Reddit GameOverGirls, aka r/GameOverGirls! Oh man, when it comes to brutal hentai, there is so much out there to choose from. I always feel like I can’t make the correct choice when it comes to this kind of hardcore hentai because there is just so much to choose from. So, how about I just stick to one subreddit and get all my content from it? I feel like that’s a great deal as far as I’m concerned! Anyway, if you want to find the best source of hentai content that is a little bit too hard to stomach for some people, then I suggest /r/GameOverGirls. This place is all about girls who are fucked and bred so damn hard that they are basically rendered useless.Hentai girls getting brutalized and rendered uselessHow do you manage to do that with a girl? You fuck her until she drops? Nope, even worse than that. You fuck her until her mangled corpse lies there in front of you and you just throw the bitch away like a piece of fucking trash that she is. Holy shit, I’m getting horny just thinking about this stuff. It’s literally how I treat girls in real life, except now you’re getting it in hentai form, which allows for some artistic freedom as far as the content is concerned, so you can expect something even crazier as far as this sub is concerned. Trust me, if you’re looking for next-level hardcore hentai, /r/GameOverGirls is the place to be. There is just so much to explore here, and I think that you’ll love everything that this place has.Now, if you don’t like hardcore content and girls getting filled with cum over and over again until they are just used as a tool for breeding and laying eggs and sick shit like that, then I don’t think that you’ll like what /r/GameOverGirls has to offer. But if you’re someone like me who has no regard for the feelings of any girl and you want to see hentai girls helpless being used like the sluts that they are, then you should go to this sub immediately. What I just mentioned is literally everything this place is about. So, if you want to experience the hottest content in the genre, this is where you will get all of that.All the hottest genre for extreme hentai pleasureNot only will you get all this content on /r/GameOverGirls, but you’ll get so many different genres to choose from as well! When you look at /r/GameOverGirls, it actually makes good use of the flair feature of Reddit to categorize the content. This is something that not many NSFW subs do, so kudos to this place for doing the right thing and making the right choices in order to create one of the most memorable experiences for us. Trust me when I say that this stuff is what I live for. All in all, you’re going to love everything that this place has to offer you, so go ahead and check it all out through the flairs and genres.What are the genres that you can expect on the Game Over Girls sub? Well, there are several that you should know of. The most important ones that most people like to click on are Tentacles, Human, Monster, Bug/Insect, Sea Creature, Beast, and Other. These amazing genres are all you need for one of the best experiences with hardcore hentai that you could ever have hoped for. You get to see hot sluts getting filled up with cum through tentacles, girls getting impregnated by spiders and laying eggs, sea creatures rising from the depths to fill up unsuspecting hentai girls on the beach with heir semen.So much free content but nothing premiumI had to work so hard there not to make the sea men pun by the way, so you better be grateful that this didn’t just turn into a review where I just shoot one bad pun at you after another. Anyway, there is so much content to check out on /r/GameOverGirls and the main reason as to why this place really exists is so that the artists can get a little bit of exposure. You see, when you post content to /r/GameOverGirls, you always have to credit the artist and post one link in the comments to their page. If you don’t do that, your post gets removed. The mods want to generate some traffic for these NSFW hentai artists.In order for more content to exist in the future, artists have to get paid and they need to have an incentive to post stuff online. You see, if they just post stuff for free and you repost it to Reddit, they might get discouraged. This way, you ensure that they are getting some traffic with people going to the artist’s profile to see what else that guy has cooking. But in essence, all the same stuff applies for /r/GameOverGirls as for most other NSFW subs. All the content is free, and you don’t even need to create a Reddit account to see it. However, exclusive and premium pictures from paid sources are not allowed. This is a bummer since that kind of content is what I’m looking for on a sub like this one.Very active and engaging communityAnd while it stinks that you aren’t getting premium content, the stuff that you do get is still pretty high-quality. The people on this subreddit make sure that only the best of the best posts get featured in the Hot section. You won’t get any low-effort stuff here, that’s for sure. Anyway, if you want to see more about /r/GameOverGirls and it’s massive community of active users, then you need to check it out at the link that I’ll post along with this review. Trust me, the community aspect here is pretty great considering what you usually get out of Reddit. This place actually rocks when you think about it, and it offers a lot.There are around 117k people here, and while that’s not an impressive number by any means for a NSFW sub, you also have to take into account the engagement with the posts as well as the many other things that most other subs simply ignore. What are these things? Well, for example, you have to take into account the fact that there are so many people who upvote and comment on uploaded content here. That’s not what you usually get, and I think that one of the reasons for that is the fact that you have to post a link to the artist, which spawns a discussion or some praise for the artist in the comments.Subreddit design is really nice hereFinally, let’s talk about the subreddit design. I already mentioned most of the things concerning the flairs, and the only thing I would like to see added is color coding for the flairs. Then you have the rules which are packed really nicely on a separate page so that you don’t have to squint at that small box on the side of the subreddit. The avatar and cover photos of the Game Over Girls subreddit are also great, and the pink color scheme fits it quite nicely, I think. Pink really fits hentai subs for some reason, so I’m glad that they went for this color scheme here; it’s pretty great. All in all, the place looks really good.At the end of the day, there aren’t really many things wrong with the design of the subreddit. I guess the only thing I could suggest is that they should add a background image or pattern to make their design even more customized. The over photo could also be a bit better since right now, it’s just a slide show of some of the best content that has been featured on the sub. I think they should think of something else to represent the place, but I don’t mind this either since it definitely gets you in the mood to jerk off. When you take all things into account, /r/GameOverGirls is just an overall well-rounded subreddit where you can get some of the hottest brutal hentai content that you’ve dreamed of. Try it out for yourself!