There’s something magical about a woman stripping down. You ever had the opportunity to watch something like that unfold right in front of you? I certainly have, and I have to say that those are some of my fondest memories. I know there are people like Porn Geek out there who will never even get to experience the joy of a chick stripping down for you, and that kind of makes me sad. At the same time, fuck that nerd! If you’re a macho dude like me, and you like seeing a striptease show just for you, then you have to check out /r/GifsOfRemoval, the prime spot for all things stripping related. You will see countless gifs of hot babes taking off their clothes and strutting their stuff just for your viewing pleasure.Hot chicks revealing their pussies and boobiesFirst things first, let’s talk a little bit about the content itself. What do you get at /r/GifsOfRemoval anyway? Well, it’s right there in the name. You get gifs, obviously, so no videos. And then you also have to think of stripping whenever you come to this sub. This isn’t a place for porn gifs of chicks getting fucked. Nope! This place is more for guys who like to see babes solo, and then those same guys can imagine being the ones doing the fucking with those babes. You certainly have to have a bit of an imagination here in order to have the best possible experience. But all of that is possible on this sub.Anyway, as you might have expected, some of the gifs are uploaded with Imgur, and others are uploaded with redgifs. We’ll talk some more about those a bit later, but for now, just know that you’re basically going to enjoy plenty of striptease content in the form of gifs. I know there are many guys out there who would kill to see a hot bae strip for them, and now you all finally have a chance to enjoy this kind of stuff. And not only that, but I’m pretty sure you already know that has mostly free NSFW subs, and this one is no exception. You heard me right; all the content on this sub is 100% free!Both OC and non-OC posts are availableThe content is separated into several different categories. These are divided up into flairs that you can check out on the right-hand side of the sub. There’s a flair for each of the OC categories, and then there’s a flair for non-OC posts too. So, as you can see, the /r/GifsOfRemoval sub is okay with both OC and non-OC posts. If you have a choice, you should always go for OC stuff cause with it, you usually feel like it’s a lot more personalized and all that. I feel like the babe is really removing her clothes for me in those cases. Of course, I can just get that in real life anyway, but I’m reviewing this place for you guys.But I wouldn’t be too quick to write-off the non-OC posts on /r/GifsOfRemoval either! They are really high-quality, and as opposed to the amateur stuff, these gifs can be taken from professional studio videos. So it really depends on what you’re going for, but the important part is that you’ve got flairs that actually act as OC and non-OC categories for all the gifs that are uploaded to /r/GifsOfRemoval. If you want amateurish and personalized stuff, go for OC posts, and if you’re looking for some high-end quality, then you should check the non-OC stuff. It really just depends on your taste and what you’re aiming for here. I’m just glad that they’re giving you the option since most NSFW subs don’t even do that at all.Imgur and Redgifs platforms are both usedNow, there’s a lot that I would say about the gifs, but let’s go back to the sites that are the most common ones to use with this sub. It’s actually the same with any gif sub, though this one seems to have a bigger mix of the two sites in question. I’m talking, of course, about Imgur and redgifs. Redgifs used to be gfycat, before that site decided to create a special domain just for the adult content. So, expect all of that adult stuff to be on redgifs. Also, keep in mind that you can upload your own content on some other platforms as well, but these two are the most widely known and widely used, so expect that.That being said, most NSFW subs that are based on gifs primarily will focus on redgifs because of the added bonus of having the pause/start controls. Imgur doesn’t come with those features, so you just have to watch the entire gif and then watch it replay from the start. Most of the gifs here are pretty short, so that shouldn’t be a problem, but there are a few pretty long ones that really wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t have the option to stop and start the video. That’s why redgif is so popular with adult content rather than Imgur. All in all, you’ve got both options and a good mix of them, so there’s that.Pretty small community by NSFW subreddit standardsNow, when I talk about NSFW subs, you’re probably used to pretty big communities ranging from 200 thousand all the way up to millions of members. Well, /r/GifsOfRemoval is a bit smaller than that. I know that it seems like a lot when you look at their numbers alone, but when you compare them to other NSFW subs, you’ll definitely notice the difference in activity and engagement. I feel like there are many different ways in which you can look at the membership numbers when it comes to NSFW sub, but overall, bigger is better. Not just because of the size of the community, but you also get more posts and more engagement on the posts such as upvotes, comments and so on. I think this is important.The Top posts of all time only have a few thousand upvotes at best. This is great if you’re running a niche and non NSFW sub, but when you’re doing something like a striptease gif subreddit that has been up and running 2016, you need way more than the 156k members that /r/GifsOfRemoval currently has as of the writing of this review. By many standards, this sub isn’t really all that big at all. You really have to stretch the definition of success to put /r/GifsOfRemoval in that category. I guess it has a little bit to do with the design of the sub, which is the next thing I wanted to talk about in this review.Great flairs, but really boring gray colorsI don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m pretty big on design. I mean, just look at my website! is a gorgeous web platform with great graphics and features. You really have to appreciate the beauty of it. Reddit is likewise a beautiful site, but when you make a subreddit on it and don’t give it any love, it can look really dull. /r/GifsOfRemoval has fallen into that trap, unfortunately, and so they have a lot of the same problems that many NSFW subs on do in terms of the quality of the design and the overall functionality. At least they have flairs, and I can’t say the same for many other NSFW subs for gifs, pics, videos, or any other purpose, either mainstream or niche as well.You’ve got flairs for OC Boobie posts, OC Pussy posts, OC Boobie and Pussie posts, and then you’ve also got the non-OC flairs we talked about earlier, but only for Boobie reveals and Pussy reveals. The flairs are great, but what’s not great is the gray color scheme that they went for. I have no idea why you wouldn’t put some colors into the design. It would really make the subreddit pop and I’m sure more people would come to you because of that fact. Ah, well, I guess we can’t have it all! One thing’s for sure, though. When I want to see stripping done right and done in a gif format, I go to this place!