Reddit HoleWreckers, aka r/HoleWreckers! Alright, guys, I hope you’re ready for a wild one. As far as big holes are concerned, /r/HoleWreckers is unmatched. What is /r/HoleWreckers? Well, it’s a sub on the popular website Reddit that is centered around people sharing pictures and videos of chicks who just can’t stop themselves as far as size is concerned. They always have to push their limits with bigger dicks, dildos, fists, wrists, cans, and just about anything else that they can figure out to fit inside their pussy or asshole. If you’re into that kind of shit, then you’re going to adore this place. It gets pretty fucking extreme, though, so be ready for that.Girls who just love spreading their holeSo, is bigger better? I don’t know; you’re going to have to tell me cause these bitches are absolutely crazy for getting the biggest thing they can find and stuffing it inside of themselves. I mean, it gets pretty wild in here, so if you were hoping for some light and fun porn, you won’t find that here. Here you will find only the vilest and most repulsive (at least for me) shots of girls who have put something inside of their pussy that I never even thought was possible. Seriously, guys, I have a huge dick, but this shit is getting ridiculous! I saw this one chick who got double fist fucked from behind! That shit is really insane!One chick managed to swallow an entire dildo inside of her pussy! I had no idea how huge it was until she pushed it out and it looked like an alien baby head was about to pop out or something! Well, it wasn’t an alien baby head; it was just a monster dildo. I mean, I have no fucking idea how these chicks manage to stick something like that inside of them. These are some massive things and you have to take that into account. Be it as it may, these pictures and videos are proof that some sluts always want bigger. Some of these girls have insatiable pussies that cannot be stuffed enough no matter how much you stretch them. These girls are crazy, and I guess that’s why they love to spread their hole so much.Insanely niche porn you won’t find anywhere elseAs you might have expected, all of the content on /r/HoleWreckers is free. I mean, with Reddit, this is sort of why people come to the platform for NSFW stuff in the first place. They don’t want to pay, but they want to get hot bite-sized content that they can enjoy and that is what Reddit provides. More importantly, though, that is exactly what /r/HoleWreckers provides, so you can always be safe in knowing that you’ll be able to enjoy some of the hottest hole spreading content for free. Let’s face it; you’re all here for that free stuff anyway. And yes, I know how much that free factor means to you.I don’t want to get into the specifics and call people names, but some of you guys who go to Reddit are real penny pinchers. I get that many of you are struggling and want to get amazing porn content for free, but you really have to wonder whether some niches are better to get from premium porn sites. Now, while that might be true (and it probably is), I can understand that there is a really high probability that a niche premium porn site for hole spreading content doesn’t exist. That’s why it’s even more amazing that you can get this kind of niche porn for free on the /r/HoleWreckers subreddit. You can’t ignore that fact. It’s not every day that people throw niche porn at your face for free now, is it? Moving on…Higher quality amateur content in Hot and TopI feel that the quality can vary a lot with this kind of niche shit. However, these days the quality of amateur porn is getting better and better. And believe me, most of the content you will be getting out of /r/HoleWreckers will be amateur stuff. But with so many white girls getting the latest iPhones, many of them have the ability to shoot crisp video with their phones and post it online easily. So yeah, you can find a lot of high-quality stuff here, even though most of it is amateur in nature. You can also influence how good the quality of this hole spreading action is, depending on which section of the sub you choose.For example, if you go to the New section, you might get a lot more of that shitty content. But, if you go to the Hot or Top sections, you will get a lot more high-quality content. This is something that you can look forward to with /r/HoleWreckers, and I feel that this might be one of the main selling points not just for this NSFW sub, but for most NSFW subs. I mean, it definitely isn’t a good selling point to point out that most NSFW subs, including this one, don’t get that much interaction or engagement on the posts, with most of the people on the subs just coming here to get the free content and then just going away.Pretty good number of members but not much engagementBut the community aspect is something that we have to talk about with /r/HoleWreckers. I mean, it’s not just with this NSFW sub that we have to talk about this side of the story, but it’s with every single sub since the community often influences the experience a lot. Then again, it doesn’t have to be a big sub as long as people are posting content on it. I can see that there are many girls who post their own videos on here of them stuffing their fists inside their pussy or something similar. This kind of content is what gets you upvotes on this sub, even though it might not result in a huge number of them, which you can see if you check out the Top section of this subreddit and then go to the All-time top-rated content.But if you are interested in the numbers, here’s what you can expect out of /r/HoleWreckers. The sub has over 130,000 members since its creation in 2014. That’s a fair number of people, though it’s not record-breaking or anything like that. The worst thing about this number is that many of the people who are subscribed here just don’t seem all that interested in talking that much to each other under the posts in the comments. Most people just don’t seem to upvote content all that much, and so you get many of these posts that get stuck under 100 upvotes on Hot.Subreddit design could have been done much betterAnd one more point that I have to talk about, and I cannot stress this enough, if the mods just took a few minutes of their time, they could make /r/HoleWreckers a lot better. I’m talking, of course, about the shitty design that this place suffers from. It takes just a few minutes to change your sub's color scheme, which could mean that a lot more people will be ready to go to your sub and use it because it just looks and feels nice. This is really important when we talk about any community aspect, and most NSFW subs, including /r/HoleWreckers, are known for fucking this up so bad that you don’t like it at all.With just a few changes, the people in charge of /r/HoleWreckers could make it a much better experience. Unfortunately, for now, it just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. They should also think about adding flairs since this is one of the default functionalities that Reddit has to offer and it can be used to great effect in order to categorize the content on /r/HoleWreckers. The way they could think about categorization here is in terms of the hole size. The bigger the hole, the higher the categorization. I mean, that could be a lot of fun. That way, people can edge themselves closer category by category.