Reddit SexWorkers, aka r/SexWorkers! One of the things that I’m known for is being a sort of bully towards women. I mean, there are so many people out there who see me like that, but that’s just not true! For example, did you know I support sex work? Yeah, as a matter of fact, when I’m not feeling like giving 100 bucks on a dinner date without being sure if I’m gonna get to stick it in or not by the end of the evening, I just schedule a session with an escort instead! The only thing is that I actually see them as massive sluts and whores, but that’s the only thing. If you want to read a bit more about sex workers and get to know them, /r/SexWorkers is for you.Whores changing dicks every other nightNow I know what you’re thinking: “The Porn Dude, you’re gonna be so mean to these girls and then suggest that we check out a subreddit that’s meant for them?” And to that, I have to say: “Yes!” In fact, I think that you should go there and be even meaner to them. One thing that these sluts believe is that just because they are selling their body, it means that they own some kind of fucking business. At the same time, they think that all chicks that have sex with guys for free are just being manipulated into doing it. No hoe! Those girls are having sex with hot macho guys like me, while you’re getting banged by big Ed!The amount of small cocks on fay dudes that these whores have sucked has to be immense at this point, and it’s one of the reasons I judge them so much. I mean, if you want to have sex with guys for free, then that’s fine by me. You can be a slut, still, but that would just be if you’re going overboard with changing the cock you’re having inside you every fucking day. As for the women on /r/SexWorkers, I have to say that they are selling their body for quite a cheap price, and to all the wrong people. Most guys they encounter are disgusting pigs like Porn Geek. Luckily, that guy doesn’t have enough money for escorts.Too much stubbornness and snobby slutsAnyway, let’s get to know these sex workers a bit more and hear their side of the story. As it turns out, they also know that many of their clients are fat pigs. In fact, it’s one of the main ideas that get thrown around on this sub. Chicks who come here like to complain about their job like they’re working in a coal mine and not actually sucking dicks for money. Listen sluts, and that means all of you that post on /r/SexWorkers, you’re not special, and you certainly don’t have a hard job. In fact, you don’t even have a job. What you’re doing is literally just having sex. Everyone has sex! Well, everyone apart from Porn Geek. So yeah, you aren’t special in any way and the job you have is literally just human nature.It would be like if I had a job that’s breathing. That’s not a job! That’s just a basic human function! What’s next, a job that’s all about eating? I’m sure they already thought that one up with some kind of retarded fat guys trying to say which flavors are better than others. Anyway, fuck all that noise. Real work means that you actually have to put some effort in, instead of just lying there and getting fucked. Now, sure there is skill to sex, I’m not going to say that there isn’t any, but at the same time, the girls on /r/SexWorkers act like it’s something hard to achieve when most girls I’ve fucked are good in bed.Learn more about sex workers if you desireNow hear me out. I’m not here to bash on sex workers. I know it seems like I started off my review with that sentiment, but I went on to bash them anyway. I’m not trying to say that they shouldn’t exist. In fact, I feel like they provide a pretty good service. But I still feel kinda gross when I fuck one just cause I know that some fat bastard was inside her previously, maybe even half an hour before I had a go! That’s why I always like to go for chicks at the club first. At least they have taste in guys, even if they have sex with a different dick every night. At least I’ll be in good company with all the other macho fellas.So is /r/SexWorkers even worth checking out? I mean, if you want to find out more about this “line of work” and if you want to know what goes through the head of these babes, then yeah. I would say that you can learn a lot from these sluts, and one of the main things is how to communicate with them in order to have the best experience with escorts. Trust me; this can change your life if you’re into fucking escorts all the damn time. And listen, finding out these things can be quite important to some people, so if you are looking to find out more about escorts before actually fucking one, this is the right place to go.Sizable user base of dumb bitchesThat’s not to say that you have to spend way too much time just prospecting about fucking a slut without actually doing it and just looking at /r/SexWorkers instead. Sometimes you just have to go balls deep into whatever it is that you want to do, and that includes fucking escorts. I mean, look at me, the last time I actually spent time on this sub was just to laugh at how dumb these chicks are. Now, I have to say that sex worker babes are actually smarter than most girls since they at least get paid to have sex, but at the same time, they are dumb for believing they’re smarter than the guys fucking them.You just can’t be serious is you think that women are smarter than men in any regard. I know that this is exactly what the 125,000 people who are subscribed to this sub are going to tell you, but I am going to tell you the truth, which is that girls are dumb bitches whichever way you turn it. You can easily get what you want out of them, and there’s nothing they can do about it because their pea brain can’t seem to understand any kind of manipulation and shit like that. It’s the fault of dumb guys who pay these girls to have sex with them that these chicks now think that they’re all high and mighty when they really aren’t.No custom features or subreddit designFinally, let’s take a look at how these whores have designed /r/SexWorkers. Apparently, they went for some kind of classy avatar, even though they aren’t classy at all. Can anyone tell me what’s so classy about getting your pussy stuffed by a huge cock, or even worse, a small one? And then add to that the fact that you’re just doing it for money and you really have to consider these escorts nothing but common whores who can’t figure out anything smarter to do with their pussy. The best thing they could do with it is score a big catch and marry the dude only to get the money when he dies. I’d do that.Unfortunately, when it comes to rich guys like me, it’s kinda hard to manipulate us! You might think you’re manipulating me when in fact, I’m the ones holding the reigns. And just as you try to string me in and get me to fall for you, I just kick you like the slut you are and you’re BAM, out of my life for good. Just like this subreddit is going to be gone out of my life for good. It’s entertaining from time to time, but I feel that since they haven’t really added any good design choices, I can’t really enjoy myself enough here. Not to mention that there are no flairs to separate memes from the discussions all that.