ENF Reddit, aka r/ENF! ENF – stands for embarrassed nude female, and I think that already tells you what the fuck you can expect from r/enf/. In case it does not, I am here to clarify it all. You have a subreddit dedicated to gorgeous women who are embarrassed and naked, but all in good fun. So, you have loads of random posts that work perfectly for the theme.Everything you can expect from r/enf/ is basically in the name; there ain’t much mystery left for me to solve. Now, if you still want to see the gist of it all, allow me to tell you more about this subreddit in general. And do not worry, if you are not the biggest fan of what r/enf/ is all about, you are more than fucking welcome to check out other subreddits.Reddit is filled with thousands of other NSFW subreddits, and you are free to check them all out if you feel like it. You could also just brose through r/enf/ if you want, or check out other porn websites I have reviewed instead. I mean, the choice is yours. As for those who want to know more about this subreddit, let me make it much easier for you.Lots of shy nudes.Don’t worry if you are still confused as to what the fuck you can expect from r/enf/, because I am too. I mean, what exactly is r/enf/ all about? Sure, it stands for embarrassed nude females, but what the fuck does that mean? Well, you have loads of gorgeous women, being naked and ashamed that they are naked. Now, none of this is forced, or whatever the fuck, they just happen to be shy.So, let me give you some examples. This one couple was winning some tickets on a TV show, and the chick was in her bra and undies on live TV. She was obviously a bit self-conscious about being naked on live TV, but it was all in good fun. Since, I mean, she knew why the fuck she was there, and she was not that shy to not walk in front of so many people. Do you feel me?The next thing I saw were two friends showing off their tits, and they were a bit shy at doing so. Like not completely but just awkward laughing and trying not to think about it. Well, is hall not really explain everything that comes after this in detail, because that defeats the purpose. I believe that these two examples should give you an idea of what you can expect overall.Let me now mention some of my favorites. I loved all the posts that included a couple fucking, and the dude snapping an image. As for those who are confused, you should not actually expect any kind of porn here. Sure, I found some pornographic videos and pictures, but most of what this subreddit is about is well… ENF, and not much else.If you are looking for porn, there are many other subreddits that are filled with porn videos, but even they are not great for fapping. Why? Well, because the videos tend to be rather short. So you have all kinds of videos, and while that is true, most of them are like a couple of seconds long. Unless you are pretty fucking fast, I am not sure what else to tell you.There were a lot of naughty images and videos on r/enf/, so you get the best of both worlds. Some of the photos were very interesting, and I’d like to know the background story. For example, one of the images showed a pretty brunette girl walking through a restaurant while completely naked, and the crowd was behind her… but nobody seemed to be looking.There were some movie inserts as well, or what I think were movie inserts. I mean, you have a little bit of everything, which is what I really love to say when it comes to Reddit in general. You have a ton of images, a lot of naughty videos, and some hot gifs too. The whole point of r/enf/ is to offer nude women who are either mad or embarrassed that they are nude… but as I said, it is all in a positive light, so get your torches away.This subreddit is mostly about such fun, nothing too serious and pornographic. Those who are looking for fap content should check out some other subreddits instead because I am not sure this one would actually satisfy your needs. Lucky for you, I have not only reviewed a ton of NSFW subreddits, but I have also reviewed all kinds of porn websites. Otherwise, my name would not be The Porn Dude.Lots of good user-privileges.If you truly want to enjoy what r/enf/ has to offer, and well, Reddit in general, you should register. The registration on Reddit.com is free, and once you are a member, you can enjoy everything that this subreddit has to offer. As a registered member, you can start with all the usual privileges, such as liking and disliking everything that r/enf/ and other subreddits have to offer.You can also comment, which is helpful if you find something that really catches your attention, and you want to know where the fuck it is from. The members on r/enf/ are amicable, and most of them are willing to tell you more about the post they shared, which is neat. On the other hand, you can chat with Reddit users if you want, since you have the ability to send private messages to all users of Reddit.However, most of the members who are here to check out what r/enf/ is all about are here for the content and not to chat. So, if you are here solely to chat, you might want to check out a different subreddit instead. There are subreddits that are basically dedicated to chatting, such as the ones for hookups, dating, fetish parties, swingers, and so on.Since everything on Reddit.com is free, you can browse and enjoy as much as you’d like. I mean, you do not even have to fucking stay on r/enf/. You can browse through this subreddit, and just check out all the other subreddits instead… It is your choice, and at this point, all I have to do is introduce the subreddit, and you can choose what the fuck to do next. Simple.Upload your own stuff.Not only are you allowed to post your own EFN pictures, but you can also upload anywhere on Reddit.com. However, if you intend to do that, it is important that you read the rules and all that shit. Each subreddit will have rules of posting, commenting, and behaving on the side of that subreddit. You must follow the rules or you will be banned from the website. If the rules are not on the side of the subreddit, they will be pinned as the first post, such as for r/enf/.Other than the rules, you do have some other information on the side. For example, you can see a small description of what r/enf/ has to offer… and they really did not go out of their way to introduce the subreddit. I mean, this all depends on the person who created this place… which brings me back to the fact that you can create your own subreddit if you want.Below the description, you can see that there are over 125k members on r/enf/, and that the subreddit was created in 2011. From what I have seen, they keep their updates pretty frequent, but to be fair, you never know when the site will be updated, which does make sense. I mean, how can you know the updates when everything is uploaded by the users of Reddit.com.ConclusionSo, what is the gist of it all? Well, if you get intrigued or aroused by seeing pretty girls get nude and a bit shy, you will definitely love r/enf/. The combinations of their posts are very random; you have amateur content, TV content, and some random YouTube content as well. You also have images, videos, and gifs, so I mean… you basically have it all.In case you ever get bored with what r/enf/ is all about, you can simply browse through other subreddits and enjoy what they have to offer instead. Reddit.com is a place that has a little bit of everything, so I am pretty sure that no matter what the fuck you might be searching for, you are bound to find it sooner or later.