Cheating Wives

Reddit Cheating Wives, aka r/CheatingWives! Alright, guys, there are two ways that you can look at /r/cheatingwives. Either you can see it as a subreddit where you’re the guy who would fuck all these cheating wives, or you would be the guy whose wife would be cheating on them. Whatever the case may be, /r/cheatingwives has the perfect content for you. The reason I say this is because I would definitely and firmly be on the side that fucks all these hot wives. In all honesty, fucking married babes is one of the best feelings ever. But there are also guys like Porn Geek who would instantly get cucked if they were married. That guy’s still a virgin, though.Hot wives cheating on their poor husbandsOkay, what does /r/cheatingwives have to offer a macho dude like me? I’m The Porn Dude and I’m not impressed all that easily. I’ve experienced so many sexual encounters in my life that it’s tough to get me hard. Does /r/cheatingwives manage to do anything exciting in that sense? Well, I think it does. Cheating is one of the hottest things for me, at least when the bitch I’m fucking is the one cheating. I would never cheat on a girlfriend, since I’m not a piece of shit, but that’s why I never commit to a long term relationship! It’s a bit of a life hack. I can just keep on fucking girls as much as I want without worrying about any commitments or anything like that. It’s the best decision that I have ever made.In that sense, this sub does offer a lot of great content. On the days when I might not have a successful haul (perhaps all the wives’ husbands were with them at home), I can just go to this sub instead and jerk off to the hot content that’s posted here. One of the great things about this place is how it insists that the content must contain cheating. I mean, that’s what we’re here for, right? To see hot wives cheating on husbands! At least that’s the reason why I’m here, and I’ll be honest with you. I’m impressed with the level of attention to detail to make sure that all these posts contain cheating that goes into this sub.Real and verified babes who actually cheatThe first thing the mod team does as well as the entire community is making sure that the babes are verified. You’ll notice that these guys only allow verified babes to post on this sub. That means that you can’t just claim that you’re an amateur babe. You also have to provide some proof that it’s actually you. I love subs with this kind of system in place because it makes sure that there’s no bullshit. I don’t like getting catfished for shitty internet points and Reddit karma, so I would much rather the bitches prove that they are cheating whores before I start jerking off to the content. The last thing I want is to lie to myself here. I want genuine content, and this means the necessity to make sure these babes are all real.It has been around a year since they started verifying all babes that post content, and it has been a massive success! Chicks now have to show a picture to the mod team where they show their username, the date, and the subreddit name (/r/cheatingwives). It has worked out great, in my opinion, and I can safely say that most of the content posted here these days is 100% real and reliable when it comes to authenticity. All these babes are verified, and you can definitely see that it’s worth checking out this place when it comes to real girls posting nudes that include actual cheating and not fantasy bullshit.Fantasy content and videos are also availableOther than the OC posts, there is a fair bit of fantasy stuff going on as well. This includes a bunch of posts that are all about fantasizing about hot cheating scenarios. These are also posts that usually contain some kind of link to a video on an external site, usually a big porn tube site such as PornHub. The videos, in this case, are fantasy videos where it’s obvious that the people are actors, but you can still jerk off to it if you accept that it’s all an act. It’s much harder to find actual cheating videos, and so you have to be satisfied with what you get in terms of video content of actual sex acts with cheating wives.Obviously, there is genuine content on that front too, and this won’t be flaired with Fantasy. There is a special flair just for the fantasy content on /r/cheatingwives. I feel like this is a great way to differentiate between actual and fantasy content and more subs should look towards /r/cheatingwives for suggestions and tips as to how they can solve their influx of bullshit posts that obviously don’t contain any kind of cheating. The fantasy posts are just fine by me as long as we know that they aren’t real, and that’s what /r/cheatingwives manages to do. They don’t let anyone post whatever they want.Really started to take off last yearThe Cheating Wives subreddit was made on Reddit near the end of 2014. That’s when they started operating, but for a long time, it was a pretty bad sub because there was no verification process. Anyone could post that they are a girl and they would have their content accepted. Eventually, in 2019 the mods had enough and decided to change this so that only verified babes can post amateur content. So, in reality, you can really see that the sub started to gain traction when it brought in these kinds of restrictions and rules that would assure the guys who wanted to enjoy cheating wives in their posts that these things were real. So, you can’t really blame them for not having a huge number of people just yet.I’m sure many people will feel like the 158,000 members that are subscribed to /r/cheatingwives right now is a small number, but a year of gaining traction is mostly responsible for that number and not the founding date of November 28th, 2014. So, in reality, I think that this sub can be categorized as a pretty successful one. And if you don’t think so, I invite you to check out the content for yourself. You’ll notice that it not only has a lot of engagement, but that it’s all pretty good in quality. Sure some fantasy posts are low res, but I guess that’s just because of the low effort fantasy karma whoring that occurs here.Phenomenal subreddit design with great colorsIf you can look beyond that small hiccup, I’m sure that you’ll find that /r/cheatingwives is one of the best subs on Reddit for getting this kind of cheating content. It’s a fetish that many people like, but it’s also pretty taboo, so not many people are actually brave enough to actually subscribe to these sites. Those are only some of the reasons why I consider /r/cheatingwives to be a great website. I know some of you might have your doubts and all that, but when it comes to cheating wives, there aren’t really that many other places that you can go to if you’re looking for verified content. It’s probably the best option.But one thing that you can always be certain of is the fact that /r/cheatingwives will always have a great subreddit design for you to come to and enjoy. The color scheme is excellent; the avatar is good and represents the idea of the sub well. The only thing missing is a cover photo, so I hope that they include that in the future. The red color of the subreddit really heats things up and makes you passionate and horny for the content. It really gets you in the mood and I think that it sets it for you to later enjoy all the pics that you’ll be encountering and jerking off to and all that. Kudos to them for the great design. You’re going to fall in love with this place and everything it has to offer you. It’s just great, in my opinion.