You’ve heard of the subreddit Fifty Fifty, right? It’s really popular as it has like millions of people on it. However, it’s a bit hard to find porn content on it. Well, I was on Reddit looking for something similar, and I came across a sub that was made in 2013, called /r/5050pics. Now, this one is a bit weird in recent times, but if you go back in time, you’ll find many posts that are really hot and include a lot of porn in them too. Now, sometimes there isn’t much porn to be seen here either, and especially not in recent times when the sub got broken. So, let’s see what this place is all about and dig in, shall we not?Used to have many postsOkay, guys, let’s start with the basics. You see, the reason why /r/5050pics was created in the first place is because the person who made it, namely /u/smackbeaver, wanted to create a place where there would be more porn as the good option instead of the other sub where porn was very rare and quite often the bad option. Anyway, the dude went ahead and made /r/5050pics and then he kind of ghosted it after a while. The place was made all the way back in 2013, so he just probably got bored of moderating the site and left it to people to do with as they saw fit. Sadly, they just kind of ruined the place recently.Let’s first talk about what the place used to be before I tear it to shreds for being a complete piece of shit in recent times. So, once upon a time, you used to have so much amazing porn content that you could potentially get here, but there was always the possibility of getting something horrid as well. There were so many posts of very high-stake post bets. You could get the best titty drop ever, or you can get to see someone taking a fat shit. What’s it going to be? Nobody knows. Well, anyway, you would click on the link, and you would either keep jerking off, or your masturbation session would be ruined.Not what it used to beYou just never knew what would happen, and that’s what made it so damn fun! Anyway, fast forward to today, and people just post polls on the sub, and nothing else. I don’t know why this is, but I guess that someone just decided to ruin the place with polls and people started following suit. If you ask me, people are braindead idiots who really can’t think for themselves and that’s one of the main reasons why /r/5050pics has become what it is today. You just can’t get any good content here anymore and if you were thinking of using this place in order to have some fun, think again. Not only are you not going to have fun with it, but you won’t be getting any content on it either! It’s all buried in the past now.And it’s not just buried in the past, but it’s also buried in inaccessible places. You would think that you could just go to Top and then sort it by All-time best posts, but this just gives you so much shit that a) usually gives you the good option, not the bad one, and b) even the good options aren’t always porn! In fact, even though it was made with the intention of only giving you porn as the good option, the best posts of all time only sometimes feature porn and most of the time, they feature some kinds of internal jokes and so on. So yeah, /r/5050pics just isn’t what it used to be. I can tell you that much when I see it.No good content whatsoeverBut hey, what if we just take a trip down memory lane and see some of the hot porn posts that were on this sub at certain times? Well, I like doing that sometimes, and it’s mostly because of the fact that you can get all of the pics here for free. Whether they be the horrid ones or whether they be the ones that are actually really hot, you can always hope to get some content on /r/5050pics if you hit the Top section and start browsing away. Now, this doesn’t really amount to enough for me to recommend going to this sub, but you can certainly get at least one last kick out of it before you go to other stuff.It really doesn’t make sense to check this place out since it just doesn’t do a good job of offering any kind of content. If it managed to do that, I would really think hard about my decision not to come to this place, but because it doesn’t offer any content, I just can’t recommend it. Even the free stuff that they once had and that once populated the sub is mostly gone. I’m guessing that the number of subs is also going down drastically because of this fact. Anyway, what was once a great place to play the Fifty-Fifty game on Reddit, only with a lot more porn and a lot fewer puppy posts, now it’s a ghost town.Old subreddit with waning fanbaseBut hey, there are still people subscribed to this subreddit, it seems. Even though there are nothing but polls in the Hot section, there seem to be more than 114,000 people on this subreddit. Still, even after all these bad things that I’ve just told you, so many people seem to still be coming to this place. I just can’t put my finger on it. I don’t know why this is happening, but maybe they are still bathing in the old glory of this place? If that is the case, then I really wish them good luck because I certainly wasn’t able to find any enjoyment on this subreddit. It’s THAT bad guys; things have just gone to shit on it, I feel like.I guess that’s what happens when one guys makes a subreddit all the way back on August the 8th in the year 2013 and then forgets about it and lets people run rampant as he just ghosts the place. The 114,000 people on this subreddit these days seem to be the remnants o what was once a pretty popular place to go to if you wanted to have some fun. I wish that it didn’t fall so low. It could have been a great thing because sometimes I really feel like having fun with the Fifty-Fifty Reddit game, but I wish that there was a version that strictly gave you good things that are related to porn. But hey, no dice, I guess.Design isn’t customized at allAnyway, there is just one more thing to talk about here and that’s the shitty subreddit design. As things stand right now, the place looks like a total mess. It doesn’t look like it will be better, but a man can dream. If you ask me, the place sure had charm back in the day, but since they didn’t do anything about the design of it, I guess that you can only expect the same default blue colors that all the other subs come together with. I feel like that was a huge mistake on the part of the creator to not do a bit more with the design, but it has a lot more problems than just the design at this point, so forget about it.I think that this place could have been great, but It looks like crap, it doesn’t work, and it just doesn’t look like a good place to go to if you’re looking for amazing porn content in a fun but risky 50/50 game. So, with all that said, I can’t recommend /r/5050pics. In fact, I just think you should just jerk off and get that post-nut clarity in order to play the regular Fifty-Fifty game on Reddit. At least that one works and is a good time if you want to take risks and so on. Anyway, check that one out but definitely don’t come to this /r/5050pics subreddit because I haven’t seen a worse place on Reddit in recent times.