Reddit JOI, aka r/JOI! Reddit prides itself on being the front page of the internet. And personally, I would like to think that wherever anyone is thinking about something, whether constructive or purely pleasurable, then it's being discussed on Reddit. No wonder there are over a hundred and counting subreddit communities that continue to be created each passing day.Something totally understandable because shit isn't just shit until we know all the sides of the story. Get a testimony from some asshole who has actually gone through such or even tried it and ultimately without being debated about. Therefore besides sports, most notably football, there is sex too! And so many suckers out there are scouring all over the internet looking for porn. Or just literally answers on a couple of questions rooted down their adventurous souls. For instance, how to masturbate and what is the best content to masturbate to.These are questions that must have led to the formation and growth of the subreddit Joi. A community of freaks just like yourself looking for better and more effective ways to masturbate. Like seriously, we can't all be using the same techniques across the world. Who knows whether some people actually fuck banana pudding to cum faster? There are all sorts of ideas on how to edge, cum again, give sum cum surprises, and so much more! Now, if you are interested, I strongly suggest that you follow my lead.Getting started basicsThis is pretty easy. With a valid email address, choice of username, and a secure password, you'll be good to go. But first, you might wanna familiarize yourself with their simple rules lest you get your ass kicked out before you even taste the community's goodness. These include no; use of hate-speech, personal attacks or harassment, spasm, Ads or pop-ups, trading or requests, as well as paid promotions.Membership and its privilegesMembers can access all the content on this site without any limitations whatsoever for free. They can also use the r/joi links to get a 10% discount memberships of pornhub, momJOI, spankBang, and Erome. Besides, they are allowed to post content all they want in the form of links or GIFs provided they provide their sources in the comments section. To top it up, the submissions should be placed in their respective categories.r/joi's content categoriesSpeaking of categories, there are 12 of them under this community, these include:Instruction; this one comprises links to videos that give a step by step guidance on how to masturbate your cock or pussy to get the most brain-shattering orgasms ever.CEI; these are basically links to clips where the featured whoring bitches eat to the last drop of their cums or that of their partners.EDGING; for this one, you must surely get the drift because it's merely videos helping you linger long in-between 'I feel like cumming and actually cumming.'CUM SURPRISE; the video links here are about unplanned sex, blowjobs, handjobs, etc. As long as it's an unforeseen sensual deed that leads to someone juicing or cracking a nut.VIRTUAL SEX; this category features loads of fantastic VR porn videos that will have you repeatedly cumming if not shitting in your own very pants.ENCOURAGEMENT; on this section, members record visual or audios of themselves masturbating to encourage each other to try out specific techniques or just keep the masturbation vibe going.FEMDOM; here extreme porn lovers post tons of videos featuring humiliation, domination, and among others, super hardcore porn video links. Recommending more for each other based on the various starlets featured. I mean, it's not like it's a secret that there are only limited starlets who have graced the femdom corridors.GAME; stacked here are loads of tantalizing sex games from masturbation strokes challenges or the way down to some lame superficial games that will actually milk you down.CUM AGAIN; there are always those extremely thirsty porn actresses who like to take their action a notch higher by cumming twice or even thrice. And this kinda shit doesn't just come by every day, which is probably why these folks have taken it upon themselves to document or provide links for such videos here.COLLECTION; this is a porn video links stashes corner whereby porn links under various themes or niches can be found. Whether it is Halloween, teasers, etc. bottom line being that the mash-up is spectacular.NO FILTER; well, there had got to be a wild interactions arena. This is just it with multiple threads of questions and answers related to indeed featured porn starlets, their names as well as distinctive requests for whatever porn.Others; this is where content that does not fit in either of the categories provided can be easily found.Extra informationThere are other joi subreddit related sites, including the likes of; r/joihd, r/CumEatingInstruction, r/pain, r/cockhero, r/JOIP, r/postorgasm, among others. All of these are enlisted down for you to visit at will. The common thing about each of them is that they all feature content under the NSFW bracket.Also, if you thought that you could just misbehave and get away with it. Maybe you should know that for this subreddit alone, there are seven moderators or mods to regulate the interactivity between members. See to it that the content uploaded is within the guidelines provided and of course, act accordingly in the case that a member has gone rogue in their dealings with others as well as the content they post. Well, anyone can become a moderator, but you will need the team's approval first. After which you can carry out the mandate of the site having the power to even get rid of members who don't abide by the rules no matter what. And in case you are worried that these mods could be petty ASF, you should know that their dealings are also regulated. They can always be demoted by the management. In fact, the reigning ones have only been around for 4 years or less, and yet this subreddit has existed since 2012.Things to love about Joi subredditTons of masturbation content; granted that there are close to 150k members of this subreddit alone sharing and contributing lots of masturbation content. You can expect to be rubbing shoulders with thousands, if not millions of content. This is further backed by the fact that this subreddit has been around for over a decade now, and not any near just lying about.Free membership; Reddit is free, and so are all its subreddit communities. One can just sign up for either including Joi at their own will without getting charged even a single dime. And access, share and contribute to whatever content and discussions without any limitations.No Ads; as the rules clearly state, users are not allowed to deal with any affiliates; in fact, if they do, the mods take them down. Persistent misbehavior that might actually lead to disciplinary action. But what's even more amusing is that they haven't gone against their no Ads policy too.Super active community; like I said, there are over 100k members on the Joi subreddit alone. This simply translates to the fact that there is always a reasonable number of members to interact with at any given time within the community.Community freedom; members of the Joi subreddit community are allowed to post as many masturbation contents as they would love. Start and contribute under whatever threads or even start their very own related subreddit communities.Possible concernLack of an advanced content assortment system; while there are a couple of general classifications of content. They are not sufficient for anyone looking to locate a specific video under a particular niche. However, one can always ask because there are hundreds of idle motherfuckers willing to help each other achieve the cums of their lives!ConclusionAre you looking for masturbation suggestion techniques or only hot porn videos to jerk off to? Joi, a super active subreddit community. It is stacked up with other equally thirsty assholes willing to assist each other find fap-worthy content. Literally, the platform share hacks on how to get those balls drained ASAP! Joining the community is free and straightforward, plus you stand to be surprised as well as to surprise tons of other equally sex-starved individuals like your shitty self.