Gentle Femdom

Reddit Gentle Femdom, aka r/GentleFemdom! It is exactly what you will expect it to be… is that a weird way to start this? Well, when you read ‘Gentle femdom’, what the fuck else do you expect other than real gentle femdom? Exactly. Welcome to r/gentlefemdom/ a subreddit dedicated to a lot of content surrounding the love of the soft kind of femdom… whatever that might be for you or others. You have a lot of random content.Take your time and browse through. Sooner or later, you will find the content that will make your dick hard, trust me. There was a lot of content that made my cock massive while browsing here, but at the same time, you should probably know that not everything is realistic. So, you have pictures of amateurs, but you also have animated shit and just hentai fan-art. It is difficult to explain, to be honest.I think the best way you can know whether r/gentlefemdom/ will suit your taste or not is to just browse on your own. Do not forget that I have reviewed many other NSFW subreddits, so you can check those out as well. Yep, Reddit has a lot of NSFW subreddits in general, and the site itself is free, so you can browse and find whatever the fuck you are interested in.What is this subreddit all about?Although I said that you would see exactly what you expect to see, I was a bit off on that. You will see a lot of content concerning gentle femdom, but not all of it will feature an actual act of soft femdom. Let me make this a bit more understanding. So, one of the first pictures I’ve seen showed a meme of the girl and dude talking on their phone, and basically role-playing what gentle femdom is.The very next post showed an insert from a hentai manga, where the chick was dominating her smaller man, and it was just as gentle as you would expect it to be. There were a ton of these comics or manga, which is not really what I expected from r/gentlefemdom/. You also have just some simple pictures of hentai girls being dominant or well… you know, anything that can go along with the theme.There were loads of meme pictures, in general. For example, you have a picture of ice-cream flavors depicting what kind of a sub you are; then, you had an image of something off written on the top of yogurt or whatever, which goes perfect with the theme of r/gentlefemdom/, and so on. I think that there is no need for me to explain what memes are.With that said, I did find some actual people here as well. For example, there was one video of a dude kneeling down and waiting for his babe to approach. Now, her body is so fucking amazing, and as she approached her man, and shoved his face between her legs. I think I wouldn’t mind her doing the same to me, and most of you lads who see her will agree!From what I have seen, the majority of the pictures are going to be either memes or just fan-art of the fetish, or taken from a comic/manga. That is pretty neat, but at the same time, I am pretty sure the majority of us would appreciate more realistic content. This is where the fact that Reddit has thousands of other subreddits come into play. If you want other shit, check it out elsewhere.I mean, if you are into r/gentlefemdom/, you can browse as much as you want. Who knows, you might find something that sparks your interest since this subreddit is pretty neat if you ask me. However, if you are looking for something a bit more realistic, there are many other subreddits you might want to check out instead of this one… and I have reviewed a lot of those.The meme pictures were funny and relatable, depending on if that is the kind of content you were hoping for in the first place. If you were just hoping for sexual content, without much laughs and jokes, then you might want to check out a different subreddit instead. But, if you are here to check out some funny, relatable, and sexy content, I think that you will love what r/gentlefemdom/ is all about.I think that is as much as you really need to know about what r/gentlefemdom/ is all about and whether you will enjoy the content. As for other sugar, let me just say that there is a lot more for you to expect overall. So, if you are interested, take your time and browse as much as you’d fucking want. I am sure you will find something delightful sooner or later.Register for something more.I assume you want to know what the fuck else you can expect from, right? Well, there is a lot. If you choose to register, for example, you get some of the usual privileges, like being able to like and dislike whatever the fuck you want. And also being able to leave comments if you wish to, and see what other people have commented.With that said, you do not have to register if you do not want to, which is a great thing about in general. This subreddit is free for all, so you can browse through like a voyeur and explore all that r/gentlefemdom/ has to offer. However, you will not be able to interact with the community, talk or do any of that other shit basically… if that makes sense.As a registered member, you can also post your own stuff. So, if you have any memes or something that goes with the theme of r/gentlefemdom/ and you would like to share it, you can do that in this subreddit. However, you can post anything anywhere, as long as you follow the rules of posting. Each subreddit will have their rules of posting, and the same applies to.It makes sense if you think about it. Each subreddit is different, and if you want to keep the chaos out of the way, then why the fuck not have rules? If you do not follow the rules, you can be banned from the website, so keep that in mind… since who the fuck wants to be banned from Reddit? Not to mention that it is rather challenging to manage that.Chat with the community.Another thing that many are not aware of is that you can chat with the community. Reddit allows you to send private messages to other users, so if you are interested, you should do that. Though, keep in mind that the members of r/gentlefemdom/ are mostly here to enjoy the content and not chat with random strangers…So, if you are here just to chat, may I suggest checking out some subreddits that are made just for chatting instead? You have subreddits for dating, hookups, fetishes, swingers, and so on. So, to be fair, it all depends on what the fuck you were hoping to check out in the first place since basically has it all. A little bit of everything for everyone.Lots of femdom content.I think that everything is written in the name of the subreddit… you have a subreddit dedicated to the naughty femdom fetish. I do want to point out that there are other subreddits on that are also dedicated to femdom, just different kind, I guess. As I always like to say, you can expect to see it all; you just have to search for a subreddit that actually gets you interested.If you visit a particular subreddit and you have no idea what to expect, you have a section on the side you can check out. That is where you have all the descriptions and other info if you are interested. Reddit has too many different subreddits, and some of them are confusing. So, for example, you can see that r/gentlefemdom/ has over 131k members and that it was created in 2014.Overall I think that this should be enough for you to know whether you want to be a part of what r/gentlefemdom/ is all about or not. You can register, and you don’t have to. You can take your time and explore other subreddits on, or check out other porn websites I have reviewed. As for those who are into gentle-femdom, I think you will love r/gentlefemdom/ as much as I did.