Reddit Shadman, aka r/Shadman! Do you know who Shadman is? He’s probably one of the biggest names in the world of adult cartoons. The dude really knows how to make a good adult tattoo. You can always count on him to present you with some really hot and interesting pictures that include everything from chicks with dicks to straight out traps. Of course, straight adult cartoons are also available as well as lesbians. But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start things off by talking a bit about who Shadman is and then we’ll check out his subreddit, which has so much content that is made by him as well as his social media postings.Mostly fucked up people like Shadman contentThe thing you should know about Shadman is that he isn’t afraid to make an adult cartoon about any topic. At one point, he was making lolicon porn and he didn’t give a shit about what anyone thought of it. He was just doing his thing, but eventually, he got rid of the smoli an loli content on his site and his subreddit followed up by removing loli content as well. Anyway, I think that you are going to love this guy if you’re into fucked up adult cartoons. He really doesn’t care about the content he posts. He does what he wants and if you want to feel like a rebel, then you’re going to love Shadman and everything he makes. I feel like there’s a lot to consume as far as his content is concerned, so definitely check it out.Now, one thing to keep in mind when you’re checking out his subreddit is that all the people who follow him and his work are a little fucked up too. In all honesty, you really do have to be a bit fucked up to enjoy his content. It’s not an insult; I’m just saying things the way they are. Whenever you see something that this guy made, it’s always next level fucked up. I swear that there are very few places where you can get this kind of taboo adult cartoons. Most people who make adult cartoons would be too scared to make any of this stuff and Shadman just says fuck it and makes all of it without restraint.Taboo and controversial adult cartoon illustrationsNow, when it comes to /r/Shadman, it’s not just about his content. Sure, there is a lot of that, but there is also a lot of things that are just related to the guy. Everything from behind the scenes photos of how he came to create a certain illustration, all the way to his posts on social media as well as anything that even reminds people of something that could be Shad related. One post was just about a PUBG ad that featured a dude that had the same clothes as Shadman does. I mean, that doesn’t have anything to do with adult content, but everything goes on here, so expect to see a lot of that kind of content as well.I don’t think that this is a bad thing, but it definitely results in less fappable material when you’re on /r/Shadman. This place isn’t just for jerking off, but it’s for being active and having a debate about anything that is even remotely related to Shadman and his content. Sometimes people get a bit rowdy about where Shadman has gone a bit too far. Sometimes they have discussions about there not being enough straight adult content and most of it is related to traps and trannies. Anyway, some people don’t concern themselves with all that bullshit and are just here for the hot and explicit cartoon illustrations.Sometimes feels like somewhat of a cultIf you ask me, the greatest work Shadman comes up with has to do with the more taboo topics that get posted on /r/Shadman. I really don’t know how many people come here to read what Shadman posted on his Twitter page. I mean, sometimes these things get to the Hot page, so it’s obvious that many people here care about what Shadman has to say. It goes to the point of it even looking like cult-like behavior too. But hey, I guess that’s just how things go when you try to create all kinds of adult content and attract the most fucked up people that the internet has to offer. Shad should’ve known better before doing that and starting a cult of personality on, specifically on the /r/Shadman sub.Then again, since Shad is a bit fucked up too, maybe he likes the way everyone on /r/Shadman behaves. Sometimes they might try to say that he isn’t doing a good job because he isn’t making or posting enough straight content, but his Stans are quick to shut up anyone who dares to question any of Shad’s creations. I don’t really like this and it sometimes really looks like a cult of personality. If you like to be unique, then you might think that seeing Shadman’s porn content might be the way about doing it, but it actually isn’t because you end up like most of his other fans who are drawn into this echo chamber.The quality is amazing, but frequency is quite lowNow, I don’t want to shit all over /r/Shadman and what the sub stands for. I have to admit; when I’m feeling really freaky, I like to go to /r/Shadman myself and enjoy all the pictures that get posted there. There really is a lot to check out there and it’s only a matter of time before you find a post or two that you can jerk off to as well. If you ask me, these posts tend to be really high quality, and it has a lot to do with the fact that /r/Shadman cares a lot about the quality and they only post pictures that Shad posts on his website, and those are always high-res images. All in all, you never have to worry about quality.Quantity, on the other hand, is a completely different story. While quality is impeccable, Shad doesn’t really post all that often. He takes his time when making adult illustrations. Some people see this as a problem, and at times you might find posts where people are criticizing Shad for not making enough content for them to jerk off to. At the same time, I don’t like the fact that Shad god rid of a lot of content from this site that had to do with lolis. I think it had to do with his provider threatening to shut down his website. I do hope he starts posting more often while keeping quality turned up all the way.The subreddit looks great with amazing graphicsThe subreddit /r/Shadman itself isn’t really big for a NSFW sub. It only has around 143,000 members, but on the other hand, those members are incredibly active. You’re going to notice that posts on /r/Shadman often go well beyond a thousand upvotes and many people are commenting on the posts too. This results in amazing engagement numbers. This is something that many NSFW subs lack, but /r/Shadman seems to have this thing on lock. The sub was also made in 2015, and while it hasn’t really grown all that big, it remains one of the most active niche subs that have ever existed on Reddit.Say what you want about the content and how fucked up it is, but I will always just turn to the fact that so many people talk about all this content. You just have to give credit where credit is due. Not only that, but the design is also pretty great. There is a great cover photo, avatar, and the background is really cool too. All in all, it’s one of the better designs of a NSFW subreddit that I have seen. If you want to compare it to other NSFW subs, then this one usually wins hands-down. All in all, if you’re into fucked up shit in the world of adult cartoons, and if you like seeing all of your childhood characters get turned into sexualized versions of what you remember, then you will love every illustration found on this sub.