Reddit Milfie, aka r/Milfie! What is a Milfie? Well, it’s a selfie, only it’s strictly a selfie of a hot MILF babe with nice tits who loves showing off her assets if you get what I mean. If you thought that selfies were a dumb name, I sure hope that you don’t mind this whole milfie gimmick because it’s not about the name so much as it is about the content itself. The place we’re taking a look at only has milfies and nothing else and it’s a subreddit on the platform Do you want to take a wild guess as to what it’s called? Yeah, it’s /r/Milfie. I think you’re going to love this place because of all the hot MILF content that you get to see, so let’s check it out.Get content featuring stunning nude MILF girls for freeFirst things first, as with all NSFW subs, the first thing I want to determine is whether or not this place offers up free content. I like to have all my Reddit content for free, and sure enough /r/Milfie does give you all the selfies of these hot MILF babes for free. If you ever had even a shadow of a doubt as to whether or not there is a place online where you can find hot selfies of mature babes, then I think I just shined a light on that for you. You should be thanking me, but luckily for you, I’m not an attention whore like the chicks on this subreddit, so I don’t care if you give me praise or not. Just make sure to enjoy it all.The sole reason that I like reviewing subreddits like /r/Milfie is because I like to find free sources of interesting kinds of porn content such as selfies from MILF babes that you can see for free. I think that it really means a lot to some of you guys who really can’t afford to waste your time, and especially can’t afford to waste your money on porn. When you find that right subreddit for yourself, you’re basically set for life. And as far as free content is concerned, you can always count on the Milfie subreddit. I think that it will always be there for you when you need to see hot babes who are in their mature years now.MILF babes and mature chicks always at your disposalThere’s just something about MILFs that I can’t quite put my finger on. I mean, I can put my finger on MILF babes without a problem. In fact, I’ve put a finger on a MILF pussy before and it’s pretty fun to fuck older chicks like that. They are a lot more experienced and that might be why I like them so much. Of course, from my perspective, nothing beats a tight teen pussy, but if you’re into experienced mature gals, I completely get you. I understand why you would prefer these babes as opposed to teenie tiny teen chicks. Those young girls can be inexperienced, but this is never the case with hot MILF girls at all.I don’t know, man; it’s all a matter of taste. But one thing that I can guarantee is that if you’re into MILF content in general, you should definitely check out /r/Milfie. This place has some of the hottest selfies from these older babes who just can’t stop themselves from posting their own pictures online. Guys will drool over them and want more and more from these girls, but at the end of the day, it’s on them to decide whether they want to whore out for more karma points on this sub or not. You have to be patient if you want to get the best content of your life. Trust me; it’s worth the wait if you like MILF girls.Real and authentic pics with actual OC MILFsAnd one more fantastic thing about /r/Milfie is the fact that they don’t allow any content that isn’t OC and that isn’t taken or owned by the girls in the photos. This means that all the babes you see in the pics are usually the chicks who are posting the content. There seems to be some kind of verification process in place to stop people from just faking that they’re the girls in the pictures. This is great because I think that the last thing I want to have happened to me is to chat up one of these babes only to find out that she’s actually a dude pretending to be a girl the whole time for some lousy internet points and all that.Nobody wants that. We all just want to have a good time, and luckily for us, we can experience all these hot amateur babes as they show off their pussies and tits for us in a verified and authentic setting. Of course, some slip-ups happen and there are some posts that I seriously doubts are uploaded as OC. There is foul play with some of these posts and you can smell it from a mile away. It comes with experience, but as The Porn Dude, I can definitely tell that some of these girls aren’t actually girls. You can tell from the titles and by the post history of the person who is posting the content in question.Modest community size with around 153k membersThe /r/Milfie subreddit is made up of a pretty modest community of people who are big fans of MILF babes and selfies in general. I guess they received one too many nudes in their time and now they’re addicted to that kind of personalized content with a very intimate feel to it. When their friends aren’t sending them nudes, people who have that kind of kink can always come to /r/Milfie and enjoy the countless new posts that have been uploaded since they have last been on the sub. There is a constant influx of new content that you can check out, but I recommend that you stay on the Hot and Top parts.As far as how many people you can expect here, there are around 153,000 members on this sub right now, and the place has existed since all the way back in 2015. Now, that seems like a large number, but I assure you that it’s only middle of the row or even slightly below average as far as NSFW subreddits are concerned. I’m not even comparing it to the big league NSFW subs with millions of subscribers. Still, I’m definitely talking about the subreddits on Reddit that have around 300k+ members instead of the around 150k that you have here. It’s still a pretty big community, no doubt, but it’s much more modest.The dull subreddit design needs some major changesFinally, we should talk about the sub design. I know, I know, some of you guys don’t care about the design, but I really like to handle the nitty and gritty when bringing any subreddit to your attention, and the user experience definitely depends a lot on the design of the sub that they decided to go with on /r/Milfie. Now, they definitely have the rule list sorted out and it looks pretty good. However, one thing that they also need to sort out is adding an avatar, a cover photo, and changing up the colors from the default blue so that we can feel like they at least put some effort into this sub, to feel me? Anyway…It’s not all bad; you still get to enjoy all the features that comes with. But as you all know, many NSFW subs, including /r/Milfie don’t utilize all the options of Reddit, and one of the main culprits, in this case, is the lack of flairs. I would like to see flairs for various types of selfies. For example, selfies in the mirror, selfies with a selfie stick, selfies with or without face included, selfies that are complete nudes ( because some pics aren’t nudes at all) and so on. There’s a lot of potential here, but they just did not do a good job at all that as far as I can tell. There is a lot of room for improvement. I’m sure that they can implement these changes without a hitch with just a few clicks away here.