There are so many NSFW communities to explore on Reddit, and I always try to find new and exciting ones to share with you guys. Well, today I have one that’s all about hentai, but it goes a step further and defines the genre by including cum in pretty much every hentai shown on the subreddit. You’ll be able to enjoy so many hot pictures of hentai girls getting a nice cum filling and there is even a lot of meta content that has to do with humor connected to the subreddit. The subreddit’s name is /r/CumHentai and it’s the best place to go to if you like to see a lot of cum in your hentai content. Let’s check it out!Hentai featuring lots of cumThe first thing you’ll notice about /r/CumHentai is how hard it goes into the cum subgenre of hentai. You’re going to see that there is a lot that it has to offer to this kind of taboo stuff, but at the same time, it doesn’t go overboard like some of the other subgenres in hentai. You see, hentai can go in so many directions, so you’ve got everything from erotica to the most fucked up shit that you can imagine. Well, /r/CumHentai falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to the content that it offers. It doesn’t go full erotica on you, but it doesn’t present you with fucked up monster porn and cum inflation. I mean, sure there is a lot of cum in these posts, but none of them really have any kind of inflation content at all.So, if you’re a fan of seeing girls in hentai treated like sluts, being fucked, creampied, as well as getting cumshots in their mouth, getting facials, and so much more, then you’ll like everything about this place. I certainly appreciate all of those things, so going to /r/CumHentai is like a match made in heaven! Of course, I kinda like IRL chicks more, but I have to say that in IRL pictures, the cum just can’t get the same look that hentai gives it. Hentai really gives it the punch it needs to create one of the sexiest effects that you’ll get with hentai content. Trust me; I’ve got a hunch that you’re really going to like this place and its pics.Mostly high-quality, with some dudsFor the most part, you can expect the quality to be kept at a pretty high standard. At times it might seem that the quality of the content might have dropped, but that might be because you got unlucky with your Hot roles for the day. You’ll notice that there is a lot of stuff from New that makes it to Hot without even showing you its score yet. Reddit automatically hides the scores of some posts in order to prevent people from going through a phase of full-out mob mentality and casually destroying the thing. So yeah. Anyway, when it comes to some of the content, it can be bad, but most of it is pretty high in quality.So yeah, the quality of uploads is pretty high up on the importance scale for the mods who work on /r/CumHentai. And they all try to make things even better for you by removing all kinds of shitty and low-effort content so that you can only enjoy the best of the best. Trust me, all the stuff that you know about /r/CumHentai is about to get even better because of the sheer quality of the content on this platform alone. I feel that the people who post here really know how to scout out some of the best art in hentai and you can find everything from comic hentai art, to just one-off pictures if you’re into that.So much content that you’ll be getting for freeBut there’s one more thing that you should know about /r/CumHentai and that’s the fact that this place is available to you at no cost! Yep, you heard that right. You are able to enjoy the subreddit for free, without having to pay for anything. Not only that, but on top of being free, this subreddit is actually available to you even without an account on Now, it should be said that you’ll have to take the extra step of clicking on the button that confirms you’re over 18 years of age, but this process is so quick that I don’t think you’ll need to worry about any of that. All in all, it’s great that this place is free.We usually tend to lose sight of the fact that you are really getting all this stuff for free when it comes to these subs, of which /r/CumHentai is only one of them. When you start looking at all the stuff you’re getting for free here, I’m sure that you’ll be able to better appreciate what it is that all the users who are posting on /r/CumHentai are doing for you. And it should be said that they do expect something from you in return for their effort, and that something is a bunch of upvotes so that they can increase their karma and post on other subs as well. I guess they just like posting on Reddit or something!Over 125k members are already subscribedNow, one more thing to consider as far as all the content on /r/CumHentai is concerned is that you will get to post something yourself if you so desire. You can join the countless other users of the platform who are always out there posting this fresh content and enjoying themselves. I feel that you can get a lot out of this content, and so there is a good incentive for you to post as well in order to give back to the community. And the community aspect is really important to /r/CumHentai, as is for most hentai-based subs, so you should really try to fit in and be a part of the subreddit by subscribing as well.And it’s not like /r/CumHentai is a really small subreddit by any means. There are over 125,000 people here, and although that’s not a lot compared to some other subs, it’s still a lot and it can be more than enough to assure that you’ll be getting fresh hentai pictures whenever you come to this platform. I feel like you can expect a lot out of /r/CumHentai in this regard. It’s nice to see that the community is pretty active, even though sometimes I feel that it could use a bit more engagement as some of the posts from New make it to the Hot page without even getting their evaluated upvote score and all that.Subreddit design could definitely use more loveNow, there is one more thing that we should talk about here, and it has to do with the subreddit design. As you might already know, ya boy Porn Dude knows exactly what he wants out of a subreddit when it comes to its design, especially if we’re talking about a NSFW community. Well, /r/CumHentai doesn’t really do any of the stuff that I want to see. It doesn’t have a custom cover photo, it didn’t change the color scheme, and they just didn’t make any custom features here. What they did do is they altered the avatar of the place, which I like, and they also added a few flairs in order to categorize the content.So, what are these flairs? Well, you have one that will give you meta and meme content, and then another one that will show you nothing but straight hentai porn. Now, that’s what I usually like, so I just use that tag to get all my content. I don’t know how I feel about all the meme and meta content, but I guess that the sub managed to make some inside jokes now that they have existed for more than 5 years. The subreddit was made in 2015, so you can see my frustration when I know that they didn’t do some of the basic things that I like, such as adding the cover photo and changing the colors as well.