Reddit Swingers, aka r/Swingers! Swinging is not for everyone, and you fucking know it. But the fact that you are here reading this tells me you wouldn't mind getting down with any kind of swinger, cuckold, or hotwife situation. I don't know how you freaks pull it off. I mean, it takes an extremely fucked up individual to swap partners, don't you think? Well, that is if you have a partner that is down for that shit to start with. Some of you motherfuckers don't realize how fucking lucky you are. Some sluts won't even let you hug your damn cousins, let alone being down for a swinging experience.For y'all swinging motherfuckers, you need a community where you can discuss anything swinging without being subjected to prejudice and such shit from the self-righteous bunch. Like you know, Reddit.com is a fabulous platform that hosts communities for practically every fetish, no matter how crazy or kinky. Today I introduce you toads to another Reddit community known as r/Swingers. You know ThePornDude always delivers.Now, r/Swingers is dedicated to everything a swinger would want or need to know. There are links to lifestyle articles, websites, how-to videos, and much more. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in? Read on to know more about this community of swingers. Fuck it; you might learn a thing or two about this fucked up practice.The art of swingingIf you have read anything I've written so far, then you must be irredeemably thick if you don't know what swinging is about by now. Anyway, I have the patience of a snail. I will explain it to you like you are a fucking toddler; swinging refers to the practice of swapping partners in a sexual context. It takes place in locations such as private homes, hotels, cruise ships, or special adults-only resorts.Interestingly, jealousy is rarely a factor in swinging because both parties are aroused by watching their respective partner engage in sexual activities with another person. I have to agree; it does sound like something exciting if that kind of shit turns you on. I can assure you, though, I'm not planning to try it out. Why would my bitch want to see me fucking another whore when she can have all the 9 inches to herself anyway?It turns out swinging is a cultural thing in some places. In Arabia, for example, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to 'lend' his wife to a wealthy person to produce a child of noble stock. The practice is certainly not as fucked up as initially imagined, but I will give it a fucking pass nonetheless.Welcome to the r/Swingers subredditThe r/Swingers subreddit is quite a popular destination with swingers. There are 145k naughty subscribers who are all about the swinging practice. It was created on May 12, 2009, and has steadily become popular over the years. Granted, it doesn't have the largest number of subscribers, but as I said, swinging is just not for everyone. Maybe not everyone is as keen on the humiliation of watching their wife get fucked or getting judged by their wives because of their small pricks as they receive mighty shafts that can finally satisfy them. Also, swinging may encourage a rapid spread of sexually transmitted infections as well as contribute to unwanted pregnancies, which doesn't sound like an exciting prospect.Anyway, while many subreddits share videos and images, here, the approach is a bit different, and content is mostly articles, links to websites, how-to videos, and such stuff. If you came here to see pics of swinging couples or are the freak that wanted to post pics of your junk or your nude wife with the title "What would you do to her?", you might want to try your luck elsewhere.Some of the stuff you will come across here include articles informing you on how to avoid awkwardness when meeting a swinging couple for the first time or ideas on how to do the perfect threesome. Or what about websites you can visit for a swinging experience if you and your frigid bitch of a girlfriend feel experimental? They also give advice about what to wear to a swingers party, recommendations for swingers club, and such stuff. There are a few fun pictures here and there. Still, generally, it is all about the informative [and fun] swinging articles. Any questions regarding the lifestyle? Just post them here, and answers will be coming thick and fast from all fucking corners.Whatever you post is going to get plenty of engagements from the eager fucking community—looking for a swinging club near you? This is the place to post. Suggestions for other free forums/discussion sites, couples looking to hook up with other swingers, swinging podcasts, or whatever the fuck you have in mind. It is all here.Adhere to proper Reddiquette!Well, there are rules to be followed if you want to extend your stay in this subreddit. Break them, and you will have your sorry ass kicked out of the platform, which is the last thing you want. A quick look at the rules explains the lack of videos and image content. The site warns y'all against posting naked/scantily clad pics, videos, or links to the same. Also, stories fictional or otherwise should not be posted here. You can save those for your grandchildren if you make it that far. No one has time for fucking stories on this platform.Also, the site has a strict policy against doxing, and posting of anyone's lifestyle site's screen name or Kik name or any other profile information is strictly forbidden. I know you can read a list of rules so I will leave you to it. However, you better be on your best behavior. Trust me; you want a safe place where you can explore your crazy swinging tendencies.Join this swinging communityLike you know, Reddit is community-driven, and you can quickly become a part of the community. Registering is a free and straightforward process that should only take a minute of your time. And what are the benefits, you ask? Well, you can comment on the posts or create your own threads, which is the entire point anyway. After all, what's the use of a community if you can't participate?Hell, you can even send private messages to the users if you so wish. However, keep in mind that this is not a dating site, and no one is obligated to reply to your fucking texts. Don't be the asshole that forces themselves on people is all I'm trying to tell you. With an account, you can collect points, which are referred to as karma, which get deducted when you make too many mistakes and get banned. Remember the list of rules I was telling you about earlier?The best thing about joining any Reddit community, especially one such as r/Swingers, is the fact that you will be dealing with real people. People just like you and me experiencing some kind of swinging fun on the other side of the screen. Who knows, they might even prick your interest in this lifestyle.The best of r/SwingersLots of useful swinging info; as promised, this site is dedicated to everything a swinger would want or need to know. You can enjoy reading the articles and other informative stuff regarding the swinging lifestyle.Regular posts; well, this subreddit has thousands of members and new posts stream in almost relentlessly. You will always have a new post to engage in.Friendly community; this swinging community comprises of super friendly people and whichever question you have regarding the lifestyle will have someone on hand to answer.It's fucking Reddit; well, this site really needs little introduction to porn lovers who prefer a community-based approach, and as is always the case, they don't disappoint.Possible concernsMainly written content; the only major downside with r/Swingers is the fact that there is practically zero nudity both in video or photos format. The site actually discourages members from posting such content, although are other subreddits for that purpose.ConclusionWell, you know how shit works when it comes to Reddit. The site is simple, and the navigation is reliable, and you should find your way around easier than you can get laid. The site has a fantastic swingers community that will keep you informed [and entertained] with everything swinging. They have excellently managed the content, and if you are a swinger or planning to try out the experience, this is the place to be. Sign up today, and thank me later.