Porn In A Minute

Reddit Porn In A Minute, aka r/PornInAMinute! Who has time for porn these days? With so much on our plates, it’s hard to make time for our favorite masturbation activity. Well, even when you just can’t seem to find time for porn, there’s a community that will help you find something to jerk off to. It’s the /r/porninaminute subreddit and it’s one of the best things that I’ve seen for working people who just don’t have time to enjoy porn the way they used to when they were in college and high school and so on. You can finally watch porn by just putting aside one minute for it. That’s what’s so damn great about /r/porninaminute. I just love this place so much.Porn gifs exactly one minute longFirst things first, what does /r/porninaminute actually allow as content. Well, it allows only porn gifs (not videos) that are a minute in length. Not more, not less. It needs to be exactly one minute. Some people will say that this is too constraining, but I find it quite interesting. It’s not every day that you find a sub that is so committed to its own idea. And I have to say that this idea, unlike many others that I’ve seen, actually makes sense! Some people just don’t have the time to watch porn the way you and I do. And if you’re a person who has a lot going on in their lives, then a minute is all you’ve got to spare for porn.Even though all of these videos last only a minute, they convey everything you need from them. They allow you to jerk off to the best bits and pieces of a porn videos that has gotten shortened down for you to be able to watch it. All the videos are 1 minute, if they aren’t that length, then there’s a bot that automatically removes them. These guys seem to be taking this 1-minute porn thing really seriously. And I can’t blame them; it’s obvious that this sub is made for people who are looking for something exact and punctual. If you’re looking at each minute of your day, then you sure as shit don’t have time to waste away on porn. In that case, one minute is more than enough to jerk off and cum really fast too.High-quality but ultra-short contentI know I’m using the term “video” and “gif” interchangeably here, but make no mistake, you won’t find any videos here. This place is only for gifs and nothing but gifs. If you want to see videos, then simply go to porn tube sites or even check out any other NSFW sub on However, if you want to jerk off to a really smooth experience no longer than one minute in length, and you want it without any sound, then it’s time for you to check out /r/porninaminute. I’m in love with many of these gifs and I’m pretty sure that you’ll feel the same way here. It’s just so amazing to watch all these amazing gifs.With this sub, there are only two words to describe it: short and sweet. I’m sure you can think of some other bullshit to say about it, but it all really boils down to those two things. The gifs are short, and they are really high quality. I know that quality is subjective, but I feel that there’s a high percentage of studio porn that’s extracted and turned into bite-sized chunks of one-minute gifs for you to enjoy. And as we all know, studio porn is the best kind of porn if you’re aiming for quality. If you want the gifs to be quite short, but you don’t want to lose out on the quality of the video, then you should check this place out.Amazing uploads full of effortOkay, so, enough about the quality, let’s talk about quantity. After all, if the gifs are only a minute long, that must mean that there are plenty of them here, right? Well, wrong. You’re looking at it all wrong if that’s the way you approach things. You see, for one, most NSFW subs allow pictures too. This means that you can quickly upload pics on Reddit without any external site. Anyway, pics are low-effort content when it comes to NSFW subs, and that means that most people just upload those. And when it comes to gifs, most are even shorter than one minute, so these ones don’t fall into that category either. But wait, there’s more… The videos are usually just linked and no further effort has to be put into those either.The community of /r/porninaminute actually puts in a lot of effort into making all these one-minute bits of porn that you can watch. It takes a lot of editing to shorten a porno to a minute. Most of the posts here don’t just take a cut out of a porn film and call it a day. Sure, there’s content like that too, but for the most part, /r/porninaminute actually deals with videos that are edited so that you have plenty of transitions and you can see all the different positions that the porn actors are in throughout the video. This content actually takes a lot of time and effort to get just right and make it a minute straight.Over 164,000 members since 2016And for now, I have to say that the Porn in a Minute sub has been doing pretty well for itself. It was made in 2016, and it already has hundreds of thousands of members. That’s definitely a number to boast about, and the systems that they have in place are definitely a reason that this place has seen so much success despite the pretty intriguing and somewhat unconventional niche that they are trying to appeal to. Basically, what I’m trying to say is that it’s actually a massive success that they’re the size they are today. You won’t find that this is very common among NSFW subs, even the no-brainer ones too!So, what are the actual numbers that we’re working with here? Well, ever since the sub was first created in 2016, they have managed to acquire more than 164k members! I feel like this is a huge success for any subreddit, not just NSFW ones. Though, at the same time, I know so many other NSFW subs that have way more than this. The average is around 200k, so until they reach that kind of number, they will always be second tier. Maybe they want to stay in that spot because it means that they are still a niche sub rather than a mainstream one? I don’t know, but I support whatever the hell they are doing.Boring design but some great featuresNow, let’s talk a bit about the systems that they have in place here. These are really interesting. First, you have a bot that will automatically check if the gif is exactly one minute. If it isn’t a minute long, the post gets removed, no questions asked. Another thing that they have implemented is a bot that will say which posts are the top of all time or even posts that are just generally very upvoted. The top comment will be from the auto moderator that will notify you how many upvotes a post has if it gets big enough. That’s how you know which uploads the ones you should definitely watch without a shadow of a doubt.In the end, there’s one thing that we have to talk about too. Yes, let’s address the elephant in the room. The design is terrible. Yes, I know you were waiting for me to say it. But it’s true! The /r/porninaminute sub just didn’t do anything in the way of customizing itself to be more appealing. No custom colors, no custom avatar, no cover photo, no nothing. They even have a concise description, but that might be fitting, seeing as how we’re trying to save people time by giving them 1-minute porn. Anyway, I really hope that they change up a few things with the colors and the avatar and cover photo so that I can safely say that you should check this place out. Until then, go at your own peril.