Hitomi Tanaka

Hitomi Tanaka Reddit, aka r/Hitami_Tanaka! A subreddit that is named after an Asian pornstar? Who even thought to make this place? Well, I believe that there is a good reason why this subreddit exists and I’m going to explore that today. Anyway, before we get into the subreddit itself, it might be a good idea to find out more about who Hitomi Tanaka is and why she is so popular. Though I think that the answer will present itself to you the moment you go to her subreddit at /r/Hitomi_Tanaka and start checking out all the content that she is featured in. Trust me, it’s something that you never really expect to see, and it’s really fucking hot.Subreddit centered around Asian AV sensation, Hitomi TanakaOkay, so first things first, a few things about Hitomi that you should know. She was born on July the 18th, in the year 1986, in the city of Kumamoto, Japan. She started off her career as a model for lingerie clothing. Then, in 2007 she was featured for the first time in a hot video but didn’t show off any nudity. However, it didn’t take long before she started doing hardcore porn. The year was 2008, and Hitomi was ready to shock Japan and the world as she starred in a Celebrity Shock AV Debut video. This was with the Soft On Demand studio, and ever since, she has been all over Japanese AV airwaves, making a splash.These days you can find her in all kinds of adult videos, but for the most part, she enjoys doing hardcore porn. Then again, she isn’t a stranger to doing more softcore scenes too, and some of these are some of the hottest that she has starred in. For example, in one of the Top posts of All-time on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka, she actually had sex with a virgin guy. This is so hot because you can just tell that the guy is having trouble not cumming because of how hot Hitomi Tanaka is. Hitomi is really a wonder, and you can read up more about her if you’re interested in her career, but that’s a quick rundown of her AV activity.Massive tits that just keep getting biggerOne more thing that you probably noticed about Hitomi are her enormous tits. Not only are tits like that rare to see on any pornstar, even in the west, but they’re pretty much impossible to find on any other Asian pornstar in the world! It’s not just the fact that she has massive tits either; it’s also the fact that she has a petite body to go along with it. Her small physique, along with those massive milk jugs, is what gives Hitomi Tanaka the charm to win over so many people who have, in the end, decided to dedicate some time and effort to make a Reddit community just for praising her: /r/Hitomi_Tanaka.The reason why Hitomi has such huge tits is because she has a condition that is known as macromastia. This means that her tits are growing more and more the further into her career you check. It just seems that they’re on the path to growing really big, even bigger than the 113O size that they have achieved recently. On top of that, she is really short, coming up to no more than 5 foot 1 inch (that’s 1.55m for all my fans in the rest of the world), which makes her quite petite, even by Asian girl standards. Anyway, when you combine all these things together, you really do get a one of a kind pornstar that you just can’t find anywhere else. So if that’s what you’re looking for, Hitomi is the girl for you to check out.Completely free external and direct porn contentNow, let’s talk some more about her subreddit. One of the great things about the sub surrounding /r/Hitomi_Tanaka is the fact that there is a comprehensive wiki page that not only has a really good biography of her, but also compiles a list of her photo shoots, videos, and on top of that even offers models that are in some ways similar to her. Of course, no model can truly reach the level of sexiness that Hitomi has to offer. Still, they can get pretty damn close, and that’s all you really need if you somehow managed to exhaust the entire collection of pictures and videos that this beautiful model has to offer you both on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka and outside the sub on all the external sources for her content.And, as per tradition, you can also expect that all the content of Hitomi on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka is completely free for you to enjoy. This means that you can always enjoy a bunch of her pics on this sub whenever you want to, but even the external sources that the sub links to are usually free. I haven’t checked every single one of the sources because that’s impossible to do, but as far as I’ve seen, all the external sources and the explicit content on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka is completely free. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty good deal to me. That’s why I check this sub out from time to time.Big fanbase, but just not enough engagementNow, let’s talk about the community itself. You’ll notice that there are very many avid fans of Hitomi on this sub. There are hundreds of thousands of them, in fact, which is crazy to think about, seeing as how this is just a subreddit dedicated to only one model. There are entire genres of content and niches on Reddit that have nowhere near as many subscribers as this sub does. So yeah, it’s a sizable community, but it isn’t perfect. It gets plenty of activity on some posts, but some of the uploads don’t get enough love here. I guess that the users are very picky when it comes to upvoting content on this Reddit page.Only some of the posts on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka reach a good number of likes, and the top posts of all time on this sub only get around 2900 upvotes, which is laughable when you consider the fact that there are 124,000 subscribers here. I mean, really, guys. Let’s get serious here. You really need to step up your upvoting game, and then step up your interaction with comments and things like that as well. Still, I guess it’s unfair to compare the activity and engagement on /r/Hitomi_Tanaka with all the other NSFW subs since this one only deals with this one model, which puts it at a severe disadvantage in my eyes.Only some minor changes to be made design-wiseFinally, let’s talk about the design of the subreddit, because that’s something that you have to take into account when it comes to the user experience. There aren’t many things that I could improve when it comes to the subreddit design here. The only thing that I would do is potentially add more flairs and make the short description just a tad bit longer. I get it that they are trying to make this tagline, but they can do that in the title of the subreddit. But hey, I completely understand what they are going for here. So yeah, not much to change since they have a great avatar, cover photo, and even a few flairs.I guess the color scheme is a bit boring with the gray and dark colors, but this is just a matter of taste. I think that there are guys out there who quite like these darker colors. The only thing that’s important to me is that a subreddit doesn’t have those boring blue colors that are given to all subs by default. That has a tendency to stink up the place, and I’m glad that /r/Hitomi_Tanaka managed to do something about that. All in all, I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself here if you are into Asian models with big tits (and I do mean BIG tits) or if you just enjoy the work this model has bit into the industry. You’re going to love exploring all the different scenes that this girl has been a part of with her massive tits on this sub.