r/NSFW_WTF, aka Reddit NSFW WTF! By now you must know that Reddit.com is one of the best places to find porn. While it is not necessarily a porn site, it is a community with various porn boards, most of which are devoted to adult content. Today’s subreddit up for consideration is NSFW_WTF which as the name suggests is filled with not safe for work content that will leave you asking ‘how?’ and ‘why’? To put facts straight, this community is pretty fucked up and only fit for the complete knack heads pervs looking for messier shit. If you are into XXX content of the weird-ass variety, this is the place to arouse the horny demon in you.The content shared here is either cum inducing, amusing, or downright horrific. Think of a guy fucking a raw chicken, a pregnant whore inserting a bunch of candles in her pussy, extreme BDSM, naughty sluts inserting watermelons in their twats and such shambolic stuff. If you are looking for something to go WTF at, then count your lucky stars. Allow me to take you on a step by step journey inside this monster-filled with atrocities.Community-oriented and avid outlook/r/NSFW_WTF doesn’t have the slighted hint of sophistication, neither is it any way complicated to delve into. It’s a typical social media platform, only with far more perverse content. There is nothing fancy to write home regarding design, but everything is well organized, and it’s impossible to miss a step. Admittedly, not everyone will be a huge fan of the grey main background color, but trust me, the content on offer won’t let you dwell on such a minor issue.Use the drop-down button at the top left to sort the content by hot, new, controversial, top, and rising. You can also change your view from the card, classic, and compact options offered. NSFW_WTF may not have gone all out to make your stay here luxurious, but at least user experience is something they don’t take for granted. Head over to the right sidebar for the subscribe/create post buttons and immerse yourself in this wickedness.Extremely riveting porn videosEvery moment spent NSFW_WTF redefines weird. Be warned; some of the content here is not for the fainthearted. You might also want to hold your lunch for a few more minutes. However, if you are ready to challenge yourself and take your perversion to a whole new level, you couldn’t have chosen a much better place. Freaks here take it up two notches on the weirdness scale. And who comes up with this kind of shit anyway? Seriously though, if you can jerk off to this kind of shit, you deserve a fucking medal.The feed looks just like Facebook, but that’s where the comparison ends. Scrolling down the feed will fill you with goosebumps as you discover first hand just how fucked up some people are. Think of a freak furiously fist fucking two dudes to the point of almost ripping their asses apart, a guy having a large bolt removed from his penis, loads of the kinky scat porn, whores drinking cum out of spoons, twisted sluts inserting all manner of objects in their cookie jars, and bitches comparing their poop on a plate. I also bumped upon some girls with impossibly big clits, a guy banging his girlfriend’s head on the floor as he pounds her wet pussy from behind and much more.You will have a dizzy head by the time you are done with this. There is even a video of a church where members are waiting for some song lyrics to pop up on a screen. Unbeknown to them, the guy working the computer has his porn on, and everyone is shocked when interracial porn starts beaming from the screen! I know it’s not fapworthy, but it’s funny as fuck.Ultimately, what you are going to find here are not things you would expect to find in a commercial porn site. Shit, you will never come across this kind of content elsewhere. They simply don’t make them like this anymore. Bottom line; there is plenty to get your sausage worked up if weird porn tickles your fancy.Not everything is wank promptingI don’t know where guys get this kind of content, but not everything you will see here will get you grabbing your crotch. Some of the stuff here is so fucking strange it will send chills down your spine. One of the most bone-chilling is the naked photo of a woman who’s just had her privates burned with acid. Others include a guy whose balls have been infected by some weird disease, a freak shoving a champagne bottle up his girlfriend’s ass, gaping assholes from nasty looking sluts and more. This is where the WFT concept of the site comes into play.It’s a fucking freaks denSo you thought you were the only one with a taste for disgusting, hard-to-look-at, and downright gory photos and videos? Think again. NSFW_WTF is teeming with thousands of freaks ready to experiment with their dark fantasies, with the site boasting over 99k registered users. That may not be an overwhelming number, but the content on display should make you think twice about it. It’s not like funny porn comes around that often, but this bunch of perverts has managed to keep this shit hole buzzing with some choice content that’s sure to give the frail an upset stomach.Judging by the number of replies per post, the site’s interactivity cannot be faulted. Whichever kind of shit is posted, there is always some crazy pervert ready to reply and generally keep the whole site active. The weirder the content, the higher the number of interactions. Needless to say, you will have to be a registered member to comment or post anything on the site.The site had it in me in terms of;Free porn; weird or not, this is the site’s first attraction. The chance to see porn for free is not one to be passed. It is even better if you prefer the nasty/kinky side of porn as it’s available in plenty. I’m pretty certain you don’t have enough funds to score a monthly premium subscription anyway.Variety of weird porn; well, this is what sets them apart from common porn, isn’t it? You will find plenty of user-generated varieties of weird and wtf porn that will either leave you with a hard-on or an open mouth. Think of a post-operative tranny shooting cum out of her pussy and such weird shit.Unique collection; whichever way you look at it, you won’t be seeing any of the content in here other sites. NSFW_WTF is your only friend.Interactivity; like you would expect to find of a site with such outrageously obscene content, there are thousands of members here ready to comment and add more spice to the already wicked collection of content.Ads free; some of the content here may be disgusting, but at least you won’t have to worry about annoying ads ruining your erotic adventure which is a big fucking plus.My concerns about the site;The rules; granted, you would expect rules in any public forum, but some of the rules here are simply not cool. For instance, you can only post links from certain sites. On top of that, your account can be banned for flimsy reasons without any explanation.Some of the content is pretty fucked up; well, these guys are taking vulgarity to a whole different level, and some of the content here is nausea-inducing. Some include guys fucking dead bodies, bestiality, and some disgusting photos of gory injuries, miscarriages and such. Honestly, I don’t even understand how they allow such content on the site.What I think should be done;Go slow on the weirdness for fuck’s sake. I mean, I’m pretty comfortable with kinky porn, but the immediate scene of a miscarriage or the freshly killed bodies of terrorists? Not so.ConclusionDoes weird porn give you a hard-on? If so, NSFW_WTF should have enough to keep you indoors for quite some time. I can barely believe some of the shit in this bitch, but the site understands that people have diverse porn tastes and have gone about providing a platform for weirdos to fulfill their most twisted fantasies. I don’t get off this kind of content, but who am I to make the decision for you?