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Reddit Amateur Milfs, aka r/Amateur_Milfs! Between the super active gone wild themed subs on Reddit, you’re going to find a treasure trove of medium-sized subs that focus on a particular niche with less frequent posting, but no visible difference in quality. Sure, you could stick to the user-submission themed subs to get your nudes straight from the posters, when available, but that means that there are literally millions of nudes that you’re missing out on. So if you’re in the mood for some pictures of amateur milfs, taken by themselves or their husbands, you shouldn’t just wait for new stuff to come out, when there are so many pictures you haven’t seen yet.For the Glory of MilfsI remember the very first time I developed a fascination with milfs. I remember thinking, back before I was even a teenager, that people should only be attracted to other people of the same age. But then puberty hit and I realized that even though I really liked the girls in my class, their moms were packing a lot more heat to jack off to. This stayed my dirty little secret, mostly because I knew that it didn’t matter much to them whether or not I found them hot, I was just a kid. Still, it was pretty clear that some friends’ moms were so hot that everyone was fantasizing about them. Then I grew up and started dating chicks my own age when their genetic lottery caught up, but I never got over my fascination with older women.It’s not that they’re hotter across the board. I mean, who am I to define how we measure hotness, right? Most of you probably prefer the taught supple bodies of 20-year-old pornstars to those of your friends’ 40-year-old moms. I get that. Our brains naturally search for younger female bodies to mate with, so there’s no shame in having a bias towards younger girls, especially if you too are in your 20s. But milfs aren’t just women who are past their attractiveness prime. They’re also women who are smack dab in the middle of their sexual prime.It doesn’t make a lot of sense that a woman might be ready for hardcore penetration more after she has kids than before, but hear me out. A young woman has to worry about getting pregnant and finding the right guy. She also has a reputation to look out for. Her life is just now being shaped by her actions. Milfs don’t have that problem. They’ve usually got husbands, kids, careers and a lifetime of successes under their belt. That means they don’t have to think twice about taking off the belt, and the pants and their panties and bending over on camera for the world to see. They’ve got literally nothing to lose. They can freak as much as they fucking want to, and I say, more power to them.The Anatomy of a MilfYour average milf is going to have giant breasts, perfect skin and an undying thirst for cock. Given these metrics, I don’t know why anyone would ever even consider dating a 20-year-old. It seems milfs are the complete package. And sure, they come with kids if you want to date them, but I wouldn’t mind having a kid or two, to be honest. Imagine a mini PornDude running around the house. It would be adorable. But I’m getting off-topic.Milfs, especially on /r/amateur_milfs/, are very fucking hot. They push the boundaries of the human anatomy when it comes to how young and sexy they can look at their age. Now, there’s no specific age requirement for being a milf, the term is more of a nickname than anything else. Still, let’s say that the unwritten rule is something like women over the age of 35. I’m blown away by how hot these moms are. Sure, there’s the odd disappointment here and there but I am never going to complain over a woman who’s posting naked pictures of herself. Remember the golden rule: If you don’t think she’s worth fapping to, there will be thousands of other dude who do. Just scroll ahead and find your preferred flavor of milf.As for why and how these hot moms wind up on /r/amateur_milfs, I think their husbands factor in more than you think. I get a bit of a cuck vibe on this sub, but it’s not full-blown cuckoldry, by any means. It’s more like a pissing contest to see who’s got the hottest wife. These dudes post pictures of their wives hoping that other dudes will jack off to them and give them compliments. For some reason, men love it when other men approve of their choices in life. Down the vein of coveting your neighbor’s wife, you know that if others want to do her, then you’re lucky to have her. It’s a dumb branch of psychology and I don’t want to get into it too much, but it’s clear that these dudes get a huge ego boost when their wives set the /r/amateur_milfs community on fire.It’s not all husband-posting though, don’t worry. A ton of these pics come to you straight from the milfs themselves, married or otherwise. After all, there’s a lot of single mothers out there who’d appreciate a reminder of what it felt like to be hounded by horn-dogs night and day. It’s not that milfs don’t get as much attention as younger girls overall, but in public, moms get flirted with a lot less. It’s a cultural thing, I guess. You see an older woman taking care of her kids, the last thing on your mind is to go over and compliment her figure.That’s where /r/amateur_milfs comes in with their public service for any self-conscious milfs in the world. Remember, every milf is bangable, even the ones that don’t boast a 20-year old’s figure. It’s not about looking young, it’s about exposing yourself to the world and receiving some well-earned praise. That’s why every single milf on this sub gets tons of praise from dudes who are just dying to fuck them. The sub isn’t a pickup location though. I haven’t seen any solicitation and I’m pretty sure it would not be welcome at all. It’s more about worshipping the female form in all its glory, past what the mainstream considers “a woman’s prime”.Personally, I always thought that these terms were bullshit, because if a horny female ever wants my body, I make sure to jump into the action hard until she’s screaming and satisfied.A Small CommunityWith almost 90 thousand regular members, /r/amateur_milfs is what we’d call a small subreddit, considering that the more popular gone wild themed ones boast literal hundreds of thousands of members. Plus, the sub’s only been around for around 3 years, so it still needs time to grow. In a sub of this size you can’t expect to see hourly self-shots. There aren’t enough milfs in the world for you to see that kind of traffic with this popularity.Still, the pictures just keep coming thanks to the very horny and dedicated community of perverts who bring in tons of milf smut on the daily. As I said, it’s not all self-submissions. Most of these pics were submitted to other subs in the past and collected by passionate smut connoisseurs over a long period of time. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these pictures were older than the actual sub itself. I don’t mind this because it simply means we get that many more hot nude milf pics. As for the self-submissions, they’re more than welcome and the community tries hard to be respectful. It’s clear that if a milf finds her way onto the sub and posts herself she is not going to get bombarded by dick pics. Then again, I do not know what their private inboxes look like, so I can’t comment on the whole experience. At the very least, the public reactions in the comments’ section are respectful. There are a lot of compliments, most of them sexual, but none of them offensive. It really is true that every milf will easily find thousands of horny dudes who appreciate her erotic underground on /r/amateur_milfs.One thing that strikes me as odd is that this sub has one moderator. That’s it. No team of cronies to help clean up the filth. I’d be worried about the sub overflowing with trolls, but it would seem that the one mod they have does a great job keeping them at bay. Either that or there simply aren’t that many trolls, to begin with. Maybe it’s the case that men who appreciate mature women also appreciate acting maturely themselves. Or maybe we’re all just very lucky. Who knows. Either way, the site is absolutely busted with busty milf content and you get new posts every single day. The flavor of the day is a mother I’d like to fuck, and there’s an endless supply of them on /r/amateur_milfs.