Are you into geeky chicks? Do you think that girls who play games or do whatever else the fuck you’d consider nerdy are hot? Welcome to r/geekygirls/, a subreddit that is all about those types of girls. Now, what exactly can you expect from this subreddit, and how pornographic it can get is a whole different story. I shall tell you all that you need to know about r/geekygirls/, though you can check out the site on your own.I mean, Reddit is a free website, so if you are interested, browse through and enjoy it. Plus, there are millions of other subreddits, and a lot of them are NSFW, aka filled with porn. This one is not that pornographic, but it does have loads of naughty images posted by geeky chicks of Reddit. So, if you are interested, you can browse through on your own.Do keep in mind that Reddit might have some pornographic subreddits or whatever, but it is not a porn website in general. The videos are usually pretty short, so they are not worth the fap, although you are free to give it a shot. From what I have seen r/geekygirls/ does not really have any videos… and the images are nowhere near pornographic. In simpler words, this subreddit is just a place where chicks can post their naughty selfies or whatnot, nothing more and nothing less.It’s not a porn subreddit.The first thing I have to say is that r/geekygirls/ is not a porn subreddit, which means that there will be no nudity or sex. This is more just suggestive content with the theme of geeky chicks, in any possible manner. Usually, the girls will be dressed as gamer girls or posing with their joystick. The chicks here know how to get creative.However, I have browsed a lot, and I have not really found any videos, which was a bummer. But oh well, I am sure that with enough browsing you will be able to find some videos here and there, but anyway… that is not why we are here, right? We are here to see some geeky girls in their natural habitat, or so to speak. And in that case, you will surely love what r/geekygirls/ is all about.What kind of content to expect?If you cannot expect porn, then why the fuck are you even here? Is that something that went through your mind? Well, do not worry, there is a shit ton that you can expect here. First of all, if you love gamer girls, then you are already on the right track because you have a ton of beauties here. These are all nerdy girls who are looking for some fun and attention.The chicks here will not display nudity, but that does not mean that you cannot see them in some naughty clothes, or so to speak. For example, I’ve seen girls wearing oversized shirts with, what I assume, was nothing underneath. Then, some chicks were naked, but covering all the naughty bits in an odd way, or just posing in that way overall.I think this goes without saying, but a lot of the chicks here are actual gamer girls, while you do have some posers here and there. There were also cuties with cute signs, such as “Can I support you” and so on. To be fair, whether you will actually enjoy what r/geekygirls/ has to offer or not is not really something I can vouch for. This all comes down to your personal preference.Another thing I want to add is that while I say that there is no actual nudity here, it does not mean that you do not have babes in undies bending over, or chicks lifting their shirt up and almost showing their nipples. All I am saying is that there is no actual nudity here, but there is a ton of suggestive content that you are bound to love.Plus, you can browse through r/geekygirls/ as much as you want. This is a free subreddit, just like any other, and if you get bored, you can browse through other subreddits as well. This all comes down to what the fuck you are searching for in the first place, so take your time and just enjoy yourself. What else do you want me to tell you?Register and chat with allows its users to register if they want, and it is also free. Without registering, you will still get to enjoy the majority of the content that is posted on, but if you really want to enjoy the privileges of being a member, it is important that you actually register. You can start by liking and disliking everything that you find.You can chat with random people through the comments, but if you are here just to be a fucking moron, you can fuck off to a different website instead. Lucky for you, I have reviewed a ton of porn sites in general, and you can check them out if that is what you were hoping for. As for those who are here for the nerdy content, you are going to love the fact that you can also send private messages.By that, I mean that you can send private messages to all the members of, and not just the members of r/geekygirls/. That is pretty neat, but keep in mind that a lot of Redditors are here for the content and not to chat. That is why you have a ton of subreddits that are dedicated to chatting instead, and you are welcome to check them out and chat.You have subreddits for dating, soulmates, hook-ups, pen-pals, and other shit, such as fetish parties, swingers, and whatever you might think about. is simply a website that has it all, so no matter what the fuck you might be searching for, I am pretty sure that you will find it on sooner or later.Post your stuff.On the other hand, you can also submit your own dirty images. So if you are a nerdy girl, you can post your stuff in this subreddit, or you can post any sort of pictures on a different subreddit, as long as you follow the rules. With so many subreddits, Reddit has rules for each one of them, to not cause chaos. The same applies to r/geekygirls/ and the rules are listed on the side of the site.The rules are very straightforward, so try not to mess it up. I mean, if you do, you can be banned for the stupidest reason. Anyway, you also have some other information. For example, you have a small description telling you just what the fuck you can expect from r/geekygirls/ or any other subreddit you visit. Below that, you can see that r/geekygirls/ was created in 2010 and that it has over 151k members.I also appreciated the fact that this website has a good design and that browsing is quite simple. All the options you need are listed on the side or top of the site, and if you become a member, you can contribute as well. This also means that you can contribute anywhere, not just on r/geekygirls/, and there are a shit ton of subreddits dedicated to different topics, jokes, memes, and anything else you can think about.Let’s not forget that you can create your own subreddit as well, and earn karma. I guess all I am trying to say is that you have a lot of random crap to do on this website, so I am pretty sure that you will love it. Plus, it is free, so you can always give it a shot, and if you do not fancy what r/geekygirls/ is all about, you can check out other subreddits instead.Conclusion.I think I already laid out the facts nicely. You will either love what this subreddit is all about, or you will not. If you want more nudity, there are subreddits filled with that sort of shit, so you can check them out, and if you just want the geeky girls, you are welcome to stay here and explore all the babes of r/geekygirls/.Reddit is a free website with a little bit of everything, so do whatever the fuck comes naturally. Explore this subreddit, browse through others, or just visit an actual porn website instead. That is your choice, and I have reviewed so many porn websites, that I am sure that you will find one that perfe3ctly suits your taste.