Reddit Tentai, aka r/Tentai! Are you ready for some tasteful tentai? Do you even know what tentai is? Well, lucky for you, I know everything when it comes to porn and anything in between, and I will be more than happy to tell you all you need to know about this subreddit and what it has to offer. So, if you are interested and a fan of tentai, you are welcome to stay and browse.I do want to add that Reddit.com is a free website with a shit ton of other subreddits you can explore. With thousands of NSFW subreddits, even if r/Tentai/ does not make your dick hard, there are a ton of other subreddits that just might, so it’s a win-win. As for the tentai loves, r/Tentai/ will surely make all your dirty dreams come true…With that said, you should know that there is no actual porn on r/Tentai/ if that is what you were hoping for. If you want porn, with slick animations or whatever, you should browse through other subreddits instead… although even there you cannot really find legit pornography that will keep you going more than a couple of seconds, since the videos are short. In which case, you might be better off checking out other porn websites I have reviewed instead.What is tentai?I am sure that many of you are confused by what tentai even means, right? Well, let me give you the gist of it. What would you get if you fused the words hentai and tentacles? Exactly, you would get tentai porn, and that is what you can expect on r/Tentai/. You get to see a shit ton of tentai porn, which is pretty neat for those who love this sort of thing.So, are you into tentai porn? I think this is one of those fetishes that you will either love or hate; there is no in-between. If you are in the mood to look at some hentai sluts getting rammed by tentacles, r/Tentai/ is your place. But, keep in mind that there are no actual videos here… From what I have seen, there will mostly be images, some gifs, and that is that.Not to mention that even if you were to find some videos on r/Tentai/, they will be short, so there ain’t much to expect from that, to begin with. If you are looking for real tentacle porn videos, there are many porn websites you can check out instead of this one, and lucky for you, I have reviewed a shit ton of those websites.What to expect?Well, it is obvious that you can expect a lot of tentai porn, but what does that mean. In case you are not into tentacle pornography, I am not sure why the fuck you would still be here… But if you are, you are in for a treat. I do want to add again that there are no videos here if that is what you were hoping for. Instead, you have a lot of digital art, featuring hot scenarios of tentacle pornography.For example, the first picture I checked out featured two gorgeous hentai girls with enormous tits, being devoured by tentacles together. Another pic showed a goat chick fighting a tentacle, and I assume losing. The tentacles are very different, and the overall scenarios are different as well; it all depends on the picture you decide to check out.I did see some known characters as well, but then again, this mostly depends on how much you know anime. Personally, I dabble here and there, so I pretty much knew a lot of what r/Tentai/ had to offer. I enjoyed everything this subreddit was about, but at the same time, if you are here to fap, I am not really sure that this is the best place for you.I mean, are you able to fap to images? And I do mean just images, with no hidden agenda? Do you ever browse through hentai pictures and tug on your cock? If you do, then I stand corrected. You will be able to fap loads on r/Tentai/, but if you need actual pornography to get your motor running, I think that you might want to check out some other porn websites instead.The hentai girls here were put in all kinds of scenarios, and they all look different. So, you can expect to see a little bit of everything, from normal hentai chicks to furries, elves or other creatures… and one thing they all have in common is that they are being fucked by tentacles, in one way or the other. I mean, that is what r/Tentai/ is all about, duh!Register for more.Would you like to enjoy Reddit to the fullest? And I am not only talking about what r/Tentai/ has to offer? Well, you are able to do that if you register, and do not worry; the registration is free. The good thing here is that you can just choose to register or not, because even without registering, you will gain access to a lot that r/Tentai/ has to offer.On top of that, you will be able to like and dislike whatever you find on r/Tentai/ as well as other subreddits. Although, I am not sure what the fuck you could possibly hate on this subreddit. I mean, it is filled with digital art covering the beauty of tentacle porn, what the fuck more do you actually want? Well, it is always nice to have that option.You can also comment on each post and talk to the users through the comments. However, other than just commenting, you can also chat with the users. You can send private messages to all the Reddit users, which is pretty neat. Although, I am not sure how much the members of r/Tentai/ are here to chat with strangers… I think they are mostly here to enjoy the content instead.If you just want to chat, you can simply visit subreddits that are dedicated to that instead, and lucky for you, there are plenty of them. You have subreddits that are dedicated to dating, hook-ups, bukkakes, swinger parties, and so on. Again, it all depends on what the fuck you are searching for, and I feel like a broken record saying that over and over again.Since all the subreddits are free, you can browse through any of them, enjoy their content or talk to the users. All the user options that you will need will be listed on top of Reddit, and with its slick design, you will find your way around with ease. Plus, you can choose between the dark and the light layout, which is pretty nice.Post your tentai.On the other hand, you can post your own images if you want. So, if you enjoy drawing tentai porn or however you want to put it, you are welcome to post your pictures on r/Tentai/, but if you plan to do that, it is important that you follow the rules… or in this case the theme of posting. Usually, each subreddit will have their rules posted on the side, but in this case, there will be no rules.This is mostly because you just need to post something that is both hentai and tentacle related, so you cannot really get this wrong unless you are a fucking idiot, right? Well, you can post whatever you want on r/Tentai/ or browse through Reddit.com and post wherever the fuck else you want instead. There are so many subreddits out there; I am sure that you will find one that suits your taste.On the side of Reddit, you will also get to see some other information, such as the description of the subreddit, in case it is something specific. You can also see that r/Tentai/ was created in 2012 and that it has over 146k members, which is quite nice. From what I have seen, their updates are frequent, so you will usually have new content to enjoy.Conclusion.Overall, it is straightforward. Are you into tentacle porn? If you are, then you might want to check out what r/Tentai/ is all about. Keep in mind that even if this subreddit does not make your woody rise, there are a ton of other subreddits on Reddit.com you can browse through. And lucky for you, I have reviewed a ton of Reddit.com subreddits, so explore as much as you fucking want. Or just enjoy some tentacle hentai on r/Tentai/.