Reddit TrueFMK, aka r/TrueFMK! We have all played the game called Fuck/Marry/Kill, and this subreddit is made for that game as well. Welcome to r/TrueFMK/, and in case you did not know what FMK stood for, now you do. You are welcome to check out all that this website has to offer since Reddit is a free site, to begin with. So, you can browse on your own, or you can read to see what the4 fuck I have to say.One of the main reasons I love Reddit is simply because it offers a little bit of everything, and thus if you are not really interested in what r/TrueFMK/ is all about, you can browse through all the other subreddits instead. It really is that simple, so stop your complaining and enjoy what this subreddit or what Reddit has to offer in general.I know I loved my stay here because there is always something new to see and check out, which is the beauty of browsing through Reddit and other similar websites. Now, keep in mind that r/TrueFMK/ is not a porn section, and while there are some porn subreddits on this website, you will have to search for them. I did review a lot of NSFW subreddits as well, so you can start your search from there.Let’s play a game of fuck/marry/kill.I’m assuming you are here to have fun and make friends because I highly doubt anyone who visits r/TrueFMK/ is here to masturbate or whatever. Now, when we are on the topic, Reddit is not really your fap website, because the videos that you might actually find on other subreddits are usually pretty short, so unless you want to win awards for the fastest fapper, I am not sure why you’d want to fap here.Now, if you are here because you simply enjoy the fun games of Fuck Marry Kill, I think that r/TrueFMK/ might just be the right subreddit for you. It is what you would expect it to be; you will have loads of suggestions of gorgeous babes showing off or just being themselves. There are no limits to what kind of posts are offered, so keep that in mind.Let me give you a couple of examples, so the very first post that was shown when I checked out the website featured the hot Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Krysten Ritter, and Emmy Rossum… since I’ve watched her in shameless, that is the bitch I’d love to fuck most definitely. The other two I’d take for a ride as well, but this is not such a game. Basically, in the comments, you get to see who would fuck kill and marry whom.While the first post was three celebrities, but that does not mean that all others are known bitches. You have some amateur pics of girls you’ve probably never even seen, such as chicks just being on vacation and enjoying themselves and nothing more. The very next image featured three besties on vacation in bikinis, and well, you get to answer the same question.One of my favorite posts included three busty blonde chicks in Vegas, who were obviously having a bit too much to drink, but all in good fun. If you ask me, I’d fuck all of them, but as I have said, that is not the point of the game… and if you scroll through the comments, you can see what others have answered, since we all have different perspectives on this shit.From what I have seen, there were actually a lot of images of sweethearts in bikinis… I guess that is like a thing here or whatever, but there were also simple pictures of chicks in dresses, or just three girls hanging out. It all comes down to who posted the picture, since you have a little bit of everything, as long as it falls under the r/TrueFMK/ subreddit, it is allowed to be posted here.I think it should be very obvious that you do not have any videos here. I mean, this subreddit is all about giving you an image of three sluts, and then you get to choose whether you would kill, fuck or marry them, or whatever. I think we all get the gist of the game, and obviously, everyone is allowed to play. But, yeah, do not expect to see any kind of videos here, because they would make no fucking sense.If you want porn videos or whatever, first of all, visit a porn site. does have some subreddits that are dedicated to porn and offer porn in general, so you have a lot of videos there. But even so, those videos are too short, as I have said, so you will be better off visiting an actual porn website. I think this is very fucking obvious.Register for more privileges.Would you like to enjoy to the fullest, and I am not just talking about the content on r/TrueFMK/? Well, you are more than welcome to do that, because this website is just filled with the most wonderful people posting the kinkiest shit. Of course, there will always be idiots as well, but I feel like the community on is not as idiotic as somewhere else.You can register for free, and as a registered member, you can enjoy all that r/TrueFMK/ has to offer, as well as other subreddits. As a member, you can also enjoy the usual privileges, just like being able to comment on all the posts, which obviously makes a lot of sense, because why else the fuck would you want to be a part of r/TrueFMK/ if you do not register?I mean, if you cannot comment, there is really no point in browsing through r/TrueFMK/, because the whole point of this subreddit is to see who would answer what. Of course, as a member, you can also like and dislike different posts, though there is really no reason to hate anything on this subreddit. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, and it is all done in good fun. Simple as that.Post your stuff and chat with the community.Just like all the posts on this subreddit are posted by other members of, you can do the same. You are allowed to post your own favorites, and simply share pictures of three girls where you would love to see the KMF game. You can post any kind of images of any chicks you find, but they, of course, need to be legal. Don’t be a fucking dumbass.Now, you are not only allowed to post on r/TrueFMK/, but you are also allowed to post anywhere. So, no matter which subreddit interests you, you are allowed to post there, which is pretty neat. But, if you intend to post anywhere, you need to follow the rules. With so many different subreddits, each one is different, and they all have their own rules that need to be followed.If no subreddits had their rules, it would be utter chaos, and you know it. So do not be an idiot, and just post your favorites anywhere you want, but make sure to follow the rules. While the community is allowed to comment and chat through the comments, you can also send private messages to each other, which is also great.But, if you are just here to chat, you should know that a lot of members from are here for the content and to play the game, so if you would like to find a chat buddy or whatever, there are other subreddits you can check out instead. There are actual categories made for chatting, hookups, dating, pen-pals, and everything else that might interest you.Conclusion.Do you like to play this game? If you are not a fan of Fuck Marry Kill game, I am not sure why the fuck you would even be here, to be fair. There are many other subreddits you can check out, and for the feminists who are here to shit on the fact that this game is objectifying women, you can go fuck yourself. This subreddit is made just for fun; there is no fucking deep meaning or anything.With that said, if you dislike what r/TrueFMK/ has to offer, there are literally thousands of other NSFW subreddits you can check out instead. So, take your time and browse through the site as much as you’d like. Sooner or later, you will find your poison since there is a little bit of everything here. Enjoy.