Wife Pic Trading

One of the things that I love about Reddit is that you can find a community for literally anything. Like this one time, I was feeling like fucking bitches that want to cheat on their boyfriend and husband and I ended up finding a community just for that! After that, I felt like fucking MILF chicks and I found a community for that. Well, today, I felt like just relaxing and watching pictures of other guys’ wives. And what did I find? That’s right, a community that is made exactly for that purpose. It’s called /r/wifepictrading and it’s the perfect place to go to when you want to see wives from other dudes.Wives who like sharing their bodiesNow, you better hope that your own wife isn’t posting on here without you knowing. I don’t have this problem since I’m not married. I will never get married just for the purpose of fucking as many sluts as I possibly can before I die. That’s basically the reason for my existence—that and port. Anyway, as I was venturing into /r/wifepictrading, I found a lot of couples who just wanted to get some attention for their hot wives. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with how hot these wives were. You have to hand it to them; some of these sluts look like they workout. Anyway, I was jerking off to them until I found out that it’s not just chicks who want to share images but also wives who want to try a threeway!Who knew that some of these wives could convince their husbands to try out a threesome for the first time? Anyway, I ended up getting off of my ass and into action. By the end of the day, I feel like I engaged with several couples and over the course of the next few days, I had amazing threesomes with them. So /r/wifepictrading isn’t just a great place to find wives who want to share pics, but also wives who want to share dicks! I can’t decide which of these I like more. I guess I like the former if I want to relax and just kick back and jerk off. The latter is better for when I want some IRL action with someone’s wife.Authentic and real amateur picturesOkay, so this is all fine and dandy, but do you have to pay for any of this picture trading? Absolutely not. You see, the posts on /r/wifepictrading are completely free. The pic trading is also free, but usually comes with some kind of caveat. Sometimes it’s a couple who wants some pics in return. Sometimes it’s a wife who wants attention. Sometimes the couple is looking for upvotes for their karma score on Reddit. It really all depends, but I have to say that you will never have to pay for anything here, which is an integral part of the experience on Reddit.com. I really like all this, and I can’t get enough of this sub.I mean, quite honestly, I don’t know how you can say no to getting this kind of amazing content free of charge! Just think about it for a second. Some people are literally taking the time out of their day to post free wife pics for you to jerk off to here and you just want to gloss over that like it’s nothing? That’s not how things work, yo! I feel like every guy who comes across /r/wifepictrading wants to enjoy it as much as possible without having to pay a single cent. At least that’s what happened to me. I mean, I have the money to pay for content, but it’s always nice when people just give you free authentic and real pics.Stickied posts explain everzthingOne of the great things about /r/wifepictrading other than the fact that you are getting free content is also that most of the stuff posted here is 100% authentic and real. You can tell that it’s real amateur content that you can’t find anywhere else. This kind of stuff is ideal for you to enjoy if you are someone who enjoys pictures that are taken by real couples who are looking for a good time and also for some attention on Reddit. Let me tell you something, if all it takes for some real and genuine amateur pics is to give someone attention, I’m more than down to give it to them. And besides, you just see the wife in these pictures usually. It’s rare that the husband makes his way to the picture, but it does happen too.All of the posts feature a picture, since you aren’t allowed to post without having a pic appended to the upload. This is a great way that the mods here have managed to boost the activity of the subreddit. I feel like more people are posting pics now that this change has been implemented. The stickied posts on /r/wifepictrading will explain more as to how the sub works, so you don’t have to worry about that. There is a clear instruction manual for how you should post pictures and what you can expect in exchange for more pics and what you can share and what you cannot share. Definitely check those out.Hundreds of thousands of membersThe activity on this subreddit is pretty high, but this also poses some issues with the moderation of the content. Sometimes guys will just post dick pics here. I have no idea why some dudes do this, but it’s really uncalled for. Anyway, if you’re here for wife pics, seeing a dick would really throw you off. It seems that the mods are doing everything in their power with automods and bots to remove dick pics, but sometimes they still slip through the cracks. It’s not often, but it does happen at times. Also, posts about exes are forbidden, but I still find many posts that are connected exactly to this kind of theme.Still, for the most part, the community is excellent on the part of the content posted here. You can find so many amazing pics of hot wives that are absolutely stunning. They are just looking for attention and all you have to do is upvote the content. Sometimes pics will also tell you that at a certain upvote threshold, the couple will do something kinky like up the ante on the metric of how explicit the wife picture is. With over 135,000 members posting to this sub, you can expect a lot of great content. The sub was made in 2015, so they have plenty of experience in creating a good exchange community.Subreddit design needs some major changesFinally, let’s talk about the one thing that I really hate about /r/wifepictrading. Yes, you already know what I’m going to say, don’t you? It’s the design. I just don’t think that it does a good job at giving you the full picture here. I mean, it kind of doesn’t do anything other than look ugly and useless when you look at /r/wifepictrading. The guys who made /r/wifepictrading didn’t even bother to change the color scheme from the default one. The boring blue color that you see for every subreddit is something that I don’t think anyone wants to see at this point. And not only that, but they don’t even have a custom avatar or cover photo! This leaves a really bad taste in my mouth and I hope that they change this up a bit.Anyway, the only thing that I like to use on /r/wifepictrading is the Verified Post flair. This will guarantee that the person I’m seeing in the post is an actual wife who wants to have her pics shared, so I always go for these when I’m looking to create an exchange network. I send wives dick pics and they return the favor with a picture of their tits and so on. I have to admit; it’s a pretty good trade! I don’t care how they use the image of my dick since I’m sure whoever sees my dick is going to lose their mind with how big it is. Anyway. If you want the same experience I had, then it might be time for you to use /r/wifepictrading.