Reddit Lactation, aka r/Lactation! Alright, guys, not going to lie, this is a weird one for me. I know damn well that there’s a fetish for pretty much anything out there. So, when I heard that there is a sub called /r/lactation and it’s a NSFW sub, I just knew that I was in for some weird shit. If you’re into this stuff, then I would probably consider you a weirdo. But even weirdos are welcome to, so I won’t leave you hanging! Welcome to /r/lactation, the best community on for people who like seeing chicks with lactating tits as milk bursts out of their nipples. Yes, that’s what the fetish is all about, and there’s no going around it.Babes shooting milk out of their titsSo, let’s get the weird stuff out of the way first. Might as well address the elephant in the room. Yes, all these babes are lactating because they’re moms. That means that they got pregnant and all that shit, and now they’re lactating. So yes, maybe their kids will see this one day and they’ll probably think their mom is a whore. If you’re okay with that, the new can get over it and move on to the actual content. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t wanna see my mom’s tits online as she squirts out gallons and gallons of milk from her nipples. After all, I’m pretty sure that the milk is meant for their kids, isn’t it?Nah, I’m just kidding. The milk is meant for your sexual pleasure! That’s exactly why these babes are filming themselves as their tits are about to burst. There are so many amazing gifs of chicks shooting out milk from their tits in a stream! It’s incredible! I know it seems hard to imagine a babe just being able to squirt milk out of her tits like that, and many people have never even seen that happen in real life, so I’m sure it will be a learning experience for many of you guys. And for those of you who have had this kink for a long time, I’m sure you know what you’re getting yourself into when it comes to lactation.So many posts uploaded constantly hereNow, honestly, I know that we’re all allowed to have our own kinks and fetishes, but some of these weird fantasies are just getting a bit out of whack for me. Honestly, if I wanted to suck on tits, I would want to do it without milk pouring into my mouth! For real guys, I just feel like that would be weird! Now that I say that, isn’t it strange how we drink cow milk? It came from cow tits, and that’s even weirder than human tits! Okay, I won’t get into that. I think I need to get back on track and tell you what you can expect when it comes to /r/lactation. just never ceases to amaze me the more I explore it.First and foremost, I think we all know that most NSFW Reddit subs give you free content. In that sense, this place is exactly the same. It gives you an endless stream of content where hot babes shoot endless streams of milk from their nipples, and it gives you all of that content free of charge! It almost sounds poetic the way it all works together to make a great fetish sub with a community that is dedicated to enjoying this kind of content. I don’t know where you have to be in life for this kind of thing to arouse you. I bet it has to be a pretty strange place, but I won’t judge you on it. I just find it a bit peculiar is all.Upload quality isn’t the bestNow that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about numbers. After all, getting free stuff will get you nowhere if you don’t get enough of it! I’m sure it’s important to guys like Porn Geek who don’t have a stinking penny to give for porn. That guy would be fucked if it weren’t for free adult communities that you find all over So, does /r/lactation satisfy your needs in terms of how many posts they give out every single day? Well, even though the community isn’t the biggest one when it comes to NSFW subs (or even a big one for that matter), it does seem to have a devoted following of people who are dead-set on uploading as many lactation gifs as possible. Even some babes post their own OC pics.However, quantity isn’t everything and quality also has to be present for you to have a good time. This is the first place that I feel it’s safe to say that /r/lactation is lacking. There are so many posts here and many of them have glaring issues when it comes to resolution, quality and all that stuff. For some of you, quality won’t be important as long as you can see tits that lactate. However, for some of us, it’s not just a question of: “Got milk?” For some of us, it’s more like: “Got any high-quality premium milk for free?” And honestly, that’s the way you have to approach some of these niche Reddit communities.Kinda small for a NSFW communitySo, how many people are there on this subreddit anyway? Seeing as it’s a niche one and all that, there is probably not a lot of people here, right? Well, I guess it depends on how you look at hundreds of thousands of members. Back in the day when Reddit was first getting started, having that many members on your sub meant that you made it into the big league. It was almost unimaginable to have that many members on one sub. These days though, it’s not such a big achievement. I guess the only way you can be proud of it is if you’re a really niche subreddit, which /r/lactation just might be!Then again, the place has had nearly a decade of time to grow the population of members that they had, and they only came up to around 155,000 members as of the writing of this review. The subreddit was released in 2012, so I feel like the number of people subscribed to this place should be somewhat bigger by now! I mean, I know of some subs that are only a year old, and those ones have way more members. I guess it has to do with the fact that the topic here only attracts a really tight niche of individuals who would get horny from seeing a chick shooting milk out of her tits. It’s not conventional material at all.Lack of functions and lousy designIn the end, there’s one more thing that I wanted to talk about and it has to do with the design. When you look at, you’re probably going to notice that they haven’t really done all that much with the design. Sure, they did change the colors, and kudos to them for doing that, but they haven’t really uploaded any cover photo or avatar. They also have no rules other than “no selling or advertising” and their description is literally three words long. It literally just reads “Welcome to lactation” and that’s it! I have never seen less effort put into a description of your subreddit than that. I genuinely think that I have never seen such a lousy job done with the description and all that. Still, it’s not the end of the world.What IS the end of the world is the absolute lack of any kinds of features outside the standard Reddit stuff. You can sort through the content according to the Top, Hot, New, Rising, and Controversial tabs (though you should stick to the first two I mentioned there), but other than that, there aren’t really any categories, tags, or flairs that you can use to go through the content and find exactly what you need really quickly. I guess it’s also harder to categorize this kind of niche stuff since it’s already such a narrow field of interest. Still, I would like to see this sub get some flairs and some functions added on top of it.