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And even though the activity isn’t always the best, the content is always fucking great.So many sluts creating OC postsNow, I don’t know what really makes a picture explode on this subreddit. It might just be sheer luck, but it could also be the fact that some girls are botting their way to the top. I don’t know why they would do that since they’re giving away all this content for free, but oh well. You’ll also notice that many of the girls are posting content on their own, that is to say, that they are posting OC pics, gifs, and even videos. Basically, if you wanted to get some OC content apart from the pics that other guys find on the internet for you to jerk off to, you’ll find plenty of that on this sub as well. It’s pretty fucking great if you ask me.And what’s even greater is the fact that all these girls seem to be into this stuff. They are always looking for more upvotes, more comments, more activity and so on. It always seems to be the case that these girls are just sluts who don’t know any better but to post pics of themselves nude on the internet in order to get affirmation from complete strangers such as yourself. Who knows, maybe some of these girls are also available to meet up IRL so that you can fuck them! I certainly managed to fuck a fair number of these petite babes, and I must say that all the stories you’ve heard about their asses are true.Completely free content without an accountAnyway, another thing to keep in mind is that this sub operates in much of the same way many of the other subs on Reddit operate and that is to say that you won’t need any money for the content here, but you also won’t need to create an account on to enjoy all the content here as well. I know you’re used to this kind of treatment already. Still, you should definitely show a little bit of appreciation that this place is also using this kind of model because it really means a lot to people who want to keep their anonymity online and don’t want to reveal that they have been going to naughty subs on Reddit.I’m pretty sure that if your girlfriend found out that you’ve been following all these OC chicks online for their nudes that she would flip her shit! That is, of course, if you have a girlfriend. I don’t. I don’t even care about any of that shit. I just fuck chicks once and get bored of them and move on to the next one. But what I’m always in the mood for is a bit of free content on /r/bootypetite. I have to say that it’s really nice to get a bunch of OC pics and videos for free from these petite babes with huge bums. IT just feels like they are looking out for you and making sure that you have the material you need to jerk off.Unfortunately, not a lot of engagementBut enough about all that, I want to know how many people feel the same way up to the point that they even came here with their account on Reddit and subscribed! Well, as it turns out, there are around 129,000 people here, and that includes all the thots that post pics of themselves in the nude. And on top of that, you should know that the sub was made in 2015, so it’s not like it didn’t have the time to grow. Anyway, the number it has reached in its 5 years of existence is okay, but it can always be better. As to how they can make sure that their growth is significant, well, that can be a bit tricky in many ways.You see, you really need to make people think that they are going to get a lot of petite babes with huge booties on this subreddit. If they aren’t getting a lot of content, then they won’t come to /r/bootypetite in order to enjoy themselves, but instead, they are going to go to other NSFW subs. That’s why the activity on this sub is so low right now. So few people are actually upvoting and commenting on posts that it’s scarce to see a post skyrocket into the Top section these days. All the top posts have been there for a while and don’t seem to be moving from their position anytime soon! So yeah, that sucks.Completely default subreddit features and designOne way in which I feel that things can get a lot better is if they switched things up as far as the design is concerned. Right now, the design is really boring and dull, and I feel like it could be taken to a whole new level if only the people here tried a bit harder to make it so. And then there’s the fact that you can expect a lot of the default settings that other NSFW subs struggle to change as well. It’s the same avatar, the same lack of a cover photo, and the same fucking blue color that I’m getting so damn fucking annoyed with at this point that I want it wiped from the face of the website! It just fucking sucks, guys!And don’t even get me started on the subreddit description, the lack of rules, and absolutely no usage of flairs. These things are really starting to get popular with other NSFW subs, so they should at least think about including some of this shit. Instead, the description of the sub just reads that it’s “Like bustypetite, but less bust and more booty”. That’s no way to advertise yourself! If anything, you’re advertising bustypetite because they are the only reason why you guys exist in the first place! I guess the only people who stick around this sub are those who are serious fans of big butts on tiny girls.