<p>Reddit Collared, aka r/Collared! Do you like chicks with collars, leashes, chokers, and similar crap? Well, somebody with the same kink decided to make a subreddit called r/collared/, where all that shit is allowed. There are some rules that he or she explained on the side of, but I shall go over those a bit later in this review. It is straightforward; if you think you’d appreciate chicks in such settings to wear collars or different shit around their neck, you might want to check out r/collared/.Since is a free website, you can browse on your own as well. You do not really have to read my review if you do not want to, but let me just tell you that I go over all the important aspects, so you might as well. Take your time and browse as much as you’d fucking like, sooner or later you will find a babe on a leash or with a choker who suits your taste perfectly.With that said, you have thousands of other NSFW subreddits as well, so it all really depends on what the fuck you are looking for. Even if you check out r/collared/ and you just do not fancy what this subreddit is all about, you can check out a different subreddit instead. I mean, it is all free, and there is plenty to be seen, so enjoy… Or, you can just continue reading.So, what exactly are the rules?Whoever created this subreddit decided to be very clear about what can and cannot be posted. As I have said, it was created by a person who shares the love for this fetish, which is what I expected. So, on the side of r/collared/, you get to see a description of what this subreddit is all about. So, this is a place where you can post images of legal hotties, who are wearing chokers, leashes, collars, neck stretchers, and anything along those lines.The images can be as sexual or not sexual as you want them to be, so they can involve pornography, and they could also just be a fun model photoshoot; that is completely open for anyone to decide. With that said, you can include all kinds of restraining neckwear, as in they can be from any sort of material, as long as they follow this concept, I guess.Now, for what you are not allowed to post, anything that includes medical shit, so no medical devices or whatever the fuck. As he says, that is where “I draw the line”, and well, it is understandable, since we all draw that line somewhere. I feel like this is the best time also to mention that most subreddits will have descriptions just where r/collared/ had one as well.This is because Reddit is filled with all kinds of subreddits, and sometimes the names can be rather confusing for virgins. So, to not have any confusion at all, you will have a description and all that written on the side of the subreddit, along with some other details. For example, you can see that r/collared/ was created in 2011, and that goes with every other subreddit.You can also see how many members that certain subreddit has, and in this situation, you can see that r/collared/ has over 149k members, which is a lot. From what I have seen, they have daily uploads, but at the same time, I think that that mostly depends on how active the community decided to be on that day. Keep in mind that the users upload everything on Reddit.What kind of content to expect?Well, I think it should be very fucking obvious that you should expect chicks wearing some sort of restraining neckwear, although that could mean a shit load of things. So, to make this a bit easier for you, let me just mention what kind of content I saw when I was browsing through… and let me just say that I browsed through quite a fucking ton.The first image I checked out showed a babe without a bra, seductively looking into the camera and displaying her huge tits while wearing a spiked choker that had an addition for the leash. It was basically like she was waiting for you to take her on a ride, and it was fucking hot if you ask me. There were loads of similar selfies, where the chicks will be topless, displaying their neck with a collar or something, and simply giving us a seductive look.However, some girls went a bit above that and decided to wear a full outfit. So, be ready to see chicks in complete BDSM outfit, with a whip or a lot of toys, simply displaying all their kinks in one image. Some girls enjoy showing it all, while other cuties prefer to just show the gist of it, without revealing their face.Since the users upload everything on Reddit, you never really know what the fuck to expect, and I think that that is the beauty of it, in a sense. You can never know what to expect, and you can expect it all, when considering the rules. You have girls who love to get completely nude and have a leash, while you have Goth chicks with a full outfit and a choker included.Some shots were professionally taken, so you had models posing with leashes or something similar. One of my favorites included two lesbian girls, where one chick was a submissive babe, and she decided to do whatever the fuck the other chick wanted… or at least that is how it looked to me.One thing I want to mention is that on r/collared/ you will only have images. From what I have seen, there are no videos, which is a bummer for me personally. I prefer subreddits that actually have videos, since I like to see all of this crap in motion. So, if you came here expecting some videos as well… don’t, because there aren’t any for you to check out.To be fair, this all comes down to what you personally love to see, since you have a lot of random crap in this subreddit, but even if you are not that impressed by all of this, you can always check out a different subreddit instead. So, take your time and explore r/collared/ if you would love to see babes wearing collars or being taken by the leash.Register if you want.Now, would you like to access all that Reddit has to offer? And by that, I am not only talking about r/collared/. You can register if you want, it is free, and you will get some added privileges as a user. Starting with the fact that you will be able to like and dislike whatever you want… although what the fuck could you possibly dislike on r/collared/?Of course, as a member, you can check out any subreddit, since some of them are actually rage-restricted, so those you might not be able to check out without registering. As a member, you can also comment on any of the posts you want, and that also means that you can chat with all the members through the comments. But that is not the only way you can chat.You can send private messages to any of the members of, which is nice. However, keep in mind that those who are a part of this subreddit or others dedicated to certain content are probably here for the content and not to chat with random strangers. If you would like to chat with random people, you should visit those types of subreddits.For example, you have subreddits dedicated to dating, hook-ups, bukkakes, and other shit you might be into. You just have to browse until you find something you are into… and those who are into chokers, collars, and all that are more than welcome to stay and browse through all that r/collared/ has to offer, obviously.You can also post your own stuff, but if that is the case, follow the rules I have mentioned. has a little bit of everything for everyone, so it all depends on what you are searching for. If you want to check out other subreddits on, you are welcome to do that, and you are also more than welcome to stay and enjoy everything that r/collared/ has to offer.</p>