Celebrity Butts

Reddit Celebrity Butts, aka r/CelebrityButts! Only a few things are guaranteed in life; taxes, death, and celebrity butts driving all of us insane. I mean, you must be a fucking fag if you don’t think Kim Kardashian’s bubble butt possesses the ability to break the internet. Not that there is something particularly wrong with that, but I’m sure you catch my drift. Thing is pretty much every celebrity that flashes a few skin trends faster than a snowball can melt in hell. And with stars like Kylie Jenner flaunting killer curves reminiscent of the movie stars of the golden age of film, celeb booties are back in a big way. Butts come in all shapes and sizes, and what I consider attractive may not be what gets your juices flowing. Still, we can all agree that celebrity butts is an area worthy of our attention, can’t we?I don’t know about you, but few things turn me on than a perfectly round butt. The moment I see a shapely butt, the only thing I can think of is how to squeeze it, spread it, and fuck it in no particular order. After all, it is a shape that’s hard to keep as women age. Why, you ask? The butt is comprised of skin, fat, and tissue and ages similarly to how the face ages. Fat naturally degenerates, and the skin of the butt becomes loose, causing the underlying structures to begin losing their support. The butt as a whole begins to fall downward. Phew, that was too much fucking biology for a day!Anyway, those celebrities whose derrières keep you awake in the middle of the night fantasizing of spanking and probably banging? They don’t fall from the skies. It is mostly a result of grueling workouts. Maybe it’s time you dragged your fat, lazy girlfriend to the fucking gym.If like me celebrity butts turn you on, today you are one lucky bastard as I’m about to review a subreddit that deals explicitly with celeb booties. What do you make of a sub calling itself r/CelebrityButts? I’ll save you the agony; it is a place to share pictures, talk about, and rave about all kinds of celebrity asses. Read on to know more about what this community is all about.Famous and delicious posteriors are the rule of the gameIf you had doubts about the kind of content you will find here, then they dissipate the moment you land on this sub. They immediately welcome you with butts of all shapes belonging to famous sluts like Kristen Stewart, Kendall Jenner, Emma Roberts, and Katy Perry, among others. The place was created on Feb 20, 2013, with celeb butt loving freaks like you in mind. Granted, it is not the largest or most popular sub, but 131k butt lovers converge here for a taste of famous bums, rumps, booties, or whatever the fuck they call nice asses where you come from. As usual, hundreds of members are online at any given time as horny, ass loving fucks lose their minds drooling at the steady supply of famous bums. Around 10-15 new submissions are added every day, which is a decent number, if not exactly overwhelming.It is a lawless jungleAnyone old enough to have used any subreddit before knows these places are known for strict moderation. Many have a lengthy list of rules that you must adhere to or get kicked the fuck out. Well, r/CelebrityButts is an exception. There are absolutely zero rules here, and you can post whichever celebrity you wish. Whether in bikinis, fully dressed, performing, or just fooling around at home or wherever, as long as her derriere is visible, it is all good. Perhaps the lack of regulations is because it is not your ass you are posting. You are, therefore, not setting yourself up for trolling or any of that shit.There’s no verification system here or strict rules against personal advertising content. Not that I saw any. In any case, it is pretty tough to link your Instagram and Snapchat platforms on a picture featuring Rihanna’s bubble, but. The team at Reddit and the members here, I assume, don’t give a flying fuck about where you get these images. As long as they are legit and show a famous slut’s behind, it’s all good. r/CelebrityButts gives you all the freedom of the internet when it comes to sharing content.There are all types of celebrities here from musicians, athletes, socialites, or just internet models. No one cares about what they are famous for as long as they get something sexy to droll at. After all, the ultimate booty queen, aka Kim Kardashian became famous after her sex tape leaked. Up to now, no one has quite figured out what kind of celeb she is. At least she can now be called Kanye West’s wife.Some excellent butts, some not soWell, before you come to me with all that tastes and preference kinda bullshit, let me first admit I saw plenty of butts that I wouldn’t mind spreading and fucking. I mean, I could eat out Emily Ratajkowski’s booty like a fucking grocery if I had the chance. I saw loads of asses that are popping out of thongs and bikinis and all that. Any self-respecting straight dude would find Iggy Azalea’s bubble butt an absolute turn on. Whether it is fake or otherwise is neither here nor there. Overall, there are loads of famous babes who pack an ass for ages. They include bitches like Kendall Jenner, Kimberly Garner, Julia Fox, Jessica Biel, Rihanna, and Iggy Azalea, among many others.The content is availed in both picture and GIF format, and you can see these babes performing in sexy outfits that allow their prominent behinds to shine, undressing, swimming, and what have you. The GIFs are on autoplay in case you need a second look.However, some of the sluts posted here may be famous, but their asses are nowhere near sexy enough to deserve the hype. Maybe it is the lack of moderation, but some of these sluts shouldn’t be here. Without mentioning names, I saw quite a number of babes here that have flat asses that don’t deserve the hype or exposure. Damn, I may as well rock a better booty if someone gave me a fucking bikini. Some of you clearly need proper schooling on how a nice booty should look like.Familiar setupIf you have visited Reddit before, then you are conversant with how they present their wares. You have the familiar white and blue background colors and options to sort the content by New, trending, hot, controversial, and rising. If I were you, I’d start by using the New and Hot options which are packing some gems. Everything is straightforward, which should allow you to quickly check out the famous bums.Reddit also has a mobile app that allows you access to r/CelebrityButts and other subs wherever you are. The app is super easy to use, and from experience, it is much better than what other mobile sites have to offer. It is available for both Android and iOS, and there are no excuses if you want to give it a shot.The best of r/CelebrityButtsGreat source of celeb booties; the sub-features nothing but bums belonging to famous girls from all walks of life. There are all types of well-known girls, including Instagram models, musicians, and movie stars, among others.Zero moderation; the sub is not as harshly moderated as many others. You can post pretty much any female celebs you want as long as it’s a picture of their derriere.Regular updates; there are always new celeb butts to check out with the active community ensuring fresh pics/GIFs are available around the clock.Possible concernsNo community guidelines; there is a distinct lack of guidelines like in other subreddits, which probably explains why some of the butts are not up to standard. Some of the sluts posted here have flat asses that have no business being on a platform such as this one.The Porn Dude’s suggestionsWell, the subreddit could do with some guidelines to spell out the type of content that should be posted here and which one should not. This would ensure consistency and save users from the agony of looking at some pretty nonexistent bums just because they belong to famous sluts.Final ramblingsUltimately, a mouthwatering collection of celeb bums await you on r/CelebrityButts. There are all types of famous sluts to check out, all flaunting their ‘sitting allowance’ for your fapping pleasure. The sub could do with moderation to weed out the not so sexy bums. Still, overall, there should be enough for everyone who loves celebrity butts.