Have you ever wished for an adult social network that you could go to just to enjoy some nice content and have a friendly chat with people and maybe a dirty chat or two with a girl here and there? I know that there have been many attempts to make something like this, but most of those end up being niche sites for some kind of kink. If you’re looking for a broad website that acts like a general adult social network, it’s pretty much impossible to find something like that. However, you can hit pretty damn close with the subreddit /r/Adult_Social_Network, since it has all the necessary features for a social network.Subreddit was made over a year agoFirst of all, the good thing about /r/Adult_Social_Network is that it uses the framework, so you just know that everything will work as intended. Sure, they’ve had their hiccups in the past, but with the new and improved mobile app, and the new UI design, it’s hard to see how they can fuck this place up too badly. This place just seems like a site that has all the great things that you would be looking for in a social media network that is all about adult content. You’ve got the chat, you’ve got the different communities, and you’ve also got a nice user interface. The only thing you don’t have is a huge community on this subreddit specifically. Other NSFW subs have way more members than this one does.I know it’s not really fair to pick on /r/Adult_Social_Network for the fact that they don’t have that many members seeing as how the sub was made just around a year ago. It was made in March of 2019, so it still has plenty of room to expand and grow into. Who knows, it might just be the next big things, and wouldn’t you want to be a part of it before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon? I don’t mean that you should be smug about it, but it’s nice to see the potential in something before everyone else does. That’s how I got into this business and that’s why you guys love me so damn much! It’s like innovation!Hot and Top sections for high-quality contentSo, the sub has over a year under its belt, but what is it about? Well, it’s basically a huge archive of porn content. It’s basically what Reddit was made for, minus the part about porn. I’m pretty sure they weren’t expecting this much NSFW stuff to plague Reddit, yet here we are. And I’m not really mad about it. In fact, I’m thrilled about it! After all, I AM The Porn Dude. But I’m pretty sure you all want to know what you’re getting out of /r/Adult_Social_Network and not what I’m all about. Well, if you’re looking for hot porn content on the Adult Social Network sub, then you’ve got it. Every few minutes, there are new posts that you can enjoy and watch. On top of this, you have so much new content every single day.You can expect so many posts to be uploaded here, but those all end up in the New section where they initially get their filtration. After that’s over with, they end up in Rising, and later in Hot. I suggest sticking to Hot and Top for now, just so that you can get a taste of what it means to be the best of the best when it comes to porn content on this subreddit. You’ll also notice that a single chick holds the number one and number two spots for the highest upvoted posts of all time on the Adult Social Network sub. I know, it seems crazy, but there she is, in some of the hottest outfits ever—no wonder she’s first.Hundreds of thousands of users come hereBut just this isn’t the only reason why I like /r/Adult_Social_Network so much. It’s also the sense of community. Sure, it’s a bit cozier than you would expect out of a social media network, and yet this might be the charm that really brings it to me in the right way. Anyway, if I were you, I would definitely give the Adult Social Network sub a chance. I would take her out for a spin and see if the subreddit satisfies me in the way that I need it to. At that point, all I have to do is jerk off, and that’s exactly what I did on this platform. I busted a huge load, so I’m pretty sure that all this stuff is really effective on here.The community isn’t that big however, so don’t expect any kind of magic to go down here. There are only around 156,000 subscribers on this NSFW sub. And I know that seems like a lot but remember that many NSFW subs out here on have way more than that and they don’t seem to care about promoting themselves or anything. All those subs just have an organic following, but at the same time, they’ve been around for longer. Here’s to hoping that /r/Adult_Social_Network manages to catch up and become a mainstream NSFW sub just like the rest of these that you can enjoy on this platform.Sub could use some advanced Reddit featuresHere’s the thing though, when you call your subreddit /r/Adult_Social_Network, I expect you to have a few systems on here that would help people communicate with each other, make friends, and do much, much more. I guess in that sense; you can’t really count this place as one of the best adult social networks ever. I guess all I have to say about this part is that this isn’t really like a social network at all. The functions are pretty much limited to the ones you find on in general. Things like sorting mechanisms and all that, those are here. But they didn’t seem to add any flairs that filter stuff better.Whatever, it’s their loss if they choose not to add these things. The fact that the flairs are so useful and yet so many porn and NSFW subs don’t use them is astonishing to me. I have no idea why this is the case. I would just urge all the subs out there to please use as many of the features that gives you. There are even more advanced features that people are making with Reddit bots! However, as you might have expected from the tone of my writing here, /r/Adult_Social_Network doesn’t really use any of these advanced features and you’re stuck with the same old, same old. It’s kind of boring this way.Pretty nice colors of the subreddit designBut what about the design? Well, it’s a mixed bag for me. In all honesty, if there weren’t so many rules and features missing in general, I think I would be quite happy with the design here. Even though this place doesn’t have a cover photo, they chose some great colors and they really work like it’s some kind of a porn site. I feel that with these colors, you feel like you’re stepping into a restricted adult area, which is what you should be feeling when you’re on /r/Adult_Social_Network. The avatar is pretty A-ok, and I’m glad that we aren’t looking at the default colors of Reddit’s subs and communities for a change.So, any closing statements? Final thoughts? I’ll tell you what I think. I think that you should give this place a try! Think of it as a kind of fling. If you enjoy it, you enjoy it. If you don’t, well, there’s always bigger fish in the sea to fry or whatever. But one thing’s certain. You’d basically have to be gay not to get turned on by at least some of the stuff that gets posted here. The pictures can get quite crazy and erotic at times, so be prepared to get hard within seconds of stepping foot onto this subreddit. Get ready and see what this place has in store for you. You never know when you’ll walk into the content you’ve always wanted to jerk off to here. It costs nothing to check it out, so go ahead and see it for yourself!