. You don’t need to pay for any of the content that gets released here. On top of that, you don’t even need to create an account on the Reddit platform either! You can enjoy yourself as much as you want, without having to do anything that involves wasting money. I don’t know about you, but hearing that just makes me feel like there’s no way that I can make the wrong decision when it comes to checking out /r/highheelsNSFW. You just have to give it a shot after you see all this stuff about this place. It just seems like a bit of a no brainer for me, you know.So yeah, you don’t have to pay for anything and you don’t even need an account on Reddit. Everything is 100% free here. IF that sounds like a deal that you are willing to pick up, then I think that you can go to this subreddit right now and see what it has to offer you. It’s only a minute of your time, but you stand to gain so much out of this subreddit in the process. With so many things to expect out of the /r/highheelsNSFW subreddit for free, there is no way that I’m not going to recommend that you at least check this place out, especially since I love high heels so damn much. They’re just so damn hot here!Sizable subreddit, but could use more engagementStill, you might have your doubts, and with Reddit, you just never know what to expect with these NSFW subs. And you’re right; it doesn’t offer that much as far as engagement is concerned. It does offer a fair bit of activity and plenty of uploads to keep you busy and “occupied” (jerking yourself off all day long), but I still feel like the engagement is lacking. Like even if you go to the Top posts of all time, you’ll notice that rarely do they go past a thousand upvotes! That’s a disgrace if you ask me, no matter the subscriber count that you have. And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a big NSFW sub by any means, but still!As of the writing of this review, /r/highheelsNSFW sports a sizable 111,000 people who come to the place on the regular to get their high heel nudes. Now, what I don’t understand is how this place could possibly have just barely over a hundred thousand subscribers if it has been around since 2013? Are there really so few guys who are really into high heels? It’s not like we’re doing foot fetish shit here. We’re still seeing only high heel pics, so it would be nice to see that there would be more engagement with the content as well as more people coming in to support the place by posting some more content.Nice colors but really dull customization designAt the end of the day, I guess that they could always make this place better by adding things like an avatar and a cover photo. Now, the colors are great; I really feel that the red and the gray colors make you think of the right ideas when you come to this subreddit, but what I don’t like is that the customization of the subreddit design with /r/highheelsNSFW stopped right there and then. If they just put in a bit more time and effort, they could have such a great boost in quality like you wouldn’t even believe! And not just quality but quantity as well, but that would just be a byproduct of more people.So, do I think that /r/highheelsNSFW isn’t worth it then? Heck no! There are so few places that focus on things like heels that you just have to give /r/highheelsNSFW a chance. If you are a true erotica connoisseur, then you know how much it means to have amazing high heels in your content. So if you want to see babes wearing heels and seducing you with them while they strip down and show off the rest of their bodies along with their nude tits, shaved pussies, and perky asses, then go ahead and check out /r/highheelsNSFW and see what it has to offer you. All in all, this place is a steal since it’s 100% free!