Athletic Babes

You know, I’m sick and tired of this “body positivity” bullshit that has been popular in society in recent times. There are so many fat chicks who justify their unhealthy lifestyle using the “body positivity” crap I’ve been hearing about from pretty much everyone I meet out on the street. It’s tough to find some proper chicks to fuck who have a smoking hot body. If I want to fuck fit chicks these days, I have to go to a goddamn brothel! At least there they know that their job depends on them looking their absolute best. Anyway, if you want to find fit and athletic chicks online, you’ve got /r/AthleticBabes. Let’s check this place out and see why it’s a safe haven in a world that’s gone mad with accepting obese girls.So much variety with amazing fit babesListen, I’m never gonna wanna fuck an obese whale. If you’re a chick and you want to get a piece of this monster cock, then you better be ready to work your ass off for it. And besides, I manage to hit the gym quite often, and I’m a pretty busy guy, so I’m sure that all these fat girls can find some time as well. The only problem is that they are fucking lazy. Well, I’m hoping that /r/AthleticBabes might change all that when chicks start seeing how much guys really like babes with athletic bodies. You need to spend just a few minutes on this sub, and you’ll notice the amazing feedback all these fit and even buff girls get!Granted, I feel that girls who workout can really go overboard when they don’t know where to stop. I’ve seen some girls on /r/AthleticBabes that look more buff than most of the guys out there. I’m not really into that, but if you are, then more power to you. You’ll find plenty of those girls here, but it’s not a place that is only made for chicks with muscles. Instead, you’ll find amazing hot babes with flat stomachs, big tits, abs, and even skinny athletes! Every kind of athletic girl is included when you check out /r/AthleticBabes. You’re going to love the variety and it’s one of the main things I come here for too.Amazing OC pictures of athletic chicksOkay, so, you want to jerk off to athletic girls and you’re sick and tired of fat girls just like me, right? I mean, if it were up to me, I would bring back body shaming. I would shame the shit out of fat chicks until they either did something about it in the gym, or until they commit suicide. And I wouldn’t give a flying fuck that a fat chick decided to kill herself. She wasn’t of a lot of use to the world anyway, and I’m sure we are one step closer to solving global warming with each fat person committing suicide. I’m not even being crass; this is just straight up facts. Those fat fucks are consuming so much shit that’s bad for them.I’m sure that environmentalists would have a thing or two against these fat pigs. Not only are they eating more food, which takes more energy to produce (and therefore pollutes the earth), but they are also driving around their little carts for fat people, further polluting the planet! Listen, it’s not like I give a shit about the environment all that much; I just hate fat people. I know it seems like I’m just ranting at this point, but /r/AthleticBabes is all about trying to provide us with a place where we can finally enjoy nothing but fit girls, and nothing but fit and athletic girls. You’re going to love all their pictures here.Free content, even without an accountAs it just so happens, every time that you see an athletic girl here, there’s a good chance that she’s actually posting the content herself. Apparently, a lot of OC pictures make it through here, and so there is a lot to check out that is posted by real athletic babes. From women in sports and athletics, to girls who like hitting the gym in general. All of them come here for one thing and one thing only. Attention. Yeah, you wouldn’t believe how much these girls are ready to put on the line just to get a bit of attention from you. They are real attention whores so keep an eye out for them on /r/AthleticBabes.And as you might have already guessed, /r/AthleticBabes offers content like most of the other NSFW subs on Yep, that’s right, it’s completely free to scour this subreddit for hot pics and videos of athletic babes, and moreover, you don’t even need to create an account on You can just go to the sub as a guest and enjoy it like that. This is good if you don’t want to waste your time making an account, or even if you already have an account, but you don’t want this sub to be in your subreddit history. I don’t know why you would be scared of that, since it’s all great content here, but hey, that’s on you. I’m just here to show you what you can get. The way in which you get it is all up to you on this site.Could use more activity from subscribersBut okay, what else is there to say about /r/AthleticBabes that we haven’t mentioned already? Well, let’s briefly mention the community aspect. As you know, Reddit is powered by people, and the users are the ones who arbiter the content, which makes it to the Rising page, the Hot page, and even the Top page. If you go to Top and click on the All-time time frame, you’ll notice that the most any post got on this subreddit as of the writing of this review is merely 1900 upvotes. That’s not a lot, and it only shows you that the activity and engagement with the posts on this subreddit could be improved by a whole lot.However, it’s hard to improve these things if you don’t improve the general numbers of the sub. Luckily, /r/AthleticBabes isn’t exactly an old subreddit that has existed for a very long time. It has existed for over 3 years at this point, and so they have some experience at moderating content and all that, but at the same time, they only have 126,0000 subscribers to their community, which is something that they can work on. This would definitely help them with the activity levels. The more people you have on your subreddit, the better the chance of all of them interacting a lot more with the posts from all the users.The design and features can be improvedNow, there’s just one more thing to talk about here and that’s the features and the design. You see, /r/AthleticBabes isn’t really big on features. They didn’t opt on creating flairs, which I think was a horrible idea. It’s still something that they could fix, though! Imagine having flairs (that would work like categories) for athletic babes with bulging muscles, for skinny athletes, for busty babes with abs, and so on. You could really make so many categories with that kind of flair system. I would always be choosing the chicks with big tits and toned abs. That’s something that I love jerking off to pretty much every day.Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Yes, I’m looking at the design, and I’m not too happy with what they went with here. I mean, it’s nice that they changed the colors, so we don’t see the same default blue like on so many NSFW subs these days, but did they really have to go for this color? It looks like someone was eating way too many vegetables and shit out the color for this website. I have to say that the color scheme is kinda disgusting. They could’ve gone for many other things, but I guess they wanted to go for a skin tone color. This didn’t really work out the way the planned I feel like. They should look into changing that and also adding an avatar and a cover photo on top of that as well.