Asian Cumsluts

Do you know what a cumslut is? You must know. Cumsluts are chicks who can’t survive without cum. To them, hot cum is like water. I mean, you can find these babes all over the place, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve seen a few of them in porn before. Usually, though, these are American and European babes. What I really want to know is if you can find cumsluts in, oh, I don’t know, Asia? Believe it or not, there seems to be a special subreddit on that is only for that and nothing else. The sub is called /r/AsianCumsluts and it’s the best place to go to in order to see Asian sluts covered in hot sticky cum.Asian babes are hotter when covered in cumIf you’re a fan of seeing babes covered in thick cum, but you also have an affinity for Asian chicks, then it must be hard for you to find content with them covered in cum online. I mean, okay, there’s bukkake, and that genre is mostly with Asian chicks. However, when it comes to this more amateur content, it can be hard to find cumsluts that come from Asia, especially since there is a language barrier between you and those girls. Luckily, some Asian guys are sharing these hot amateur chicks on Reddit on the /r/AsianCumsluts subreddit! You’re going to love checking this place out if you like young hot Asian girls.One thing that I immediately noticed when I came to this sub is that Asian Cumsluts offers a lot of amateur content as opposed to professional studio stuff. It’s either that, or these pics are taken of girls after their porn scene. I mean, there is a huge load on these girls more often than not, so it can be the case that they are just taking a photo after their porn scene, but I feel that there are a fair few chicks here who are just insanely good getting guys to cum a lot all over them. These Asian girls are hotter when they are covered in cum. I mean, any girl is, but still. So, do you want to know what else this subreddit has to offer you? Let’s check out the community aspect and have some fun with that too.Engagement on this subreddit isn’t the bestI always look for how active subreddits are, and I have to say that I am pretty satisfied with how well /r/AsianCumsluts operates. They have plenty of uploads, but then again, I feel like the engagement with the posts is a bit lackluster. Sometimes you get many upvotes, comments and so on, but this is only when a post blows up. Otherwise, you don’t get that much engagement from all the members at al. I think that this can be improved. Like I feel that people can really get to know this place better and start interacting with all the uploads a lot more and this would help with the statistics of the sub as well!But hey, that’s all on the mods and how much effort they want to put into outreach. If they made some interactive posts, people would think that it’s normal to interact here even though the NSFW aspect is a bit taboo for most people with a Reddit account. Most people here don’t use their main profiles on the sub, but instead, they make a throwaway account and then they use that instead. I feel like this results in many people just not wanting to make another account and just forgetting about that altogether. So yeah, activity and engagement are a bit lackluster, but this can be fixed with a bit more time and effort put in.Quality can be good in certain segmentsNow, there’s another thing to keep in mind here. The portions of the content you get on the Asian Cumsluts sub are bite-sized. You get short gifs and still images. This means that you can quickly go through a lot of content. It also means that it’s a lot quicker for you to go through all the latest Hot stuff that is on the main part of the subreddit, and that means that you have to resort to going on New for the latest content if you want to get something new and fresh. Basically, it’s like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Either you don’t get new content frequently, or you get worse quality on New.It’s not a fun place to be in, and I hope that with more interactivity, this problem would be solved too. If more people are engaging with posts and saying “this shit is good” and “this shit is bad”, then you can expect the quality to be improved a lot as well as many more posts that reach Hot from New. Also, there is the Rising section if you ever run out of stuff to see on Hot but you want to keep some semblance of quality too. The New section is the only one that I don’t recommend you ever use. Even if you’re at the brink of not having any content to see, it’s better to just find a different site or sub to look at instead.Hundreds of thousands of subscribersLet’s also talk about the numbers here. I have to say that /r/AsianCumsluts isn’t exactly the biggest sub out there. Luckily for you, I’m sure you can find all kinds of Asian cumslut content on my website. has plenty of shit for you to enjoy, even outside the countless subreddits that I have reviewed. But if you are looking for this niche specifically, then you’re kinda stuck with what is offered here. Even though it’s not the biggest community out there, I have to say that I’m pretty happy with the content. It never strays from the main idea of showing Asian babes covered in cum, so if that’s fulfilled, then the rest of the things that I have presented as faults can even be overlooked in a certain sense.Anyway, there are 127,000 people on this subreddit. Not a bad number of subscribers, but it can always be better. I mean, the place has existed since 2013; I would guess that they have some kind of formula that works by now. Sure, the design isn’t too bad and all that, but there has to be a way for users to interact with the content a lot better than this is done currently. Anyway, if you think that this community is enough when it comes to the number of people for you, then go right ahead and fell right at home. If you ask me, bigger is always better. That’s at least what Asian babes tell me all the time.Design features should be improvedYou have to hand it to Asian girls, they have to put up with those small dicked Asian guys all their lives, and then they encounter some macho dude with a huge cock like me and they take it like a champ. Sure, their face looks like I’m killing them, but they don’t want me to stop! And as I said, they like it bigger! They like bigger dicks and bigger cum loads too! I mean, we can all see the evidence of the latter sentence on this subreddit. But if we are to look at something other than the content, I think that there are things that can be improved. More specifically, I’m talking about the subreddit design that you see.The background is a nice pink color, which is fine, but there is no avatar and no cover photo. I feel like seeing a bunch of Asian chicks with their faces covered in cum would work perfectly for this subreddit. I would even put a side picture with a girl taking a huge cumshot. It would feel like the entire site is full of bukkake! I mean, there is a sub for bukkake, but Asian cumsluts are definitely connected to cum in much of the same way as any bukkake session is. The only difference is that these girls take the cock in their pussy too, and they don’t just open their mouth and take all the cum thrown at them.