Reddit Painal, aka r/Painal! Not all subreddits are born equal. Some are wholesome, others are filthy, and somewhere in between you’ll find a unique gem or two. /r/Painal is easily one of the most disgusting places on Reddit, and I don’t really mind. You know I don’t shy away from a challenge, especially when it comes to the more extreme smut that you have to go underground to find.Porn’s been getting more and more violent in recent years, but it’s fine when it’s all staged and acted out. Some of the acting the girls do in your average “brutal” porn video puts real actresses to shame. You really believe that these girls are going through hell and the second the scene is done and they do the post scene interview, they put on this cheerful grin, like they’ve managed to fool the viewer and they’re proud of it.Painal for DummiesIf you’ve never heard of painal, you’re not alone. It’s pretty out there. But if you don’t know about anal sex, my man, I feel bad for you. Do your homework, check out the vanilla stuff then come back here for the absolute worst in the world of anal sex. If you’d like a crash course: penis in vagina good, but penis in ass even better. It’s tighter and there’s less chance of regret, if you lube up right.Painal, on the other hand, is definitely not respecting the standard how-to on anal sex. When you want to do it right, you use a ton of lube, you take your time and above all you pace yourself. You don’t want to go in guns blazing because you’re just going to end up hurting someone. The human asshole is very sensitive and regardless of how much I beg to differ; it’s not made for penetration. It’s more of an exit than an entrance. Still, with enough lube, anything a fuckwhole if you’re brave enough, even cactuses – but don’t quote me on that.Painal takes the sensitive and careful approach to anal sex, throws it out the door and proceeds to lube up with superglue. Then, it rams the cock down the butthole so hard that the girl’s entire extended family feels a shiver down their spine like something has just gone terribly wrong, but they’re not entirely sure what.In the genre of painal, it’s all about seeing girls in pain over having anal sex. Specifically, this smut shows you the girls in the very middle of the action, focusing on the specific moments during which you can tell that the girl is in extreme pain. Even if you’ve got an hour long anal video, the painal only really starts when the girl is officially screaming for help.Hardcore RealityIt’s still not entirely clear to me just how real the videos on /r/painal are, but from what I can tell, they’re mostly homemade productions. That means we’re way outside of staged porn boundaries here. This is real painful anal we’re looking at, that much is clear. So the question is, why would the girls be going through with it.Well, I’ve got a couple of theories based on the sub’s rules. First of all, I don’t think that the guys behind this sub are bad guys and the same kind of goes for the people that frequent it. The rules outline the obvious no illegal no minors and there’s no leeway. But scroll down a bit and you’ll see that they have an oddly specific rule that’s sub-wide banning a specific video. Yes, an actual specific video that is otherwise perfectly applicable to painal is not allowed on painal. If I had to guess why I’d say that it’s because that particular video is so extreme that it’s uncertain whether the girl in question is consenting or not. The sub’s mods must have seen this and immediately intervened.So it stands to reason that these are not bad dudes by any stretch of the imagination. They’re not looking for abuse scenes – they’re out for SnM scenes. And in that context, painal fits very nicely. In fact, I’ve seen girls go through a lot worse in tons of BDSM videos. Hell, they’ll hang off of a ceiling attached to nothing but ropes and nipple clamps. That shit makes painal look like a Sunday morning at the beach.So it’s not about seeing girls forced into an abusive sexual position, rather, two consenting adults pushing the limits of what anal can be, on camera, for your satisfaction.The Joys of PainalIf you’ve got a weak stomach and you’ve had a healthy relationship with your parents, you probably don’t get the appeal of painal, but that’s ok. There’s tons of porn that worships the subtler part of ass-play if you’re into that. Painal is better suited for those that really like hardcore penetration. People who are either into BDSM or generally like rough sex are going to have a field day on this sub enjoying a near-infinite supply of proper homemade SnM.As a guy who’s had more anal than he can count, I can attest to the fact that it’s extremely satisfying stuff. There’s nothing quite like sliding your cock into a girl’s asshole, especially if you’re her first down there. It’s tighter, more fun and all around riskier. I love the whole taboo behind it. Plus, it comes with a lot of implicit trust between the people involved, so it makes you feel very connected.I also very much get the appeal of violent banging, as the last time I slept with a girl who liked it rough, I more or less left an indentation of her in my mattress. But the thing is, she wanted to go faster and rougher, so it all made sense. I haven’t tried a combination of the two – extreme pounding and anal combined, but /r/Painal has me thinking that maybe I should. These girls really seem to be enjoying themselves.Speaking of the girls, you can tell that most if not all of the girls on /r/Painal really care about the dudes they’re with and they really trust them. They’re not bracing against the action; they’re pushing through supplying a lot of force. This isn’t one-sided painal you’re seeing – the girls are really pulling their weight. It’s kind of like a two-player sport where they try to see how far they can push the limits of anal pounding.As a viewer, I’d say the best part of enjoying /r/Painal is the reality factor combined with how extreme the action is. You can check out any video on this sub and you immediately know if it’s a professional production or a homemade sex tape. All of these videos fall under the latter category and not just because of the low video quality. You can tell they’re real because no porn actress could fake these reactions so vividly. The pain is real and so is the love. Porn actors and actresses have to fake their chemistry. The people in these videos on the other hand are very much in love with each other, or they wouldn’t have wound up on /r/Painal.The CommunityLike with all things Reddit, the conversations on /r/Painal are very courteous. These guys might be painal smut collectors, but they really respect each other. Looking at some of the moderator posts and people’s responses, I can tell that no-one’s looking to step on anyone else’s toes.This is a real calm and peaceful place where people can exchange more of the same type of smut that they really care about. It’s also worth to note that because Reddit doesn’t support proper videos, most of the smut on /r/Painal is linked externally. But you don’t have to worry about this because even if a link goes down, the community will certainly care enough to find it and reupload it.They’re really devoted to their love for painal and they’ve made it clear that nothing else belongs on their sub. Hell, to even post on the sub you have to add the exact point in the video when the painal starts, in brackets, in the title. You can’t just slap an hour long video on here and expect people to enjoy it. They want to see the hardest of the hard, where the most screaming happens. That’s what they came here for.At the end of the day, I can really appreciate this, because as a chronic masturbator I’ve found that tons of specific smut is always better than one long mix of vanilla non-sense. If I’m in the mood for violent anal porn, I want to know that there’s a single place where I can get it in spades. And if you’re into consensual hardcore sexual violence, you should probably add /r/Painal to your favorites. I know I damn sure did. They post around the clock so you’re definitely going to enjoy yourself day in and day out on this sub.